How to Use Astrology for Personal Development & Interpersonal Skills

Have you ever met someone who blames all their failed jobs and relationships on other people, life circumstances… anyone or anything besides themselves?

As we get older, a lot of how we learn comes through experience. We start to look more towards our internal mind and how we can better get along with the people in our lives. The personal development we embark upon can feel overwhelming because, for most of us, the topics are new and learning about how we can do better is like starting to learn a new language. It’s not easy! But luckily, astrology can help us simplify the process of working on ourselves and make it easier to understand how to get along with different personalities.

Today, we are going to look at some simple ways you can use astrology for personal development and improving your interpersonal skills. By looking at the specific areas each zodiac sign typically struggles with, you’ll be able to take responsibility for the things that you struggle with in terms of attitude and behavior. Astrology helps us understand our unique strengths and weaknesses, so don’t stress! This can be like looking into a mirror that shows you the truth and it’s very empowering. You can’t change what you don’t choose to see.

Tips for Personal Development & Interpersonal Skills, Based On Your Sign

We don’t need to call the areas for improvement ‘weaknesses’ because they are just opportunities for growth. Each Sun sign has predictable behaviors that can trip them up and it’s not that you are cursed with these things. When you know your tendencies based on your Sun sign, you can set the intention to improve upon these areas so you can be a more mindful and self-aware person.

(By the way, your Sun sign is the sign the Sun was in at the time of your birth. This is the starting point for most people when they start to learn astrology and this is usually what people are referring to when they ask, ‘what’s your sign?’ It makes up your core personality.)

Have you ever met someone that was so blunt they were constantly offending people, or someone that was so impulsive they could never stick to a task and people got sick of how unreliable they were? We all have blind spots that we can work on to be more in control of our emotions. This type of self-knowledge helps us make a good impression instead of a negative one. These unconscious behaviors can be modified by noticing when you do these things and working actively on changing your habits.


Aries are known for having a quick temper, being blunt without tact, and can be superficial.

To Improve: Focus on slow breathing daily to allow yourself to think before you react or speak. Apologize for being blunt or temperamental when you speak without taking a moment to breathe.


Taureans can be inflexible when it comes to changing plans or seeing another point of view. Tends to like to do the least amount of work possible.

To Improve: Notice when you’re unwilling to try other people’s ideas and start saying yes more often. To improve motivation, use an affirmation that inspires you to be enthusiastic about your goals.


The sign of the Twins is interested in so many things that they lose track of time talking. They can also have trouble sticking to one thing or following through with plans.

To Improve: Use a day planner to write down the most important things you want to get done and keep track of things you agree to participate in. Find ways to slow your mind down such as gentle yoga or a relaxing bubble bath.


Cancers are easily overwhelmed, feeling like everything is happening to them all at once. They can withdraw from people when they feel upset instead of confronting the situation.

To Improve: When you’re feeling low, practice gently replacing all negative thoughts with positive ones to shift your mood and get in the habit of being responsible for your emotions. Practice being assertive and communicating how you feel instead of pulling away into that hard crab shell of yours.


Of course, the sign of the Lion is known for occasional arrogance and being a bit self-centred. They have trouble being supportive and considerate of others because they are thinking about themselves.

To Improve: Notice how much you talk about yourself and shift to asking people how they are doing and what’s going on with them. Go out of your way to do things for others.


Virgos can be obsessive about organization and cleanliness. They can be critical of themselves and talk themselves out of doing new things because of thinking about what could go wrong. They help people too much even when people don’t want help.

To Improve: Focus on what could go right in the day first thing in the morning. Decide to use only positive words to describe yourself. Notice where you are obsessing over cleanliness unnecessarily. When you want to help someone ask yourself if you think they want help.


Libras tend to base their self-worth solely on their friendships and popularity. Can lack balance in taking care of themselves because of being too busy. Can be argumentative for no reason.

To Improve: Challenge yourself to spend time alone and get in touch with your feelings. When you feel like debating a topic, read the energy to see if someone is in the mood to debate. Create daily goals for your self-care to manage your time.


Scorpios are known to be extreme and obsessive. Their intensity can sometimes be overwhelming to people who are more laid back about life or conservative.

To Improve: Ask someone if they are comfortable talking about something before prying into their emotional life. Don’t do too much of anything and seek moderation.


Flighty Sagittarians can be risk-takers in their career and in their relationships to the point that it can stress themselves or those close to them. They need to find a balance between responsibility and idealism.

To Improve: Have a budget so you know how much spending cash you have. Before you make a decision, sleep on it.


Capricorns bury themselves in work and not stop to rest or spend time with loved ones. They may hold grudges against people and may not deal with their emotions.

To Improve: Set a time each day to stop working and allow yourself to be present and have fun. Read about how to be emotionally open and practice talking about your feelings. Do things that enhance creativity.


Aquarians tend to be aloof or so goal-oriented that they neglect their loved ones. They can be radical and so passionate about a cause they alienate themselves from those they want to help.

To Improve: Spend time not working to just recharge and learn how others relate to the world. Do things that are considerate for your loved ones.


Emotional Pisceans live based on their feelings, making their life stressful because it’s constantly changing. They may not be aware of how their actions affect others.

To Improve: Find a job that allows you to be flexible and creative so you can be yourself. Let people know that you like to be flexible and go with the flow so they understand you. Think about how others feel, but don’t take on others’ emotions for yourself.

Understand Your Personal Communication Style

You can see what your own communication style is depending on what sign and house Mercury appears in in your birth chart. Once you find your Mercury sign, you can understand more about how you can improve your communication and how to highlight your strengths. Think about the element of your Mercury sign and how that element’s characteristics affect your communication style.

  • Earth is slow and measured.
  • Fire is fast and passionate.
  • Water is fluid and changing.
  • Air is busy and electric.

If you’re having trouble getting along with someone, take a look at their birth chart and see how their communication style differs from yours so you can find ways to understand each other’s approach to exchanging ideas. For example, if one person speaks very practically or analytically but the other communicates more emotionally, they both can work to get along by speaking the other person’s language or helping each other understand how they communicate best.


There are many more ways to use astrology for personal development. The more you learn about your birth chart, the deeper you will know yourself and be able to improve your weak points. Knowing your own expectations and those of others can enhance your relationships in all areas of life.

If you want to further understand how you relate to others, look at the sign that shows up in your seventh house, your house of relationships and partnerships. This can help you see what you admire in others and why you’re drawn to certain people. It can also help you understand why you admire certain people. You are often drawn to people who have strengths you want to bring out in yourself. When it comes to our overall happiness and fulfillment in life, we can look to our north node, which helps us see what experiences will expand our wisdom and skills.

There are deep and practical ways astrology can help us work on ourselves and understand our unique nature, but as you can see, it’s rather simple to understand. Don’t shy away from your shortcomings; rather face them head-on and watch yourself transform.

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