How Juno Retrograde Will Affect You, According to Your Zodiac Sign

We talk a lot about the planets going retrograde and the chaos that tends to come with it, but what about Juno?

Juno is an asteroid and can be very influential when it comes to our relationships. Its direct movement symbolizes relationships that are fair, equal, and operate based on respect.

However, when Juno goes retrograde, hidden (or more obvious) problems are highlighted, including infidelity, power struggles, emotional abuse, and separation.

This doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the relationship. As with all aspects of astrology, free will plays a huge part.

Juno retrograde provides the opportunity to grow from the struggles and challenges, strengthen a relationship in the process, or recognize when a situation is lost and find the strength to move on.

Regardless of the choices made, the outcome will ultimately be positive. Conflict and diversity breed courage and resilience. A life of truth will always outstrip a life based on a lie. Strength of character is built during the toughest periods.

Freedom in Relationships is a Big Theme

A Juno retrograde can last between 10 and 17 weeks.

On April 12th, 2021, Juno goes retrograde in Sagittarius, and there is a lot of emphasis on freedom in relationships during this period. Relationships where one feels they cannot express themselves fully, or where they feel trapped or fenced in, will undergo deep transformation.

As unpleasant as the experiences can be, it is important to look beneath the surface of negative words, thoughts, or emotions. This negativity must be brought to light so that resolutions can be found.

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What Does Juno Retrograde Mean for Each Zodiac Sign?

So what does Juno retrograde mean for each sign this coming April? Read on to find out!


Relationships, either work or personal, will experience a shake-up during this period if you feel your Cardinal energy is being oppressed, Aries.

You’re less inclined to take things at face value, and if you feel you are being disrespected, you’ll speak out. Conflict lies ahead during this time. Just remember that each conflict is designed to bring you to a better place.


Jealousy and envy are common themes for you during this Juno retrograde, Taurus.

If mind games are going on, they will be brought out into the open. It’s either make or break. This is a positive year for you to build your aspirations and dreams, so focusing on your ambitions can reduce the emotional intensity that comes with this period.


This Juno retrograde is in Sagittarius, and as a fellow Mutable sign, you will feel it particularly acutely, Gemini.

If you feel your voice is being stifled in any relationship in your life, you will find a way to unleash your displeasure. There may be relationship counseling involved. Talking to friends and those you trust about your feelings is a good way to relieve you of emotional discomfort.


This is a period of reflection for you, and you may end up just walking away from a relationship altogether that is unfulfilling, Cancer.

Hanging onto what no longer serves you does no favors for you or them. Ultimately, letting go of what must be severed paves the way for something better. During this Juno retrograde, it is important to ask yourself how much you feel valued in your relationships.


If you feel disrespected or taken advantage of in any way, it will rise to the surface under this Juno retrograde, Leo.

You will break away from a toxic relationship if it is prevalent in your life. There may be issues from the past being brought into the present, which can deliver uncomfortable situations, but facing the past helps you to move forward into the future.


Disagreements about financial or material pressures are highly possible during this retrograde, Virgo.

Marriages or relationships which are faltering under the weight of pressure will either make or break. Space and time apart are necessary under this Juno retrograde, as distance can work wonders to help form new perspectives and figure out what you really need.


You will feel more sensitive to real or perceived slights during this Juno retrograde, Libra. If you feel your partner disrespects you or mistreats you, you are unlikely to keep your mouth shut.

You prefer to avoid conflict, but this retrograde period is encouraging you to speak out. Temporary separation can result in a permanent state or a stronger relationship. Still, the time you take to reflect and be apart will determine what is truly best for you so you can make the decision.


You may find yourself having to decide between two people, Scorpio, or having to choose between head and heart in your relationships. It is likely to be a difficult retrograde for you as temptation is all around.

Keeping your eye fixed on your long-term goal can help you through this period.

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Juno turns retrograde in your sign, and you will feel it particularly strongly, Sagittarius.

Where you feel boxed or enclosed, or where your freedom is being oppressed, you will speak out and take action. This is a very intense period for you, and a lot of change can come from it. There is the potential for extraordinary growth, yet at the same time, it is important to calculate your actions and not leap in head-first.


You may feel that you are being mistreated, and if so, you’re not likely to take it lying down Capricorn.

Be prepared for conflict, possibly of the explosive type. You may find yourself wallowing in resentment so getting it out into the open is especially crucial for you so that resentment does not simmer and fester. These experiences will make you more determined to succeed, so weather the storm and believe in yourself.


You will find being boxed in by rules or regulations to be intolerable during this time, Aquarius.

Previous aspects of your relationships that you have been putting up with will no longer be an option. A relationship may come to an end, and it may not be a pretty affair. However, you must follow your heart and do what you feel is right. If you have had to put up a facade in any way, it will come to an end during this Juno retrograde.


As a fellow Mutable sign to Sagittarius, which this Juno retrograde falls under, this is an especially intense time for you, Pisces.

All relationships in your life will be required to let you express your authentic and true self freely. Those who resist this will undergo dramatic transformation and endings. This is a spiritually elevating year for you, so be prepared for change.

How Will You Welcome Juno Retrograde?

While all retrogrades come with their fair share of challenges, matters of the heart have special emphasis under this little-known but powerful asteroid.

As much as we would prefer things to run smoothly at all times, the universe has other ideas! Simultaneously, while we are not always in control of what happens to us, we can control how we react and choose to behave.

Ultimately, following your heart is key to unlocking better pathways for you. When one door closes, another opens. This is the message of Juno retrograde.

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