Mercury Direct in Pisces Brings Creative Energy Into Your Career

Are you ready to jump-start some success?

The sluggish energy of Winter is over, and we are now entering a new phase. During the last few weeks of Winter, and as Spring arrived, we were still in the slow lane of communication, management, gadget slowdowns, and technological disruptions due to Mercury retrograde. Contracts and legal matters may have been slow, or you may have just been in a fog when it comes to your personal work and career success.

Well, prepare for all of that to change, once Mercury turns direct this week.

Mercury has been in Pisces for some time, but it’s been retrograde, doing the backstroke, for the last three weeks. Imagination and creativity have been slow-going. Until now. When Mercury turns direct on March 28, your imagination will soar! What better place to channel that than in the workplace? Let’s talk about this.

What is Mercury Direct in Pisces?

Here we have the planet of communication and intellect entering the romantic and creative Mutable sign of the Water signs, Pisces. Dreams come alive! This could be daydreams or even your regular sleep dreams.

If you are feeling that you are remembering more from your sleep dreams, or finding that your mind is just wandering a little bit more during the day time, let that thought process flow. That’s Mercury direct in Pisces hoping you take this inspiration and do something with it.

With Mercury retrograde in Pisces, all of those imaginations and inspirations have been in the slow lane. But that doesn’t mean they haven’t existed. You’ve had all of this creativity and drive just percolating, and not really sure if they are real, or what to do with it.

When the idea planet goes direct in the creativity zodiac sign, that is all going to change. Expect a traffic jam of creativity to arrive.

This is going to be great in love. You’ll have all sorts of fantasy spinning going on, romantic dreams to share, and creativity in those little love nuggets.

Why not use that in work as well?

Your dreams are vivid. You have crystal clear vision. Your instinct and intuitive impulses are going to be spot-on.

Mercury deals with the mental side of us, and Pisces deals with the emotional side. Bring this magical Piscean creativity into your mental world. You won’t have a choice.

Pitch an idea to the boss that is so out there they won’t be able to say no. Have a Mercurial plan to go behind that. Have a fantasy about your dream job and begin applying to them. You never know what is going to happen.

And, most importantly, create. Create. Create. Create. Then capitalize on that. Mercury will give you the planning energy to match that creative flow.

Let’s have a look at how we can apply these concepts into real, practical applications.

Your Career Checklist For Mercury Direct in Pisces

Want to knock it out of the park at work? Mercury direct in Pisces is going to finally give you the energy to do just that. Here’s how to do it. Practice each of these things while Mercury is in Pisces, and you are the winner. You never lose when you follow your heart. Now, you can do your work and lead with love at the same time.

• Take your heart but bring your head with you.

With Mercury in Pisces, you need both. But Pisces energy is a bit stronger. Follow those intuitive impulses, you are getting them from both Mercury and Pisces. Listen to that inner voice. Do what it is saying if it feels good. But don’t forget to think things through. Take your heart, but bring your head with you.

• Think far.

Pisces has a way of dreaming big, imagining the world, and taking their ideas into the depths of the ocean. Now you can too. With Mercury here, your mind is expanding in creative ways and in creative depths that you haven’t experienced in a long time. Your mind can intuit things that you weren’t able to intuit when Mercury was retrograde. There are a lot of big ideas happening. Big dreams. And big imaginations. Think far, and then take some action plans to the most realistic ones. The rest can be used in romance!

• Feel at work.

This is counterintuitive to what we are often told. But when you feel at work, your most creative side is coming out. Whether you are working on a big project or just stuck in a cubicle, follow your feelings. If you are getting ideas or feelings that feel good, keep going. Follow that. That’s your powerful intuition telling you that you need to do something with this feeling because it will be successful.

• Be on time.

It’s a little thing, but it can turn into a train wreck when Mercury turns direct. With Mercury direct in Pisces, you are dreaming a lot. You may forget a meeting, show up for work late because you are so busy creating and dreaming. But you aren’t alone. Everyone you work with is feeling the same. If you want to one-up your work competition, then be on time. Be on time, all the time, and stay on time. Don’t miss deadlines, don’t be late, and don’t forget stuff. Write things down a million times if you have to. It’s a little thing, but to your boss, it’s a big thing.

• Do that which you think you cannot.

There’s no point in dreaming about success if you don’t do something about it. Your mind is going so far you may have a work opportunity or see a job opening you think is a dream job, but that you aren’t qualified for. That’s your negative soundtrack. Do something you think you can’t do. When you see that job opening, either internally at your current position, or externally somewhere else, if it makes you go, “Oh wow, I would love to do that” then apply. What’s the worst that could happen? You would stay in the exact same position you are in now. You’ll never know if you don’t try. You are seeing this opportunity for a reason. Time to go for it!

Concluding thoughts…

Feeling inspired yet? Follow this five-point Mercury direct in Pisces checklist and get ready to crush the creativity in your career, and crush your competition at the same time. Be sure you stay in tune with your Daily Horoscopes to make sure that you are getting the tips and tricks you need to make every day a successful day. Then come back and share your results!

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