Your July 2022 Angel Card Reading

June brought enormous clarity, depth, and truth, with Saturn and Neptune retrograde and a New Moon in Cancer, providing nourishment for the mind, body, and Soul.

July comes in fierce with more retrogrades, solar flares, and monumental astrological shifts that have the power to alter your future reality.

Whether you want to improve self-love, discover your purpose, or start a family or business, angel guidance will provide you with the support you need. Just like astrology, angels exist to guide us toward our Soul’s divine plan. They remind us of our connection to the Universe by providing clarity, healing, love, manifestation, strength, protection, wisdom, and understanding.

Let’s explore this month’s angel guidance for each zodiac sign to uncover who guides you through July’s energy shifts.

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What Angel Card Does Your Sign Need?


Lauviah/Lauiah #11

Lauviah comes to assist you through July’s energetic shifts by providing you confidence, knowledge, love, and protection to help you move past envy, jealousy, pride, or those who may be projecting those energies toward you, Aries.

It will also help you overcome any difficulties you have trusting others.

You may have issues succeeding and being successful, along with problems in your intimate relationships and social circles, suggesting the need to commit deeper to your inner values and truth. You have a lot of magic to contribute and share with the world. Try stepping up in ways that are useful and profitable for humanity.

With Jupiter retrograding through your sign at the end of this month, you can use the energy and Lauviah’s guidance to manifest more successful outcomes and victory in personal goals.

This angel also provides Third-eye chakra activations and can be called on for the following support in July:

  • Better sleep, prophetic dreams, discover higher worlds, erase feelings of guilt, achieve spiritual elevation, attain inner peace, and gain the ability to make the right choices.


Poyel #56

This month, angelic support comes to you from Poyel, who provides fortune, guidance, hope, and good health.

With Mars entering your sign at the beginning of the month, there’s a deep need to examine poor use of resources, excesses, or squandering possessions, along with pride, ambition, and feelings of inferiority and superiority.

Perhaps you’ve overcommitted yourself or are struggling to stay on top of bills, Taurus. Poyel suggests that you may be over-investing in one area of your life at the expense of others. Take some time to reassess your priorities and goals to decide where or what you want to spend your time and energy.

This angel also activates the Root chakra and can be called on for the following support in July:

  • To bring good health and healing, help to express yourself clearly when you feel misunderstood, to find the positive in challenging situations, and fortune on all levels, to manifest career goals, hope, optimism, and humor.
  • Your emotional power day in July is the 31st.


Umabel #61

July brings changes to your friendship circle, and Umabel is just the support you need to help you through tricky times, ultimately reaching a significant breakthrough. This angel comes to you this month to help you tune into spirituality and develop a deeper awareness and conscience, Gemini.

Perhaps you are going through profound changes in your relationships and struggle with the fear of being alone. Mediate during this time to clear away the mental chatter and make the most of your downloads.

Umabel also suggests the need to study and be on the lookout for bad teachers or professors. This energy activates the Root chakra and is called on for the following support in July:

  • To ensure a better mental condition when manifesting your dreams and desires, helping you connect with practical guides or spiritual teachers, love, emotional intelligence, problems with friendship and technology, loneliness, issues with one’s mother, and a better understanding of creation on all levels.
  • Connect with this angel between 8:00 PM and 8:19 PM for intellectual strength.

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Vasariah #32

There’s no doubt that you are experiencing significant change in this Solar Return, Cancer. Vasariah comes this month to provide hope, renewal, and a deeper connection to self.

Instead of focusing on bad memories or adverse outcomes, allow Vasariah to help you gain the capacity to forgive and let go of the past.

Yes, you have experienced many challenges that stripped you of all limiting beliefs and thoughts, yet this is a time of significant personal growth and spiritual development. Angelic support now provides great wisdom to find solutions and solve problems.

