Patience is an Asset with Mercury and Mars

The current alignment of Mercury square Mars in the fixed signs of the zodiac isn’t going to be a walk in the park, but fortunately, the challenges are fleeting, due to Mercury’s speedy orbit. All the same, you can expect some confrontation over the next day or three, particularly when it comes to communication. If you’re a Leo or Scorpio you’re probably going to get the brunt of this, although Aquarius and Taurus will feel it, too.

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Keep Your Impulses Under Control

The main issue with this aspect is that things are going to happen very quickly. Impatience and impulse will push their way into your life. You’ll be less willing to give things — and people — your usual care and attention. You could be pressured into doing something without thinking it through, first, or maybe you’ll open your mouth before your brain is fully engaged in what you’re going to say.

It’s easy to take things out of context under this influence, and you and others seem quick to jump to conclusions. There are possible confrontations and misunderstandings here, which lead to frustrations, perhaps even anger. Things can escalate very quickly.

You may be less inhibited with this transit than usual, too, and that can bring out your passion — but remember that it’s possible to be passionately angry, as well as passionately loving. The intensity with which you feel things will be a bit of a liability just now. You’ll be tempted to just barge ahead, not taking other people’s feelings into account, leading them to think that you’re inconsiderate, or perhaps even hostile.

Patience is the Key

The paradox of Mercury square Mars in the fixed signs of the zodiac is that the more others find you unapproachable, the more you’re going to try to convince them that they’re wrong — and that only provides them with more proof that you’re brash and pushy. As well as coming off as self-centered to others, you’re also more prone to take their opinions or criticisms too much to heart during this transit.

Now, even though all of this sounds rather like a recipe for disaster, you can turn this energy to your advantage. Use this time as a lesson in patience, of learning how to hold your tongue and to consider other options before forming your opinions. One of the tests of planets when they square off to each other is to teach you how to improve. Apply it, and learn how to better your patience and your communication skills — and remember that not all communication is verbal.

Things to Try

There are some activities you can do during this transit that will help you focus this restless energy in a positive way. Learning to meditate is one — but that has the potential to be more difficult than usual due to the restless nature of this alignment! Physical exercise is another, but it’s best if you find something where you aren’t competing with anyone else. Depending on how this falls in your chart, your creativity could be heightened, too, with some kind of self-expression providing both a means of communication and a stress-reliever. Even though this energy is mainly challenging, if you turn it to your advantage you can actually use it to get a lot accomplished.

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Stay the Course

If at all possible, try to put off making any important decisions until the Mercury square Mars in the fixed signs of the zodiac has passed, as you may not have the patience to weigh up all of your options. The old saying that it’s easier to ask forgiveness than seek permission is applicable here, too, although you may need to ask that forgiveness simply through thoughtlessness or lack of foresight. While this period is liable to bring you a bit of a bumpy ride, it can also teach you a lot, and bring you a greater awareness of yourself, if you just let it.

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