What Hobby Should You Try in 2019 Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

You probably know certain zodiac signs are inclined to like certain things, so of course certain hobbies will appeal to some zodiac signs far more than others. Based on some very predictable personality traits and the characteristics of the element of each sign, we can pinpoint rather accurately the types of hobbies a sign will like.

Being creative, getting active, trying new things and learning are all very important for brain development and cognitive functioning. Astrology helps us understand why some people want to take a woodworking class while others would prefer to learn tarot. Here’s an inside look at the inner-workings of the mind based on zodiac signs to help you and your friends find the best hobby to pick up in 2019!

Reading this list will also help you grow your understanding of other signs so you’ll know which activities people you know or meet will enjoy. This can help give you ideas on what to do to impress someone or just make sure they have fun when you hang out! If you want to go one step further, look at your Moon sign and see what hobby that sign would like and you’ll probably find one or two hobbies that will help you relax, stimulate your mind and expand your creativity! If you’re looking at the Moon sign, you’ll need the time and location of birth as well as the date of birth.

When it comes to our spare time, we want to do things because they inspire us and fuel our soul. Usually, if it’s an activity that everyone is doing and you don’t feel drawn to it (like me and co-ed soccer leagues), that’s because it’s not helping you become closer to who you really are! You have a purpose – your soul’s blueprint reveals it through astrology. Let your hobbies help you embrace your unique gifts and talents in 2019!

Air Signs

Air signs are intellectually curious and like electronics, books, radios, things that generate power, debating ideas, and learning. They are also playful and childlike. Here are a few ideas for each sign that may pique an Air sign’s interest!

Being big-picture minded and a humanitarian means volunteering with a non-profit is something an Aquarius would love. They also like to travel, so voluntourism could be a fun hobby. Being one of the friendliest signs who are also lovers of art, history, and culture, getting a yearly pass to a museum this year would be stimulating and you’d be sure to meet some interesting people along the way.

You’d be surprised how much fun it is to play with kids in new environments. If you can, attend an adventure camp, go to a bounce-house, or a roller-skating rink. Geminis like to have all their senses engaged, so stimulate your creativity by connecting with your own inner child in new environments and having fun. Geminis have an undying curiosity which could be satisfied as well by visiting underground shows or small theatres that play unique pictures.

You may find you already have too many hobbies, dear Libra, so we think your own personal yoga practice would be very beneficial to help you pull yourself away from other people’s lives. In a yoga class, you get to work on your own self while benefiting from the energy of being in a group. Or, perhaps it’s the year for reading up and getting educated on all the social justice issues you hold dear to your heart. Art and music inspire you, so pick a type of music or dance and start going to events that help you find your unique rhythm.

Water Signs

Water signs typically do things on their own as they often need to take breaks from people to decompress. Water signs love things that conjure emotions like theatre, meditation, or psychological thriller movies. They are big-hearted and love to help their community. Each Water sign is very unique so be sure to read our suggestions for their distinct personalities.

This romantic sign would do well to do something for themselves for once. Maybe that means falling in love with their own company on mini-vacations where they pamper themselves with facials, pedicures, and massages. Nurturing Cancers love to attend plays, foster animals, or get into cooking as they are always bringing food everywhere and offering it to people. Cancers love meditation so finding a new studio could be a hobby that helps you manage your emotional side for years to come with greater ease so it’s a blessing in your life.

Any of the new intense workout trends like CrossFit, axe-throwing, or even rock climbing indoors can appeal to a Scorpio because there is an intensity to them and a sense of danger. Scorpios being sensual people might love salsa or another dance class. Using exercise as a hobby can get rid of the excess energy that tends to keep Scorpios up at night. If you’d like a technology detox, get into books about crime, sci-fi, or mysteries of the Universe. Or, engage your senses and indulge by finding one new restaurant each month this year and order the spiciest thing on the menu – it’s the go-big-or-go-home Scorpio way.

