Career Success & Numerology: Using Your Life Path Number

At the moment you were born, your soul took on certain personality traits that make you unique, and aligning your life to them helps you find success and enjoy what you do. Using the system of numerology, you can recognize your own unique gifts to help you find a path that is both enjoyable and rewarding. When it comes to your career, we look first to the life path number, which encompasses your core personality. It reveals your personal talents and it will help you understand where you can best focus your strengths.

Following what is in your heart is not always an easy task. We may feel pressure to do other things based on plans we’ve made or even people in our lives that discourage us when we share our dreams. Often we don’t follow our life paths because we haven’t clearly defined what we want. More often than not, we don’t have a step-by-step plan to get us there.

Your work is your work, your daily doings. Many times, if you do it right, you can meet your work needs with your success needs. But being successful is not about having the best job on the planet. Being successful is about living the life you have always dreamed of. For some people, like many Capricorns and Libras for example, that is about money. But others like Cancer think that if everyone is well fed, warm, and snuggling close at night that is all they need to feel successful. Another way to tap into your success energy is by your life path number.

Numerology & Success?

Today, we’re going to show you how to use numerology and your life path number to help you get clear on what you want and how to get there. When it comes to success, people that enjoy what they do usually end up more successful. That can happen for you too with the power of your life path number.

What is your success potential and how can you harness that energy? It’s all right here, your success potential by the life path number. Let’s get to it!

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Calculate Your Life Path Number

You could use our Life Path Number Calculator to get your answer quickly, but if you want to know more about the formula – we will start by explaining it.

To calculate your life path number, you simply turn your birthdate into numbers, and then add them all up! And you keep adding them until you get a one digit number So easy, and you don’t even need to be a math whiz (thank goodness for me!). So let’s use today’s date as an example. Anyone born on this date exactly, and yes the year matters, has this life path number.

Using May 31, 2014 here is how to get your life path number:

1.) Break the date down into numbers: May 31, 2014 = 5/31/2014

2.) Add up all those numbers: 5/31/2014 = 5 + 3 + 1 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 4 = 16

3.) When you have your two-digit number, you add those up as well because numerology always uses single digits, unless we are talking master numbers which we are not for today’s discussion.

So, using our final number 16, we get 1 + 6 = 7. That means anyone born on this date will have a life path number of 7.

Have you calculated yours? Now let’s see how we can turn those numbers into success for you.

A 7-Step Plan for Success Using Your Life Path Number

Grab a pen and paper and get ready to be inspired and change your life today!

Step 1: Write Down Three Strengths of Your Life Path Number

First, use our life path calculator to find out what your life path number is. Then visit this page and click on your life path number to help you identify personal strengths. Write down three that stand out to you. You may find that the things you write down are things you already knew, or they may completely surprise you.

You can also check out our Introduction to Numerology article series, which has more in-depth information on the significance of each number:

Step 2: Brainstorm (At Least) 3 Careers for All 3 Strengths

Now, take some time to brainstorm which careers would be well suited for someone with the three strengths you’ve written down. Do include things that seem out of reach if they excite you. Don’t include things you despise. Think about careers that help others and are contributing to the big picture in some way so you don’t end up choosing a career that won’t fulfill you at a deep level for the long term.

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Step 3: Rank Them to Find Your Favorite

Next, take some time to put the jobs you’ve brainstormed in order from your least favorite to the one that really makes you feel most excited. Don’t be afraid to dream big! Notice if excuses or fears come up, but don’t listen to them for now. This will be especially useful if you have a rather long list of potential careers! Also, remember that you’re allowed to change your mind or pick more than one job to top your list.

Step 4: Research What Training You Need & Plan for Any Costs

Starting with the career you ranked as your top pick, what training do you need to improve your skill set to become qualified for the job? Perhaps you need a book, a class, a certification, or to start applying for post-secondary education?

Price out some options and do some research to find the costs and dates of any training you might need. This is an exciting step, but can of course be overwhelming. Remember that you’re not committing to anything right now, you’re just figuring out what will work best for you and which small changes you can make in your lifestyle right now.

Step 5: Make a Plan to Lower Overhead & Save Money

Once you know the costs of the necessary training, it’s time to look at where you’re spending your money. Sometimes we need to lower our rent, reduce our bills, or sell some things. Some of you may want to start a second job to save up the money. Uber, Lyft, and Doordash are flexible second jobs that can help raise funds to follow your dream.

Step 6: Get Your Training

Now it’s time to sign up for your training program, class, or buy that book you need to start learning. The more you immerse yourself in studying the career you are going to be successful in, the less fear you will have. If you feel like you’re outside of the career, studying will help you feel like it’s a part of you.

Step 7: Apply!

Once you have your training, start researching companies that you love and go ahead and apply. Follow up on your applications and feel free to reach out to companies that don’t have a job listed. If you’re doing your own thing, get your marketing strategy ready by creating a website, printing business cards, or attending networking events.

Bonus: Success Tips for Each Life Path Number

Life Path Number 1

As a life path 1, you are a born leader and will do well in life if you harness your 1 energy properly. Material belongings are very important to you and you will spend life collecting them. You need to work on courage and energy, and you will get more of your success alone than with others.

So go after it! You have an abundance of creative vision, but you do lack sometimes the courage to pursue it. Don’t worry about what other people around you are saying, go after those dreams. You are number 1! Now prove it to the world. Initiating new things will always be favored for you, but use your stamina to pursue them all.

Life Path Number 2

Your success potential dear Life Path 2 will depend on good old fashioned hard work. Old school methods are what you will need to succeed, and partnerships are favored. Do you have a brilliant idea? Share it with someone that has the networking skills or the investor bucks to make it a brilliant success. You need to stay grounded in order to succeed, your skills in diplomacy and negotiation will work very well for you.