Vasariah activates the Third-eye chakra. Call on it for the following this month:

  • To better manage and find practical solutions to problems, to free one from feelings of guilt, receive access to cosmic memory, understand the meaning of universal tests, and invoke a high sense of justice and a great mentality.


Sitael #3

Your Solar Return officially begins on July 22nd, and this month is all about strategic planning for the future but from a place of safety and comfort, Leo. As a result, Sitael gifts you with a practical mind to better manage and organize your goals. This angel will also help you become aware of past errors and transform your karmas.

You’ll want to ensure you keep your word and avoid aggression or destructive behavior due to uncontrollable emotions. Take stock of the things holding you back and step out of your comfort zone.

Consider: Are you closing yourself off from new potential? What is holding you back?

Ask yourself these questions and allow angelic guidance to help you develop courage and strength in the face of adversity. You can also call on this angel for the following support:

  • To gain the capacity to birth a project or child, learn higher science, take on new responsibilities, become a master builder on the inside and the outside, bestow love, knowledge, and peace, and help overcome excess or greed. Assists in Crown and Throat chakra activations.
  • Connect with this angel between the hours of 12:40 AM to 12:59 AM for intellectual power.

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Iah Hel #62

The month starts with slight tension and problems in your intimate relationships, Virgo. Angelic advice this month urges you to pick your battles better. Avoid temptations and urges to argue or fight others to ensure you get your way. Wisely choosing your actions is a better way of life.

Iah Hel will help you rediscover knowledge, reach enlightenment, and pay back karmic debts. This angel also increases one’s love for quality, life, beauty, and poetry.

After you move through this period of conflict, you can create positive changes in your life. Avoid feelings of jealousy, envy, or materialism.

Iah Hel activates the Solar Plexus chakra and can provide the following support this month:

  • Enlightenment, payment of karma, increase one’s love for poetry and culinary arts and stimulates sexual energy and gentleness in relationships. Reveals problems due to lack of knowledge, scandal, vanity, and envy in close relationships.
  • Connect with Iah Hel between 8:20 PM to 8:39 PM for intellectual healing and grounding.


Sealiah #45

July has you revisiting the past and uncovering forgotten childhood memories to bring more healing, hope, and enthusiasm to your life, Libra.

Sealiah guides you through this month’s astrological shifts by motivating you to reach your true abilities, become successful with your talents, and return your energy to a well-balanced state.

It’s important to know that revisiting the past may bring negative feelings. Try your best not to cling to the past. Instead, connect with your inner child.

This angel is also the patron of the four elements and encourages you to engage with the elements to bring more happiness to your life. It also provides Heart chakra activations and awakenings.

Connect with Sealiah for the following support this month:

  • To assist in spiritual awakening and shifts of consciousness, joy, concentration, focus, good health, revitalize bogged down or stuck energy and confidence.
  • Emotional power day for this angel is July 19th.

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Harahel #59

Cosmic assistance comes to you this month to help improve personal situations and gain openness towards new experiences and knowledge, Scorpio.

Harahel urges you to demonstrate originality and not always do things by the book. An abundance of knowledge and creativity is provided to you, allowing you to make your dreams and wishes come true.

Various projects and forms of recognition will also appear this month, so it’s crucial that you effectively channel and release stagnant energy so that you can avoid burnout. Take time out to ground yourself. Gather your thoughts through writing and concentrate on only the top priorities.

Harahel emanates goodness, beauty, and truth. On top of providing Heart and Solar Plexus chakra activations, this angel will also provide the following guidance and support this month:

  • For physical balance, creativity, harmony, wisdom, motivation for personal projects, fortune, and success in creative fields, improves relationships with children or if you are trying to conceive, helps one avoid fraud or manipulation, and eases mental problems.
  • Connect with this angel between the hours of 7:20 PM to 7:39 PM for intellectual power and understanding.


Asaliah #47

There’s a new part of yourself emerging this month, and as a result, abundance flows in through different pathways. But, of course, you’ll have to face lingering problems, worries, or insecurities, Sagittarius.

