How to Use Moonstone in Moon Rituals

The Moon and her energies are a mysterious, powerful force in our lives. She brings with her cycles shifting feelings and moods – the New Moon brings feelings of completion and then beginning, while the Full Moon encourages us to shed and let go of built up energies that might be stagnant or topic.

Moonstone is a crystal that seems almost to have been formed from the Moon’s crust herself. This crystal, comprised of albite and orthoclase – both members of the shimmering group of feldspar crystals – comes in transparent and opaque varieties, from shades of lunar grey to crystal clear, with flashes of brilliant blues that shine with celestial beauty. The shimmering effect that moonstone has is caused by a phenomenon called adularescence.

This stone has long been known for its ability to enhance intuition and bring one closer to the energies of the Moon, but many may not be aware of how well this stone and the Moon actually work together, for you.

Getting to Know the Moonstone

According to Indian legend, this stone was thought to have been implanted in the god Ganesh’s forehead. Hindu mythos maintain that the luminescence emitted by moonstone was caused by its composition – moonbeams. It was believed that moonstone was made from the light beams of the Moon herself and, as such, moonstone was said to provide clairvoyant abilities and glimpses of the future for those who wear or work with it.

Because this stone is thought of as entirely sacred, it is displayed only on clothes of yellow fabric, whose color is also thought to be sacred.

Ancient Asian lore holds that moonstone come from the ocean, washing up with the tide only once every 21 years. It is believed to assist in bountiful crops and restful sleep and thought to be best worn on Mondays, the day of the Moon.

It was also believed that this stone contained a living energy, a spirit much like that which the Moon possesses. Moonstone is thought to have powerful protection against any bad fortune associated with the number 13, and as such, it is a traditional gift for 13, 26 and 39-year anniversaries.

In ancient Greece, this stone was thought to represent Diana, goddess of the Moon and, like ancient Asian cultures, believed it was formed from moonlight.

The Moonstone in Moon Rituals

This crystal is especially useful when used in conjunction to lunar cycles and as a tool to increase the effectiveness of Moon rituals. Moonstone helps sharpen your focus and embrace your intuitive prowess. It has, after all, been utilized for thousands of years for exactly these reasons.

New Moon Rituals

New Moon energy correlates with feelings of freshness, growth, new beginnings – and our New Moon rituals should reflect this. The New Moon is a time for acknowledgment of and faith in our upcoming desires and dreams, that which we would like to manifest during the following lunar cycle.

This ritual involves two pieces of moonstone and a stick of incense, but moonstone will work to empower any New Moon ritual of your choosing. You will need:
This ritual should be done in a safe space outside, under the New Moon. It is most effective when performed in solitude.

Full Moon Rituals

  • a stick of incense
  • an incense holder
  • a lighter
  • a pen and paper
  • a bowl of water
  • your moonstone pieces
  1. In a comfortable position near a level, flat surface, begin by lighting your incense, allowing the cleansing smoke to wash over you and your surroundings. Incense works to thin the veil between realms. Place your incense in its holder.
  2. Take your pen and paper and write down each desire and goal you have for the upcoming lunar cycle. Fold your paper and place it somewhere safe.
  3. Place a piece of moonstone in each palm, close your eyes, and spend several minutes meditating and reflecting on the desires and dreams on your New Moon list for several minutes.
  4. When you feel intuitively that you have poured your intention into this list, take the paper in your hand. Light one edge on fire with your lighter and allow the paper to burn, focusing on its smoke and imagining your dreams coming true this month.
  5. Put the fire out by placing the paper in your bowl of water. When you are sure everything is extinguished, pour the water into the soil, imagining your dreams as seeds being planted within the Earth.

Full Moon energy brings a sense amplification, acting like a magnifying glass on our emotions. It also brings a sense of rejuvenation, encouraging you to let go of any stagnant energies that have accumulated over the past lunar cycle. There are many Full Moon rituals available that work well for different things, but the following ritual allows this energy to increase your intuitive nature. This ritual can be done from three days before the Full Moon to its fullest evening.

Moonstone Anytime

You don’t need to wait for a New or Full Moon to use your moonstone – you can use it any time you need to channel its powerful influence!

  1. Contemplate a situation or experience in your life that needs further clarification.
  2. Meditate on this scenario for several minutes, imagining possible solutions and opening your heart to suggestion.
  3. Place a small piece of moonstone in your mouth, underneath your tongue.
  4. Visualize the matter in question, meditating on outcomes and possibilities.
  5. Expel the stone and pay attention to the next thoughts that pop into your head. Are they familiar? Is there a clear voice guiding you in a certain direction? Pay attention!
  6. If you sense no incoming answers or energy, this may be a situation to sit on and approach again under a different lunar influence.

While moonstone is especially useful during Moon rituals and its energy reflects the natural lunar cycles we experience, it can be used anytime to connect with the energy of the Moon!

How have you used moonstones in your practice?

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