How You Give Back, Based on Your Sign

We talk a lot about each sign’s qualities and capabilities, our light and shadow sides and how we are likely to react to different influences and situations. From fears to personal style, from what angers us to what makes us feel blissful, you can find a lot of information on what you are likely to do in any number of areas.

Today we’ll to look at how you give back – whether as a friend, a lover or as a contributing member of society, each sign has a very special ability to turn our selfishness to the side and lend our skills to those around us who need them the most. Let’s look at the specialties of each sign of the zodiac, and what you can do to replenish good and strong energy back into the universe.


Holy cow do you have a lot of spirit and energy! Aries are like bonfires – you burn bright and hot in your life and being around you can have an absolutely amazing effect on the people who spend time with you. Rams also tend to look on the bright side of life, almost willfully choosing to be cheerful and positive, no matter how rainy the day gets.

To Aries, life is ripe for the picking, and they fearlessly dive headfirst into it with glee and abandon. For anyone who gets close enough to this enthusiastic and energetic sign, they will certainly benefit from your friendship and attention. Rams give back by making the rest of us feel like we can accomplish anything – and really, what are we waiting for?!


Steady Taurus, do you ever tire of hearing yourself described that way? We repeat it because it’s the truth – just as you like it. As quiet as Taurus can be, they don’t pull any punches when it comes to telling the truth, whether you want to hear it or not. If in their good graces, bulls are your best friend for life. Try to pull the wool over their eyes – expect to hear about it.

People think because Taurus is gentle that they have no temper – but that’s not true at all. Hard truth can be delivered kindly, and if you need a friend who will tell it like it is, seek out a Taurus immediately. There’s good reason you are the sign of the bull – with Taurus, there’s no b.s. – you shoot straight from the hip.

To you, strength of character is vitally important for those who want to be in your life, and for this reason, you give back by telling the ones you love the most when they are being insufferably annoying, stupid or frustrating. They might be taken aback at first, but it’s a rare quality, and something they’ll grow to respect.


Ruled by Mercury, Geminis have an uncanny talent for communication. You are known as the fun-loving chatterbox who adds enthusiasm and energy to any gathering you find yourself in. Words hold power for you, and you collect them like some collect glass ornaments. Your head is filled with all kinds of useful information you can draw upon when you find conflict.

You can find a way to talk yourself into – or out of – any situation you find yourself in. If you need to win an argument, it might take you awhile to work up to it, but they don’t stand a chance. The way you give back is by being able to draw on your significant brain and effectively communicate a point either for yourself or on behalf of someone who can’t do it themselves.


When you talk about putting your heart and soul into something, Cancer could be the poster child. In life, love and any relationship that really means something to you, crabs have the rest of us beat – you will drop whatever you’re doing if the ones you care for need you, no questions asked.

On the flip side, when you care so much and pour so much of your soul into maintaining and growing a healthy relationship with someone, your heart is that much more vulnerable if they let you down. At that point, your nurturing abilities change to emotional outbursts and lots of passive-aggressive behavior.

The way you give back is both by taking care of the ones you love at all costs, as well as having emotional outbursts when you’ve been hurt. With Cancers, we always know exactly where we stand with you. Even when you think you’re keeping your anger in, we can tell what you’re feeling. While you can be frustrating for sure, your purity of feeling is refreshing and honest.


If you want to have a terrific time, you make sure you have a Leo present. Bold, creative and always looking for some fun, Leos have vibrant personalities and love to be the center of attention at all times. If you’re having a bad day and need to let loose, you’d be lucky to have a lion on your side and on your contact list!

While Leos can have some turbulent emotions and lose their tempers if they get pushed too far, we can always count on them to be the life of the party. The way lions give back is by bringing the fun, and keeping the sunshine in our lives. Your golden personality will help cheer anyone up, and we all need a sunny Leo in our lives.


It has been said that Virgos can do anything – and do it so well, you’d think they’d been doing it since birth. While some of us may see you as Supermen or women, the truth probably lies more in the fact that you take whatever you are doing seriously and want to do your very best at every single thing you commit to.