You will be most successful by just being true to what you want, and who you are. If you try to fool others that you are a big shot or a big name or even a big talent, they will see right through you. Hard work and a strong moral compass are desirable traits, you have them in abundance, so show them off and the right people will notice.

Life Path Number 3

The life path number 3 often has a certain charm about them, they have a way of getting through life with a wink and a smile. 5’s have an easy time with that as well, even more than the 3’s. This can make life very easy for the 3’s, but you can not depend on your winning persona to get what you want in life. You will probably not spend a lot of time in your life worrying about success, money is up and down for you.

If you put some of your mojo and elbow grease behind your winning smile, success in epic proportions will come to you. Skills will be very important to you in establishing success, your winning smile may get you in the door, but have the skills to back up your pretty face and that’s where the payoff will come through. You may need some upgrading in education if you want to take your work to the next level.

Fun is all good, but most people can’t make money off of their smiles alone. Find the opportunities in life that let those skills of yours shine, and the rest will fall into place.

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Life Path Number 4

Life Path 4 often doesn’t need to worry much about money. Like 2’s you are very old school and traditional, and you believe that hard work pays off. For you, it usually does as well, and the destiny of life path 4 is often material success as a result. This probably does not surprise you to learn this, you’ve worked hard all your life.

Is it possible that you are spending too much time at work? What areas of your life need a little success boost? Try having more fun once in a while and life won’t seem like such a drudge mill. If you are still searching for that success energy, try going about it the old fashioned way. Apply for traditional work or upgrade traditional education and the opportunities will open themselves up to you.

Life Path Number 5

As the number that is the middle number of the life path numbers, 5 has a bit of an easy break. They can go any way the wind blows them, and to many this makes them seem irresponsible. The 5’s have a method to their madness though if you just let them follow it through. If there is any number that seems to have it easy in life, it is usually the 5. They are often tall, gorgeous, charismatic, and the life of every party.

They also seem naturally successful because their energy just opens up a number of doors to them. But 5’s are rarely wealthy because they are too busy enjoying life to truly commit to their success. If that sounds too familiar dear 5, rein in your party energy and commit to one success goal each week. Hire yourself as your own client, and just commit to getting it done. You have a natural lucky streak, it will happen, you just may need to get your head out of the clouds for about…5 minutes.

Life Path Number 6

Oh dear life path 6, you are a harmonious one aren’t you? You love balance and peace and having those around you is what you need to succeed. Overall you have the common sense that money is needed in order to survive, but you don’t spend your life storing up collections. You would rather store up your karmic acts and experience the due rewards that follow. This is a good course of action for you and one that will open up many reward streams.

With hard work and a solid playing by the rules which you just love, you will see constant success flowing into your life. If you have some karmic debts to pay, they will crop up earlier in life. The sooner you deal with them, the sooner you open up your paths to abundance and success.

Life Path Number 7

As a life path number 7, you are a known truth seeker. You are also a little bit obsessive and materialistic when it comes to finances. You are on a mission to do well, and it is this attitude that may bring you down. Let it happen, do not force the issue. Your fear of being poor is one that is going to attract just what you do not want in your life. A little bit of lightening up will go a long way for you dear 7.

Huge financial risks or investments are not in your forte, you will do far better at the income streams that are slow and steady. Watch your spending and don’t live on credit, otherwise, it will catch up to you. The unknown is what fears you, as the truth-seeker, get those questions answered and your fear of not succeeding will diminish. What do you need to do to succeed? What opportunities can you avail yourself to? If you are clueless, start looking in the classifieds, read every one, even the ones you aren’t qualified for, and the jobs that make you feel “buzzy” inside, are the ones that are meant for you. If you aren’t qualified for them yet, find out how to do so.

For you, the truth-seeker, it is about just answering those questions. You got this, 7!

Life Path Number 8

Many numerologists consider 8 to be the luckiest and most successful number. This number is shaped like the infinity symbol, and thus has destiny written all over it. Success is inevitable for 8’s, but this is material success. As a result, 8’s are often lacking in emotional success and emotional abundance, because they care too much about filling their wallet. You will always have tremendous potential when it comes to earning money, and you will never have a problem with that.

If you are struggling with money or struggling with a lack of joy in your life, that is because your restlessness is getting the better of you. Step away from the impatience, and attend to your emotional needs with the same vigor that you attend to your financial ones, and you could well be the luckiest and most successful number of them all!

Life Path Number 9

The life path number 9 is the harmonious one, the Mother Teresa number. This number is so naturally compassionate and humanitarian, you often have no problem creating a good money flow. You will always choose a career that is solid, traditional, and will provide a steady income, and you aren’t really known for being a spender. And you will also probably choose work that involves helping others. If you are finding the material success is not meeting with your desires, you likely aren’t harnessing your karmic potential well. Practice more random acts of kindness, and get out into the world a little bit more to do so.

By doing so, you send that message that love is really what makes the world go round. And being a 9, it will come right back to you. Whether that is unconditional love or the rewards from good honest work. When your intentions are pure, the rewards will follow. Overall, your good karma attracts success, so keep it well balanced and you will never suffer emotionally or financially in life.

Concluding Thoughts…

Changing your career doesn’t have to mean you change everything about your life! At some point in life, many people have to change career paths and the fear of change can be daunting. But, with your knowledge of numerology and your life path number, you can feel more confident in taking those risks that will catapult you into success.

And, make sure to keep up with your free daily horoscope and weekly career horoscope for that extra motivational boost. You’ve got this!

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