Let Your Tarot Determine Your V-Day-Date

If you feel overwhelmed trying to choose the perfect date for Valentine’s Day, we have good news for you: you can use a love Tarot reading for that!

Sometimes a new relationship can make it hard to figure out just what to do, and no doubt, finding something that will really be memorable for someone you’ve been with for a long time can be hard too. Love Tarot readings can help you find date ideas no matter what your relationship status is. Using a love Tarot reading to figure out the best date makes the process of choosing fun, like a treasure hunt. So, take a deep breath and let go of that stress. Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love, which is something you should look forward to rather than stress about!

If you’re brand new to Tarot, don’t worry, we are going to help you understand how to use this great tool to unlock your own intuition. The Tarot is a tool that helps us tap into our own inner emotional wisdom, which always knows the best path. Tarot helps you unlock your own intuition and feel into a situation with much more ease. The bottom line is, if you’re stressing over this romantic day, we know a love Tarot reading (and checking out your daily love horoscope) can help you take a more positive perspective on it.

Using Love Tarot Readings

One of the most important things to keep in mind about love tarot readings is that you shouldn’t rely on them to predict the future or to try to manipulate someone else’s feelings.

Instead of asking how the night will go, ask in your love Tarot reading how you can make it go as positively as possible. Of course, we never want to control how someone else feels, so instead ask the Tarot how you can bring the best possible energy to the evening. If you and your partner have been having some difficulties, a good question to ask would be how you can use this day to heal things between you. A better question would be “what emotion should I channel when choosing a date location?” or, “how can I best approach planning for Valentine’s Day?”

All of the answers to these questions are already within you. The Tarot just helps you tap into this wisdom. If you’re finding you’re getting stuck in your own anxieties and insecurities, ask in your love Tarot reading how you can be more considerate and thoughtful of others.

Love Tarot Spreads for Date Ideas

There are three easy love Tarot spreads that are great to use for helping you choose where to go on your date. You may want to try all three and see what common themes emerge across all spreads. The most simple is a one-card draw. This can keep things simple if you have a direct or a yes/no question.

The next spread is a three-card spread which can help you see the past, present, and projected future, which will give you an idea of where you are now in your relationship and what could make it even better. This love Tarot reading will reveal the energy you’ve been bringing to the relationship and how you can improve.

If you can’t decide between two dates, let your intuition help with a decisions spread. The first card you pull will represent your Valentine’s Day date, the second card will represent your first option, and the third card will represent your second option. This spread won’t necessarily reveal the “right” choice, but reveals your inner feelings about what is best. Trust your gut!

If you and your partner are trying to plan the date together, you can both do a spread of your choosing and read the interpretations. Then reflect on what you both felt the cards were telling you. Adding a Tarot reading to your Valentine’s Day date can add to the romance and fun of the evening and help you find a really heartfelt activity to do together.

Finding Valentine’s Dates Your Partner Will Love

Once you’ve allowed the Tarot to start you off with some ideas, you can also look to the zodiac signs for more clues as to the specific things your partner will love. Just as there are elements in the Tarot cards, there are elements in the Zodiac. Look at the element of your partner’s Sun sign and see what ideas come to mind.

How can your partner’s zodiac sign’s element be reflected in certain activities? If you’re familiar with the types of things their specific zodiac sign likes to do (something you can learn more about using daily love horoscopes), you can combine that knowledge with your love Tarot reading to be extra sure of your decisions. You can also take a look at your zodiac signs’ love compatibility to bring everything together.

Adventurous Dates

If you’re pulling a lot of Tarot cards from the suit of Wands, an adventurous Valentine’s Day date may be just what you need to break the routine and do something memorable that gets the blood flowing. You can play frisbee golf, go on a bike ride, find outdoor hot springs, go horseback riding, ice skating, or even on a big hike. Go somewhere you’ve both never been so you have to be present and experience it for the first time together. Pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone can often be a great bonding experience.

Leos, Aries, Geminis, and Sagittarius will likely enjoy an adventurous date. It’s likely that a Cancer, Taurus, and Virgo are the signs least likely to want to do an adventure date.

Quiet Dates

For those who are more introverted and prefer one-on-one time, here are some quiet date ideas you can run with. Maybe cook something that will take a few hours at home such as stuffed mushrooms, butternut squash or quiche. Make a four-course meal that’s full of your partner’s favourite flavours but something that feels like a treat instead of what you usually eat. You can also find some romantic places around town like a beautiful overlook to watch the sunset, a park under tall trees to have a picnic, or maybe a rose garden where you can lay down a blanket, play classical music on a portable speaker, and read poetry or a classic novel in. If your partner is into books or records, maybe stroll through a used book store or a music store after dinner.

Quiet dates often appeal to Cancers, Virgos, Taurus, and Pisces. Capricorn and Sagittarius, depending on if they are introverted or extroverted, may also like this type of date. Use your intuition and your love Tarot reading to guide you on this. Quiet dates usually don’t appeal to a Leo, Aries, or Aquarius. Think about things that allow you to be relaxed and not rushed, like walking through a museum or watching a lighthearted film.

Group Dates

If you’re dating a social person, you may want to consider a fun group date for Valentine’s Day! You could always do a double dinner date in an upbeat and lively restaurant with live music. You could also go see a show or play together or even rent a cabin in the mountains and go skiing and spend your evenings playing cards by the fire.

Signs that might like group dates are Leo, Gemini, Sagittarius, and Libra. Of course, you’ll know best if your partner is usually wanting to do things with others or asking for more time for just the two of you. The signs that are least likely to enjoy group dates are Cancer, Taurus, Pisces, and Virgo. They are romantics at heart and probably want you all to themselves.

Going bowling, making dinner for the group or having a game night could be a casual way to spend the day and still get to see your friends. Group dates are good for both new couples and couples that have been together for a long time. It all depends on their personality and what they will find fun. If you’re not sure if they’d like this, just ask without pressure either way.

Spicy Dates

Certain signs will no doubt want to turn up the heat in the bedroom on Valentine’s Day! Look at the signs that are ruled by love planet Venus, which are Taurus and Libra, or Aries who is ruled by passionate Mars. And let’s not forget the infamous sensuality of our Scorpio friends!

A rose petal filled bathtub, a candlelit dinner, and slow jams by the fire are a win for these romantic signs. You can bet that the usual chocolate and roses will also appeal as well. If you expect a Capricorn, Virgo, or Aquarius to like a spicy date, you may not find they are into it as they tend to be more reserved about their emotions – but you never know! For physically expressive lovers, you can watch a romantic movie, go to a fine dining restaurant with a romantic atmosphere, and even visit a lingerie store together to turn up the heat.


As you practice using love Tarot and astrology to connect with your partner, you’ll find your bond deepens. Blending what you love and what they love is an art, and Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to expand your horizons. Be creative and you’re sure to find something that appeals to both a sense of adventure and quiet intimacy if you enjoy different things.

Keep it fun and don’t take the day too seriously – there’ll be another Valentine’s Day next year! If you don’t have a Valentine’s date this year, you can still have fun – going on a date with yourself is rad and can be a game changer for your self-love. Remember, you can always check out your daily love horoscope for extra inspiration!

Check out a free 3-card love Tarot reading right here on Astrology Answers!

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