Flow arts appeal to the love that Pisces signs have for being in the present. Going to concerts and music festivals are a great way for a Pisces to find inspiration as they love art and the freedom that music represents. If you are more of a reserved Pisces, art galleries and local art walks will help you scratch your artistic itch. Of course, there’s no better way to really immerse yourself in creativity and art than picking up that paintbrush yourself or beading some beautiful jewelry of your own!

Earth Signs

These are the builders, the tinkerers, and the lovers of fine dining. The more details they need to attend to, the better – they love to refine things and are proud of making something look good and function well. Earth signs are good with their hands and enjoy making things. Being in environments that ooze luxury and a nice ambiance is also right up an Earth sign’s alley. Here are more specific ideas for 2019 hobbies based on the specific traits of each Earth sign.

Interior design, pole dancing class, and restorative yoga are all things that could ring bells for a Taurus. They love to indulge in their senses and allow themselves to work less and be pampered more. They love real estate too, so try visiting open houses or learning about interior design. This practical sign also loves the simple pleasures of life like a walk in the park, a romantic picnic or bike ride, and a home that smells and feels good. Get into essential oils, glamping, or visit new restaurants for romantic evenings this year, dear Taurus.

Costume design, vintage furniture salvaging, and home organization are all things that sound like music to a Virgo’s ears. You would also enjoy getting into niche board games that have unique subjects that will allow you to follow the fun rules of the game with friends. A Virgo loves details, so perhaps building something from scratch would be a fun project for this year! The planning is half of the fun for our dear Virgos.

Golf, resorting (is that a word?), home renovation projects, and leisurely horseback riding are all on the list as fun projects for a Capricorn. Capricorns are salt of the earth people who don’t just pick up a new habit without ample thought and investigation. Join a country club, a wine club, a committee for the local housing association, or get into vintage cars. Figure out how it can make you money and you’ll really love it!

Fire Signs

These hot and spicy people love adventure and risk. They love trying new things that take courage because they are naturally competitive. They love meeting new people with bold ideas, and, of course, a good party. Fire signs also enjoy being in charge, human connection, and things that go fast. Here are some fun ideas on how to channel the fire in each of these signs.

Singing classes, circus classes, surfing, snowboarding, theatre classes, or yoga teacher training are all great ways to use all the energy a Leo wakes up with. Do something that expresses your voice, your passion, and your creativity without having to apologize for being loud and bold. Anything that helps you harness your leadership ability like would be an inspiration for your unique personality!

Reading tarot is a lot of fun for Aries because they are direct and expressive. Similarly, active sports like volleyball, pilates, and water sports are great for an Aries. You would probably love going to high energy rock or jazz concerts, ATV riding, skiing, mountain biking, triathlons, or cooking classes. Aries often love shopping too, so find some unique shops in your community, bring back one thing from each place, and decorate a room in the house with them. Finally, you can’t deny your love for a good party, so maybe it will be the year of attending charity balls and philanthropic events because you get to dress up and help others!

The adventure seekers of the zodiac have no problem finding new hobbies – it’s sticking to one of them that they find the most challenging. You can start playing an instrument, read one philosophy book each month, go camping, learn a new language and visit a country where English is not the first language. Get into world music or indigenous healing modalities that you haven’t explored!

Concluding Thoughts…

Once in a while, you’ll find someone with a certain Sun sign doesn’t really portray the characteristics of their sign. Maybe this person is you. In that case, look at the birth chart and see if there is another element or sign dominating the chart. Most of the time people write astrology off as inaccurate because they only look at the Sun sign and not the whole birth chart which, takes a much deeper understanding of houses and planets.

If you’re interested in learning more about astrology this year, come back daily for fun articles like this that will take the boring part out of the learning. Astrology can help all areas of life when you understand its many layers – that’s one hobby all signs can get on board with! We want to help you have a great year, stay healthy, inspired and follow your dreams with the help of the Universe.

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