You Pulled the King of Pentacles – Now What?

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The King of Pentacles is typically a positive card to pull in a Tarot reading, but as with all cards, it has light and dark sides.

This is the master of the Pentacles suit. It is the young Page of Pentacles when he has spent many years mastering himself and his craft and has finally evolved into the king.

As the highest form of the Pentacles suit, this king represents the epitome of reliability, practicality, and seeing something through till the end. Like all kings, the King of Pentacle’s energy goes outwards. Everyone knows who the King of Pentacles is, and his solid determination and confidence in his abilities are on display for all to see.

The King of Pentacles has the Midas touch. Everything he touches turns to gold (figuratively speaking!).

What Does the King of Pentacles Mean?

In a Tarot reading, the King of Pentacles can have several meanings:

  • Attracts wealth
  • Has an enterprising spirit
  • Makes an idea work
  • Keeps his promises
  • Is fully committed
  • Skillful in practical matters
  • Is a rock for others to lean on
  • Is always there for you
  • Generous
  • Encourages others to achieve their goals
  • Unwavering in his resolve
  • Philanthropist
  • Sticks to a routine
  • Is solid and dependable
  • Has a calm and steady influence on others

What Does the King of Pentacles Mean in a Love Reading?

The King of Pentacles is a positive card to receive in a love reading.

If this card comes up as someone’s feelings for you, it means they feel committed to you. This is not a fly-by-night relationship. This person feels serious about you, and when they commit, they commit for the long term.

This card also means they are there for you and will keep their promises. They feel protective of you and want to take care of you.

If the King of Pentacles shows up for how someone sees you, they see you as dependable and trustworthy. They see you as someone who is highly capable and can reach any goal you set.

If this card shows up as what someone wants to happen between the two of you, the King of Pentacles indicates they want a solid commitment. This is a stubborn card; once they have decided, it will take a lot to change it!

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What Does the King of Pentacles Mean in a Career Reading?

This is an excellent card to get into a career reading. If you pull the King of Pentacles in this reading, it is an indication that your ventures will be very successful.

It can highlight that you have all the tools necessary to reach your goals. It can also indicate that any business or financial plans you have will meet with success.

The King of Pentacles in a career reading is an excellent omen for all business and career pursuits. This card screams success.

The King of Pentacles can also represent someone in your life who will help you achieve your goals.

What About the King of Pentacles in Reverse?

Reversed, the King of Pentacles’ positive energy shifts into the negative, and the once dependable king’s energy is blocked and stifled somehow.

As a reversed Tarot card, the King of Pentacles is no longer a successful entrepreneur. Something went horribly wrong somewhere along the way, and he has lost his investments. His business has gone bust. He has lost his motivation and drive—the King of Pentacles.

On the flip side, the King of Pentacles Tarot card can indicate that you are pushing yourself too much and becoming too dogged to succeed. You may disregard everything else in your life as you are intent on reaching your goals.

The King of Pentacles reversed indicates someone untrustworthy and unreliable and warns of caution with this person.

How to Make the King of Pentacles Work For You

The strong and successful energy of the King of Pentacles is one we can apply to many areas of life, whether it is our career, business, relationships, home life, or to ourselves in general!

Some of the best ways to harness this energy are:

  • Positive affirmations. Repeat positive affirmations to yourself morning and night, such as:

I will achieve my goals

I will not waiver in my commitment

I will succeed in my dreams

I believe in myself

I have the drive and determination

  • Identify with the card. Write down five things that you and the King of Pentacles have in common. Do you feel that you are a reliable person? Do you believe you can achieve your goals? Do you have faith in yourself? Ask yourself, in what ways can you be more like the King of Pentacles?
  • Meditate with the card. Spend some time meditating on the energy of the King of Pentacles. Hold the card in your hand as you breathe in and out, relaxing your mind and letting any feelings or thoughts about the card come to you freely. What information are you receiving?

Embrace the King of Pentacles

The King of Pentacles is the master of his suit. He knows he can achieve his goals through a combination of innovation, determination, and drive.

He is solid, dependable, and loyal and makes a wonderful partner in a relationship.

Many people start off as the Page of Pentacles: determined and with the best intentions, but there are lessons to learn along the way. However, with perseverance and self-belief, everyone can become the king.

This is the message of the King of Pentacles – never give up on your dreams.

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