Your Sign’s Weekly Tarotscope for July 17 – 23, 2023

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Love, dreams, and new beginnings — this week is full of wild changes and important events shaking up all of these themes.

Starting off strong with the New Moon in Cancer on the 17th, we’re immediately drawn into a world of emotion, self-reflection, and new strides in our connections with others (and ourselves).

Then, on the 22nd, Venus will begin its retrograde in Leo, while simultaneously, Leo season itself will begin. Basically, it’s a great time for tuning into this passionate, self-loving, fun, theatrical energy. Prepare to get real introspective about how you give and receive love!

It’s a lot to take in — we know. That’s why we also like to get a little synthesis and analysis from the Tarot on what to expect on a more personal level!

Your Sign’s Weekly Tarotscope for July 17 – 23, 2023


8 of Pentacles (Reversed)

Aries is known for their obstacle-breaking, headstrong, go-getter attitude.

But this week, the 8 of Pentacles reversed is only pointing to setbacks. The drive for productivity is low, and you’re not as interested in investing in the tasks that exist on your to-do list.

While we could all use a break every now and then, you need to actually use this as a time to rest rather than procrastinate. And yes, there is a difference! Be intentional about how you spend your time.

If you’re going to rest, fully rest. Don’t spend your time thinking about how much you have left to do!


10 of Pentacles

Taurus has prosperity and abundance abound.

The 10 of Pentacles is a lovely sight for… well, any eyes. This card shows your awareness of long-term security and the importance that lies in passing on wisdom and abundance to others.

In other words, it’s not just about you living and thriving but also about what kind of legacy you’d like to leave behind.

This week, you’re connecting with that sense of purpose, and it’ll shed light on the present-day tasks and opportunities that will align well with that vision.


The Hermit

Gemini, you know more than you think.

Sometimes your genius is mistaken as crazy. Not everyone understands what you’re thinking or envisioning, and that’s why The Hermit’s solitude is sometimes necessary… even if you also have a lot of wisdom.

An independent path is what is on the table for you this week, which doesn’t actually mean you have to shut yourself out from the world around you.

It’s just time to prioritize your own thoughts and ideas — let them all flow through you, listen closely, and perhaps write a few of those plans and breakthroughs down while you’re at it.


King of Wands

Cancer is feeling the passionate flames of confidence and willpower.

This week, the King of Wands says that you know it’s time for you to step up to the plate. Too long have you been hiding in your shell, waiting for the opportunity to shine.

The world needs your sunshine, and this week is all about sharing that light. Step up with confidence, humor, and an outgoing attitude that is ready to take on the world.

Say “yes” to new things and take initiative; the world will be your oyster.


The Chariot

Leo is on the road to true success… but are we all that surprised?

As we head into your home turf (Leo season), it’s unsurprising that a powerful, fortuitous card such as The Chariot is here for your week ahead.

This card is a positive omen for going after what you want — speak up, stay confident, and put in the work. If you do, you may find that the rewards are quite sweet.

There’s no “secret” or shortcut to success here. But you don’t need one — it’s all in your hands, and they’re very capable hands.


6 of Cups

Feeling a bit nostalgic, Virgo?

This week can easily be an emotional rollercoaster for many, but for you, it’s actually centering emotions and experiences of the past.

The 6 of Cups is the “nostalgia card.” It indicates that memories are resurfacing during this time, and familiar feelings may come back up alongside them. You may find that there are insights and tools within these memories that can be used now in ways that they weren’t able to be used before.

However, once you identify those things…it’s, of course, important to come back to the present day.



Libra has a soft, sweet, and balanced energy gracing their week in the form of Temperance.

This energy asks for your cooperation in the form of moderation, balance, and ease. It’s not time to force anything major, move too fast or too hard, or demand too much from yourself or others.

Instead, patience, compassion, and a well-balanced approach (which also means an equal amount of rest and work, going hand-in-hand) are all that’s important right now.

The sign of the scales knows balance like the back of their hand, so it shouldn’t be much of a challenge for you, Libra.


10 of Cups (Reversed)

Scorpio may be stewing on what is unsatisfying and emotionally draining this week.

The waves of emotion that this week may bring are hitting you in a less comfortable way. The 10 of Cups reversed describes feelings of discontent and disconnect — you’re not seeing how your current circumstances are going to bring you long-term joy.

While some dissatisfaction can motivate you to improve your situation, stewing won’t get you anywhere.

Feel what you need to feel, but don’t get so caught up in the emotional rollercoaster that you forget to get off the ride.


The Devil (Reversed)

Sagittarius has been facing some of its most pervasive inner demons over the past few weeks.

This much is obvious with The Devil reversed, picking things back up for you, as it’s now finally time to let it all go and leave it all behind you.

While uncomfortable ties, bad habits, and connections to the past are still present, the reversal of this heavy card indicates that you’re aware of these things now and ready to move on.

For Sagittarius, this week is all about cutting that cord (or two).


The Magician

Productive as ever, Capricorn has The Magician at their aid for this week.

You’ve got many different ideas, tools, and possible plans of action at your disposal right now. There’s so little time and yet so many potential routes that could bear fruit.

It’s a good problem to have! For the first time in a while, you should feel more in control over your journey and what you’d like to pursue next, even if that decision can feel somewhat daunting.

Trust in your skills — you were made for this, Capricorn.


8 of Wands

Charging fast and forward, Aquarius may be the one making waves themselves.

It’s true that this week comes with its fair share of astrological shifts. However, with the 8 of Wands in your hands, it’s clear that you’d also like to be making a few big moves yourself.

For Aquarius, this is a solid week for decision-making, having conversations, and taking risks. 

You’re putting yourself out there… and making it count while you’re at it!


The World (Reversed)

Pisces is examining the bigger picture but may also feel a bit disconnected from it too.

The World reversed sheds a giant light on everything that feels out of place. Where do you feel unfulfilled? What parts of your life aren’t connecting with the long-term vision you know that you seek? What’s missing?

With so much changing in the world around you, the awareness of what isn’t working in your life can feel so much more visceral.

While this experience could be overwhelming, it’s also a great opportunity for some honest introspection.

How to Connect Your Tarotscope to the Stars

Using your Tarotscope is always a little sweeter when you can fit it into the context of the wider picture.

We all want love, and this week’s astrological events will likely spotlight our needs in giving and receiving it. With a New Moon in Cancer and Venus moving into retrograde, it’s time to get down and dirty in… our hearts. It’s honesty time!

But it’s possible that your Tarot cards didn’t reference love exactly or weren’t what you were expecting overall. (The Tarot has a way of surprising us, though — sometimes it doesn’t always manifest in the way that you think).

However, remember that the cards may shed light on what you may need to see first before you can focus on the big picture. Start there, and then work your way outward. The planets and stars will shine down on you either way!

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