Page of Pentacles

Page of Pentacles


Pentacles are always Earth-bound symbols representing practical matters, finances, and work ethic. They can also convey paperwork, messages, and even a high consciousness state. Pages are bearers of news and deliveries. So a Page of Pentacles Tarot card arriving in your day sends the message that news regarding your question is on its way to you within three weeks. This is a more serious page, with a quest for higher learning and exploration of that higher consciousness. These are also themes that may appear in your day when this page does.


On the Page of Pentacles Tarot card, we see a young figure with one foot solidly on the ground and another ready to spring to action. The figure holds one pentacle and appears to be in reflection of the object. In the background is a bright sky and horizon, and the sense of this card is endless possibilities. Pages always represent news, and pentacles represent practical matters; thus, the message of this card is that a message or some news on practical matters is likely to arrive within three weeks. Pages are also very young figures, and this card could represent someone in the 18-25 age bracket that is in your life or about to be in your life at the time of reading.

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