Are You Following Your Life Path? Let Uranus Show You the Way

We are in that time of year when we start really reconsidering and considering if we are doing the right thing in our lives as a whole. This is due in part to astrology, and in part to the calendar aspect of this being the new year. Even those that don’t normally make “resolutions” go through a little period of reflection right about now. Are you in this zone now?

If so, you’re in luck, as we have a really important cosmic transit this month that is going to help you to do just that. It’s time to express who and what you really are. Be free to do this. As we always say in our daily horoscopes and health horoscopes, self-care is health care. This means, being who you really are is the healthiest thing you can for yourself, any time of year. And this time of year, as always, we have the shock planet Uranus chiming in to help you express your true life path. Are you paying attention? Don’t freak out. Let’s talk about this.

How is Uranus Direct Working Right Now?

Every year the shock planet Uranus takes a little break and goes retrograde. Last year that started on May 15, 2018, in Taurus, then in November, Uranus retrograde found itself in Aries. So if you have had some areas of your life getting a little push from out of the blue experiences since November, you can thank Uranus for that.

Most of those pushes have been internal, although external experiences may be causing them. Let’s say for example you received news out of the blue that allowed something from the spring or summer to finally make sense. We start to internally process things with the information Uranus sends us while it is retrograde. You’re having a lot of Ah Hah moments right now for a reason. And they aren’t finished yet!

Now, Uranus has turned direct in Aries as of January 6. So some of those little pushes that are going to arrive out of the blue in the next few months are going to be caused by external events. It is going to be like getting little puzzle pieces that sort of just fall into place.

As humans, we don’t always like it when we get these puzzle pieces out of the blue because they create a change in our current experience. Let’s say you are living an experience from the Summer still right now, and it is playing out very casually and low-key.

When Uranus turns direct, you may see a full-on redirection of your experience. You see something in a completely new light because another puzzle piece fell into place.

We don’t always like this change, and that’s called being human. Fixed signs Leo, Scorpio, Taurus, and Aquarius, that need to be in control of their order and structure will struggle the most with this, unless they are getting long-awaited answers.

Along with this natural push from Uranus on any good day, we have Uranus in the Cardinal sign of the Fire signs Aries. Uranus will be here until March 6. So for the next couple of months, we have Uranus direct taking the lead like Aries often does.

This is a good thing! We are being pushed by these external events for a reason. The changes that are happening are Destiny.

The only struggle we have is not accepting these changes as Destiny. But once you realize that these extreme out of the blue experiences are for your highest good, you are more ready to embrace them.

THAT is when you discover your true life path.

How to Follow Your True Life Path

When sudden changes arrive due to Uranus influence, they arrive out of the blue. It is human nature to resist this. For example, we loathe sudden weather changes, we get itchy over extreme drama in the family, we get a little terse when relationships take sudden twists and turns with unexpected surprises that are… unpleasant.

Our first urge is to resist this. Again, and it needs to be said again, this is called being human.

But what the Universe wants us to do is take a step back and reassess. Why is this out of the blue experience happening? Maybe we don’t know right now. Maybe right now it is not ours to know.

At the end of the day, if we just embrace this change (i.e. roll with it) we are that much closer to our life path. The confusion we’ve been experiencing about the “why’s” of certain things occur under retrograde. When Uranus is direct, we begin to see these answers. With Uranus direct occurring during eclipse season, you can expect these changes to occur that much faster, and with more clarity.

Embracing those puzzle pieces is how you follow your true life path. So when life’s sudden events arrive out of the blue, here’s your 5-point checklist to get you closer to your life path and your Destiny.

  • Journal, journal, journal.

When something unexpected happens, write it down. Write down the dates, the times, the people, and most importantly, your feelings.

  • Make a list of ideas.

Uranus gets a bit of a bad rap. It is a shock planet, yes, But what many people do not get about Uranus is that it is the planet of inspiration and innovation. The greatest inventions in the world have been Uranus inspired. So when you get those ideas, write them down. Write. Them. Down.

  • Be free.

This is not the time to second guess yourself. It’s time to be who you are. There are a million things to be, you know that there are. What and who are you going to be right now? Check those list of ideas and start Being them.

  • Don’t fight change, embrace it.

Every change happens for a reason. Every puzzle piece you get right now happens for a reason. You may not know the reason now. Ours is not to know all the time. But as well, you MAY know the reason now. Whatever the case may be, just embrace this change because it is directing you to something wonderful.

  • Accept what you cannot change.

Have the courage to accept what you can not change. Don’t try and force the change to redirect itself. It won’t. And you won’t be anything but frustrated in the end. But when you accept the change, you welcome it with a, “Well what happens now, let’s just see!” kind of perspective that puts you in a good flow of positive energy. And that’s the most important component of following your life path with the help of Uranus.

Concluding Thoughts…

Uranus direct can be uncomfortable. When it happens with an eclipse event, it can be downright freaky-deaky. But it doesn’t have to be. Use Uranus direct energy to its fullest advantage and you’ll find yourself directly on your life path. Journal about your experiences and make lists of those brilliant ideas coming your way.

Embrace the change, because fighting it makes you even more uncomfortable than what you started out with. Accept that this change cannot be changed. And, be free. What life path do you want to BE? Choose it, choose it now, and the Universe is ready to help.

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