Your hard work ethic and willingness to learn about how everything works in order for you to do it better means you have a resourcefulness and adaptability few can match. Therefore, the way you give back is through your amazing talent for problem solving. If we have something we’re stuck on, and are slogging through the mud with it, all we really need to do is ask for your help.

Coupled with your natural altruism, you are basically everyone’s go-to person for fixing our lives and offering support and advice. Thanks Virgo!


You have an incredible ability to make everyone feel immediately comfortable in your presence. At work, you might find yourself being the one who invites the new guy out for lunch, ensuring they don’t spend it alone because they don’t know anyone yet. In your personal life, you’re most likely the social butterfly, with a huge smile for everyone.

You can be so naturally confident in your ability to make friends and be social that you don’t even stop to think about saying something dumb or stumbling over your words. You have an innate sense for grasping the atmosphere of the room and can adapt quickly to get on the same wavelength.

The way you give back is by putting others at ease. You might not even be aware of doing it, but you have probably made a lot of people feel welcomed and included, just by being your kind self.


Intense Scorpio sees the world in pretty clear terms – black or white. This makes you a pretty interesting accomplice, friend and lover – when you set your sights on something, you go all the way until you’re satisfied. Your determination can be scary to some, but for those who need a little push in the right direction, we could all use your passion behind us.

Whether you are standing up for one of your wolf pack, starting out an exciting fling with someone new or lending that excellent ability to read a situation, you are a passionate force to be reckoned with. The way you give back is through that passion – and you bring it to every relationship you are involved in.


The sign of the archer has a real lust for life – you’re always up for a new adventure and it’s a perfect day for you if you’ve discovered something new or have been inspired by a new idea, plan or vision. Stumbling upon a neighborhood you’ve never walked through or learning about a beautiful country you’d like to visit both have the power to delight you.

Sagittarius has incredible stories to share, and they seem to float optimistically through life, seemingly with a horseshoe attached to them in an unnameable place! What we don’t often credit Sags for is their sense of humor, which can lean on the sarcastic side.

To your friends, family and partners, your quick wit and hilarious tales of your experiences are the way you give back, keeping life light and enjoyable.


If you need something done, ask a Capricorn. As the cardinal earth sign, you want to make things happen and you’ll use your brain to figure out how to get there. Caps are ambitious and goal-oriented, plus independent. All together, that adds up to a very determined and capable sign who will set goals and reach them every time.

Whether there’s a promotion you want, a wedding to plan or a zombie apocalypse on our hands, we would all do well to have a Capricorn by our side. You give back by your resourcefulness – no matter what the circumstance, you’ll use your big brain to figure out some way to get what you and those around you want.


You have an incredible combination of qualities in your arsenal, Aquarius, and you can be a little hard to predict. You are one of the friendliest of all the signs, but you’re also so independent and rebellious, you’ll argue with someone who’s trying to prove a point just for the sake of showing how different your opinion is. We’re never sure what we’re going to get from you!

The way you give back is by inspiring the rest of us to be as independent and rebellious as you are. You will stand up for what you believe in, even if everyone else is calling you crazy, and you might push even further if they do, just to prove you can.

We all admire this quality, and your conviction encourages the rest of us to build up our own sense of confidence to be as strong as yours.


Pisces, you hear a lot about how selfless you can be, constantly putting yourself in situations where you are taking someone aside whom you’ve noticed is struggling with their feelings. You have such a soft heart, you probably don’t even stop to think about how much their energy can affect your own – someone needs you, and you’ll drop what you’re doing to provide assistance.

While we definitely give you props for your selfless approach, we recognize that using your imagination and creativity may be your best attribute. Combining all three of these qualities is how you give back – you can first sense when someone needs your help, then call upon your powers to figure out how best to help them out of their problems.


We all have amazing qualities within ourselves, but we’re also all capable of doing something better than others. The more we know about the way each sign gives back, the more we can respect those best qualities and remember that we don’t have to do everything well – we can learn from those around us and lean on them for those things we aren’t as strong at.

If we’re lucky enough to have a group of people around us who round each other out, our lives will be all the better for it, giving and taking and contributing in a larger way to the improvement of that community. How do you give back in your life?

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