Top 5 Myths About the Capricorn Sign

Have you ever read a horoscope or article about your zodiac sign and thought, “That’s so untrue!?” While every astrology sign certainly takes its turn being thrown under the bus, it seems that Capricorn may well be one of the most misunderstood signs out there.

They’re boring, overly ambitious, and cold as ice, right? Wrong! There’s a reason that the old saying goes, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” While Capricorn may seem to be less than enthused, still waters run deep and this sign can be just like a glacier – while it may appear that not much is happening up top, beneath the surface lies a stream of activity. Just think of famous Capricorns Michelle Obama, Benjamin Franklin, Martin Luther King Jr., and Al Capone!

Myths About Capricorn

Let’s take a look at the Top 5 Myths about the Capricorn sign today.

1. Capricorns are Dull as Dishwater

You know when you’re so in your flow that you ignore everything else around you so as not to lose your momentum or allow opposing energy to distract you? Whether it’s yoga, crafting, writing, exercising, or digging into a work project, we have all felt ‘in the zone’ and know how detrimental it can be to lose focus. To someone observing us, we may seem pretty dull because we don’t stop to chat or small talk.

This is Capricorn to a tee. They have the ability to laser focus on what they’re doing – and they can be pretty unshakeable in their composure at the same time. Don’t harshly judge them for being boring – they’re just better at keeping their stuff together and are not attention-seeking.

Side note: You’ll never catch Capricorn gossiping – they simply prefer to mind their own business. If you think making stuff up about other people makes you more interesting, then you’re probably not going to be convinced against your opinion of Capricorn being boring. In reality, they have better things to do.

2. Capricorns Will Step Over Their Grandmothers to Meet Their Goals

There’s a reason Caps have a solid reputation as one of the most driven of the zodiac – they have the vision and foresight to see the bigger picture to set long-term goals – and they have the determination and patience to see them through. This is a powerful combination but often misconstrued as overly ambitious. Caps are ruled by responsible Saturn, so much of their self-discipline is tapped from this giant resource.

Accomplishment is crucial to the self-esteem of this sign, but some things are sacred. Family and especially traditions are held in extremely high regard to Caps, as is integrity. As much as they want to achieve and climb that ladder, they’re not likely to take shady shortcuts to get there. They have the stamina to work through the night and twice as fast as everyone around them, so they have no reason to cheat. Working hard is its own reward.

3. Capricorns Have No Emotions

While it is true that Capricorns don’t like intense displays of emotion, whether positive or negative, it doesn’t mean they don’t have feelings at all. Earth signs are known to be the calm, cool, and collected ones of the zodiac – but that could be because they are more concerned about showing their feelings have been hurt – or that something is happening out of their control. Dramatics are wasted on Capricorns – efficiency rules and playing out hysterics is useless and kind of offensive.

Reputation is extremely important to Capricorns, so they are more likely to try and remain in control at all times, reserving any strong feelings or reactions for a more private time. They freak out just like everyone else – sometimes more – it’s just that they would rather risk appearing cold-hearted than reveal something before they are ready.

4. Capricorns are Unwilling to Take Risks

This is categorically untrue. While they are certainly one of the least likely signs to take physical risks such as bungy jumping, or unnecessary risks such as high stakes gambling, Capricorns take constant strategic risks – and this could be why they work so hard – they want to make sure their risk pays off.

It may seem like they never want to take the dare, but actually, they will if it seems like a good reason to do so. They just won’t be hurried into it. There’s a difference between being a risk-taker and being spontaneous. They don’t necessarily go hand in hand!

Capricorn is related to the 10th house of career, so they understand that sometimes the best thing you can do in your job is to try something different, to think about a problem in many ways, and to keep going until you’ve solved it. They are definitely planners, but Cardinal signs like Capricorn are leaders and they want to get things started.

5. Capricorns Are Condescending Know-It-Alls

Capricorns are reserved and disciplined and they take their responsibilities quite seriously, which can come across as snobby or that they’re trying to be better than everyone else. In actuality, they are able to be quite laser-focused and genuinely want to help those around them become better, more efficient or at least to help them improve on things they are struggling with. Caps are known to be some of the best leaders around!

Yes, they can be harsh when it comes to their opinions, but they simply prefer to cut to the chase instead of feeding you unhelpful tripe. It may seem condescending, but likely, they are just trying to shake you into being your best, and they deliver it with a shot of realism.

Concluding Thoughts…

Did we hit the nail on the head? Every sign possesses traits that can be misconstrued, so the next time you feel like someone has it out for Leos or that Taureans get a bad rep for being lazy, make sure you aren’t judging other signs as you are feeling judged yourself.

Remember to give the benefit of the doubt and to ask questions of someone if you are unsure of where they’re coming from. 

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