How Your Sign Can Work Against You In An Interview

There is hardly anything as exciting, or as nerve racking, as an interview for a new job. If all goes well, you might find that 15 minutes of charming conversation, and intriguing answers to the employer’s questions, lands you a shiny new job, giving you hope and opportunity for the future.lands you a shiny new job, giving you hope and opportunity for the future.

However, as many of us likely know from first-hand experience, things could go very, very wrong. It may appear that screwing the pooch on an interview will only prevent you from getting that specific job; but, chances are, if you’re seeking a certain job in a particular field, many of the employers with whom you interview might be in contact with each other.

This isn’t necessarily a huge hinderance for you on your job search, but bombing an interview at one company could potentially, prevent you from being hired at another company. Whether or not you get the job, there are certain things you can do to make sure you nail every interview you have.

Each astrological sun sign encompasses different aspects that can be both helpful and harmful during interviews. This article will discuss the things you ought to do and the behavior you should avoid during an interview, based on your sign. Mental preparation is key.

While each sign is unique, and has amazing qualities, it never hurts to become aware of your more problematic personality traits; this is not a character assassination, but a learning experience.

Let’s take a look at what not to do during an interview:


Oh, dear, feisty Aries. While you are a charming and fierce member of the zodiac, your confidence can appear as arrogance at times, just as your natural leadership abilities can make you seem domineering. During an interview, avoid dominating the conversation or verbal showboating.

Tap into your more humble, modest side while keeping the charm intact and you’ll nail it.


As an earth sign, you can be very responsible and hard-working, but the flip side is that you can be lazy as well. Your personality can also harbor traces of stubbornness and desire without motivation. Make sure to put energy and effort into your interview, crafting a polished appearance and committing to getting there on time.

Your at-ease nature and likable personality should help you ace the rest of the exchange.


The twin sign of the zodiac, you are often referred to as having two or more sides to your personality. While this can certainly add to your intriguing, quirky nature, this could cause you to appear flighty to those who don’t know you very well. You can be easily frazzled and have a hard time making decisions.

For your interviews, you should mentally prepare and make sure you are as calm as possible upon arrival. Try to put your mind at ease and tap into your pool of self-confidence, and your potential employer will surely see how earnest and determined you are.


Cancer, you are so deeply emotional and in touch with your intuitions that you can sometimes be sensitive around others. You can also suffer from occasional moodiness; don’t let your mood or sensitivity control your attitude and demeanor. Like most of the signs listed, you’ll want to mentally prepare for your interaction, and make sure that you put your best foot forward.

If you find your mood is off that day, just think of as many positive and joy-inducing thoughts as you possibly can, and you should feel more relaxed and confident.


Leos are the life of the party; you like to be the center of attention if you can help it, and you can sometimes seem vain or egotistical. Try not to talk about yourself too much during the interview or overshare. Do some research on healthy self-disclosure beforehand, and only share what is appropriate.

Try to dazzle them with your charming personality by asking questions about the position and the boss’s expectations, and they’ll surely be impressed with your inquisitive, thorough nature.


While hard-working, you’re a perfectionist who can sometimes be perceived as uptight. You don’t often allow yourself to indulge, and because of this, you sometimes judge others more indulgent than you. If you remember to remain open minded and relaxed, your star quality will shine through.

You know that any employer would be lucky to have you, as you are motivated and determined; allow them to see this, as well as your softer side.


The social butterfly of the astrological calendar, you can have trouble making decisions, like your air sign cousin, Gemini. You seek the approval of others, and sometimes appear a little flighty. Make sure you stick to your plans, and carry them through.

Showcase your social ease and excellent conversational skills during an interview, and avoid waxing romantically about projects you know you’ll never get around to. If you stay focused and grounded during your interview, you should appear as charming and personable as your friends see you.


You like things to be a certain way, and this can make you appear a little controlling at times. You aren’t the quickest to embrace change, and therefore, may appear a bit persnickety during an interview, almost as if part of you doesn’t want the job.

Open yourself up to the possibilities life has to offer, and try to locate your inner passion during interviews, highlighting your mysterious yet giving nature. Most employers are likely to be intrigued by your sultry nature.


“Optimistic” and “bubbly” are two words that could be used to describe you, but so are “brutal” and “honest.” Your frankness has likely gotten you into trouble before. Choose your words carefully during interviews, and avoid indulging in your know-it-all nature. If you focus on sharing your positive energy rather than your opinions, you should do just fine.


While you possess a hard-working nature, you could be described as a worrywart. You’re not necessarily relaxed, so try to bring your anxiety level down before an interview, focusing on the positive. Let your responsibility and motivation shine through and your potential employer will see what an asset you could be to the workplace.


You are typically social and kind, but you can also appear detached with your aloof nature. As long as you seem focused and motivated in your interview, you should be able to avoid appearing disinterested. Your inventive personality will likely be a huge asset for any company, so show them your inner Albert Einstein.


You tend to daydream, Pisces. In moderation, that is a great thing; but try to stay present and focused during an exchange with a potential boss. Stay in the moment, and try to avoid drifting off into that dreamy land you love to visit. Ground yourself in reality and you should be able to show what an imaginative and creative mind you possess.


As you can see, every sign has room for improvement when it comes to business meetings and interviews; no one is perfect. Everyone, however, possesses unique qualities that make them an ideal candidate for their particular field of work.

Focus on your better qualities, and try to eradicate the negative traits, to ensure that every interview you have from here on out will be a fantastic, smoothly running exchange.

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