Looking to Boost Your Income? Let Astrology Help

Are you stuck in a financial rut? Does it seem like your income could use a little boost?

Just checking your bank account can be quite stress-inducing when you already feel broke. But don’t let a momentary drought of cash flow discourage you, as there are myriad ways to turn it all around.

No matter where you are on your path, you’ll have to follow along with the ebb and flow of life. If it feels like you’re on a financial downslope, it might be time to look to the stars for guidance. Astrology acts as a life-map of sorts, preparing us for rocky roads ahead as well as rich downpours of prosperity.

Read on to see how astrology can help you boost your income in 2018 and start manifesting fortuitous opportunities!


Your determination is a strong asset that you should be grateful for, but don’t get so focused on one project that you overlook other chances for expansion and growth. Right around the middle of May, Taurus welcomes Uranus and creates a positive environment for new ventures. Keep an eye out for new opportunities that speak to you in new ways; you might just stumble upon a million-dollar-idea.


This year, Saturn is rockin’ out in your 9th house, creating a good foundation for self-run ventures. Do you have an idea that you just can’t shake, a vision for a business of your very own? This might just be the year to put down roots and begin taking steps toward your entrepreneurial goals. Uranus entering your sign this May definitely sprinkles a little magic dust on your financial situation, so take advantage of this placement.


I hope you baked a cake, because Jupiter’s coming to your 6th house and she’s bringing the icing. Jupiter is a benevolent planet that wants to see you flourish, and the stars might well bestow you with many exciting opportunities this year, albeit some of them may be brief. This is a good time to take eccentric or temporary jobs that keep you on your toes and keep the money coming in while you plan your next big thing.


Uranus has been crashing at your 10th house for about seven years now, and probably draining your wallet a bit along the way. Though your career may have felt stagnant, this year will likely start to bring the changes you’ve been seeking if you stay sharp. An eclipse in July falls under your sign and you would do well do watch out for a cosmic opportunity around this time.


You have a fire within that burns bright with ambition and this year is a great one for drawing positive attention toward your skills and talents. Not one, but two eclipses take place in your sign this year, creating a magnetism and light around you that others will definitely take notice of. Your 6th house is host to Saturn, who might put you to work this year, laying the foundations for future endeavours. Trust the process, Leo, even when you’re faced with obstacles.


We don’t need to try to tell a Virgo about hard work. After all, they wrote, edited, and self-published the book on the subject. Later this year, Jupiter enters your 3rd house and boosts your communication skills, making it easier for you to get your brand out there. This is the perfect time to figure out what you want to say this autumn when the world is listening. Experiment with designing a blog or even start up a YouTube channel to advertise your work. People are sure to take notice.


Jupiter is playing favorites this year and she’s landed on your 2nd house, Libra. The house that accounts for money and finances will be traveling alongside the planet of abundance and opportunity, so keep your eyes peeled for the many chances to boost your income that will flow your way this year. Uranus enters your 8th house on May 15th, which might bring a funky-fresh collaboration that you weren’t expecting.


Saturn left your 2nd house at the end of last year, and you are likely feeling a bit less pressure. In August you’ll experience a new moon in the 10th house that will urge you to develop plans for a future business endeavour. This might be a longer project or even a chance encounter with someone in the right network to advance your career. Open up and don’t be too humble about your accomplishments, this is a time to show off your skills.


Saturn is bringing the heat to your 2nd house, meaning this year will teach you financial lessons you might not want to learn. Saturn goes retrograde from April 17th to September 6th, so avoid making big financial decisions during this time. Instead, really focus on a long-term solution to help you reach your financial goals. Your patience will pay off in the second half of June when Mercury moves through your 8th house, which will allow for more success in business endeavours.


With Saturn ruling Capricorn for the next few years, you’ll be feeling extra practical and goal-oriented. This is a time where you will likely buckle down even further and put your ultra-serious business hat on. From September to November, Mars will be in your 2nd house, allowing money to flow toward you more freely. Invest it wisely, Capricorn, as Saturn would suggest you to.


Jupiter is a friendly advocate for you until November of this year, so enjoy the financial successes that it brings while it lasts. This year has the potential to be a very lucky year for you, and your business savvy will only help that along even further. From June 18th to November 24th, however, Neptune goes retrograde in your 2nd house. Be cautious and avoid Craigslist transactions as you have a greater risk of falling prey to a scam.


Saturn is taking its leave from your 10th house, where it has been for the last three years. You might feel that a weight has been lifted off your shoulder as you begin to pick up the pace. This year will feel financially less stressful and you’ll be more able to enjoy your successes. Starting in November, Jupiter enters your 10th house, which might mean a promotion at work or a sudden opportunity.

This year can bring wealth in more than one way, as you learn to embrace yourself wherever you are. Look out for the doors of opportunity to open, and when they do, let astrology guide you through to the other side.

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