11 Do’s & Don’ts to Get You Ahead at Work, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Getting ahead in the workplace is something most people want to do, but it can be confusing when there is so much advice out there!

There are some ultimate truths and best practices in any workplace – and following them is a surefire way to make progress in your career.

What you really need to find is a way to advance that works with how you approach your job, and your zodiac sign holds the key! Take a look at these dos and don’ts for getting ahead at work.

Do: Take Your Ascendant Into Consideration

You have your Sun sign, which, in a nutshell, is your core self, but you also have your Ascendant or Rising sign, which you can think of as the mask that everyone around you sees. This can make life a bit more complicated for you because you may feel one way inside while others around you treat you like you’re someone completely different.

In the workplace, consider how your co-workers and supervisors perceive you. This can go a long way toward reducing resentment and misunderstandings and ultimately promoting harmony.

Do: Watch Social Media Usage, In & Out of the Office

Technically all signs could benefit from being a little more circumspect on social media; you have free speech, but your employer may not want to be associated with what you say. Yet Sagittarius, Aquarius and Gemini, this one’s a real issue for you. Sag is so blunt sometimes that tweets and comments could seem ruder than intended, and in today’s rapid-fire shaming culture, that doesn’t bode well for your employer. Gemini and Aquarius, you love to communicate, so channel that into your work and not your phone during business hours.

Do: If You Can’t Be Kind, Be Civil

Sagittarius, Aries, and Scorpio, when you’re unhappy, your words can cut deep. There will be times when you have to express dissatisfaction or even anger, but keep it civil if you have nothing nice to say. Show you have that control.

Don’t: Gossip – It Will Backfire (But Do Keep Your Ears Open)

Gossip is dangerous for everyone, but particularly for Gemini and Cancer. Gemini risks spreading gossip and being seen as the office motormouth. Don’t treat the office grapevine as your soapbox. Cancer, as much as you want to stay out of office politics, keep your ears open. You’ll get a better sense of who to rely on and who to avoid.

Don’t: Be Afraid to Ask Questions

Pisces wants to go with the flow and Libra wants to make sure everyone else feels heard. Both qualities lead to not asking questions when you should. Speak up. You’ll avoid misunderstandings and generate better working relationships with people.

Do: Get a Thicker Skin

Water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, you’re known as the most sensitive, and that can also make you oversensitive. No one should put up with bullying, but be sure that cutting remark you overheard was really meant for you before you react. That thicker skin will also help protect you enough to let you know when to head to Human Resources about workplace-related relationship issues.

Do: Handle Change Gracefully

Virgo and Capricorn, you really don’t like sudden changes, but changes are a part of life. If your company is going through ups and downs, do your best to remain calm and go with the flow. Pushing back against truly bad changes is fine, but don’t let changes rattle you, at least on the outside.

Don’t: Forget the Big Picture

Virgo and Taurus, you are wonderfully detail-oriented, but you can get so immersed in that detail that you end up forgetting about everything else. You forget that the detail is part of a bigger project and that some details are cool but not crucial. Step back occasionally and see how the larger project is doing.

Do: Watch Your Ego

Aries and Leo, your instincts and leadership skills will get you far – if you don’t go overboard. Yes, Aries, you know your gut feeling is always right, but back off a bit. If you insist that only your way is right, you’ll only end up losing respect. Leo, you’re great at taking the lead when appropriate. When it’s not appropriate, you can seem bossy.

Do: Keep Your Cool

This is something Libra, Taurus and Capricorn excel at; other signs may need a little more practice. Work is like life. Things get busy, people make mistakes, and projects get delayed. If you can stay calm, you can increase your reputation as someone who can handle whatever comes their way, which is valuable.

Do: Be Clear About What You Need to Succeed

Aquarius and Leo, you’re trailblazers. You can think ahead of everyone else and find ways around problems that others can’t see. So if you want to get ahead, be very clear about what you need. Get answers to your questions so you don’t waste time on instructions rather than solutions.


Whatever your zodiac sign, these are 11 solid points to consider when it comes to getting ahead at work. Some signs are better at certain points than others, but think of this as an opportunity to learn from each other!

Part of our journey is to find balance, so take an honest look at what you are already great at – and what you need some brushing up on. Getting ahead at work comes in many forms – but recognizing your strengths and weaknesses is a great place to start!

Interested in more astrology based career ideas? Try our free Career Compatibility generator or enjoy the free Daily Career Horoscope!

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