Divine assistance and guidance this month are offered to you by Asaliah, the angel of love, development, truth, and creativity.

The many opportunities require time for contemplation and understanding high morals and values. Discernment is encouraged at this time, especially if you feel overwhelmed by choices or emotions.

Avoid choosing things that only have external appeal—seek to uncover all things’ depth and internal value.

Asaliah, on top of activating the Solar Plexus and Sacral chakra, also provides the following support:

  • It helps synthesize information to gain an overall view. Enhances mystical experiences and the ability to attain high spiritual levels. Reveals excess, lies, error of evaluation, and dishonesty.
  • The emotional power day for this angel this month is July 21st.

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Iezalel #13

Cancer into Leo season always adds emotional intensity and spice to your life. At the same time, there’s no doubt that you are experiencing significant transformations this month. Angelic support guides and offers to help you reconcile relationships and create long-lasting happy memories.

Iezalel also helps with learning and brings order and harmony into your life. If you are exploring business ideas, new projects, or committing or renewing vows in your current relationship, it is ok to take your time before moving forward, Capricorn. Allow support to help you better prepare for those encounters and new opportunities.

Avoid people-pleasing, as it comes with karma and even heavy consequences. Instead, take stock of past experiences to learn lessons in current dilemmas.

On top of bringing Throat chakra activations, Iezalel also provides the following support this month:

  • It brings a balance of the feminine and masculine energies and helps in marital difficulties and separation. Protects against infidelity and brings order, joy, and harmony; helps against negative karma.
  • Connect with this angel from 4:00 AM to 4:19 AM for intellectual power and clarity.


Haiaiel #71

You are on the verge of a significant expansion, Aquarius, and Haiaiel provides angelic assistance this month to protect and lead you toward victory and open you to new ideas and conceptions that can change the world.

First, of course, you’ll have to review the disconnect you’ve been experiencing within relationships or struggles to empathize with others. This angel also has the power to reveal people who use hostile forces and thoughts as black magic, suggesting the need to check your thoughts and be aware of others.

Overall, there is a capacity to develop great energy and leadership skills with Haiaiel. Finally, find the balance between quality time with family and work.

In addition to assisting in Sacral chakra activations, Haiaiel also provides the following support:

  • Releases one from oppressing forces and enables one to remain on the right path, protection, bravery, courage, and victory. Reveals betrayal, corruption, liars, and manipulators.
  • Connect with this angel from 11:20 PM to 11:39 PM for intellectual clarity and support.


Jabamiah #70

Change often looks and feels unfamiliar, dear Pisces. Yet, you’ll find yourself adapting to the winds of change brought to you by July’s astrological shifts.

As a result, Jabamiah provides angelic assistance to help you heal, gain a greater understanding of cosmic law, and transform negativity into positive, productive, and valuable fuel for your goals.

Significant change calls for you to schedule healthy breaks from everyday life, to draw your energy and attention inward toward your seat of power. If you do not take enough time for personal reflection, you will struggle to connect with your spiritual self and other critical areas of your life.

It’s time to go deeper this month. You have a greater purpose yet discovered.

While helping to activate the Sacral and Solar Plexus chakras, Jabamiah also provides guidance and support for the following this month:

  • To reestablish harmony and revitalize energy. It opens you to greater receptivity and capacity to find love in all circumstances. Reveals blockages, health problems, and negative throughs, feelings, or behaviors. Will aid during outbursts and conflict with others and guide the first steps of the deceased into the other world.
  • Connect with this angel from 11:00 PM to 11:19 PM for intellectual clarity and strength.

What Next?

The Universal language of the cosmos enables you to understand your path and destiny, uncover solutions to problems, and manage energetic shifts.

It’s important to know that depending on the contents of internal issues and unconscious memories, the angel either manifests purely or is a mirror for our distortions. Either way, focus on transforming those distortions with the guidance and support of divine assistance.

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