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Are you ready for some radical change? Are you looking for a new beginning and just aren’t sure where to start? If so, hang on tight! The Universe is prepared to grant all of those wishes, but only if you are serious enough to start wishing them.

We have one of the most epic New Moons coming up.

On May 7th, 2024, the New Moon in the Earth sign of Taurus is digging in deep to help you create change. Being a Fixed sign opposite to the Fixed sign Scorpio, you may think that Taurus change is not real change, that it is just a steady and slow approach to reaching your biggest goals. But change looks different for everyone.

How will your sign be impacted? Let’s get to it.


Show Me the Money

There is no real reason why you can’t reach your biggest goals in the coming weeks, Aries. You have the New Moon in Taurus in your 2nd house of money, enabling you to plant the seeds of new beginnings in your financial affairs.

Follow your creative gifts and talents here, as that is the key to finding success under this influence. Keep doing that and Uranus is going to really shake things up for you. Keep the dreams real and grounded like Taurus, and be practical. It’ll pay off.


Time to Shine

This is your time to shine, Taurus, and you intuitively feel this. This is big energy and you may find you are all over the map as a result. Stop. Breathe. Take one step at a time.

New beginnings are all over the place for you, but they will require change. You have to be willing to step out of your box. You are number one, and you have to be okay with putting your needs first.


The End of an Era

You may be in more than your usual state of emotions during this New Moon event, Gemini. You like things to be flexible, and the New Moon in Taurus is anything but. This New Moon is in a Fixed sign, and although it may not be what you want, it’s what you need.

It’s time to dig your feet in, follow your true life path, and commit to it. The New Moon in Taurus in your 12th house of spirituality and endings is almost a morose time for you, but only in the sense that you are truly shedding some skin and letting go. When you do, you become your most authentic Self, and the New Moon will catapult you on your life path.

It’s the end of an era. And that’s a good thing!


You Got to Have Friends

The New Moon in Taurus is working in your 11th house of groups and friendships, Cancer. This means that you are going to have to get your social on. You probably are going to be a little more social in the coming years, particularly after this New Moon. Don’t fear it. Embrace it.

Some truly magical new beginnings are on their way to you. If you want to reach some epic goals, you have to make some epic changes. Resisting that radical change could be a costly mistake, or things will just stay the same. You can’t keep things the same and hope they get better at the same time. So, rely on your networks.

Ya gotta have friends, Cancer.


Stop, Look & Listen

You are always fired up when it comes to your career, love life, and social status, Leo. You can’t sit still, but both the New Moon in Taurus is begging you to do just that. The New Moon in Taurus is working in your 10th house of career, destiny, and public image and will leave you thinking of your social status quite a lot.

You are ready to make a commitment; you feel it in your bones, but you are always nervous about that. You even worry when you make a commitment to your cell phone provider. “What if something better comes along?” Your test under this magical New Moon in the Fixed sign Taurus is to become Fixed yourself.

The blessings await you when you do. Just imagine having all of your goals figured out at once when you dig your heels in! It’s a genuine possibility, Leo.


Think Big

The New Moon in your fellow Earth sign, Taurus, is working in your 9th house of Big Picture visions. This Moon is beckoning you to broaden your mind, Virgo.

When it comes to the New Moon, think as broadly as you can and prepare to go deeper on the subjects that you hold dearest to you. Solutions that once seemed set in stone are going to look different, and you will be inspired by new ideas and innovations. When you allow this inspiration inside your mind, the way to your biggest goals will literally fall into place.


Sharing is Caring

The New Moon in Taurus is working your 8th house of shared resources and intimate secrets, Libra. So, this Moon is launching a cycle of secrets and information sharing. But you may also be in a phase where the sharing of resources on matters such as investments, real estate, insurance matters, and things like that are being worked through.

Plenty of new beginnings in these areas. So, if you are interested in making more money, consider some slightly riskier investments than you’re already managing, as the returns will be greater in time. Plant the seeds of new beginnings in some secure chips as well though, as that is what Taurus would do.

As the Cardinal sign of the Air signs, taking the lead on these matters will help you to get exactly what you want. Remember that is taking the lead and not taking charge of everybody’s life. You sometimes have a problem noting the difference, but we love how much you care about making our lives better. And that’s all you want for the people in your world anyway. It’s not your fault if you’re right all the time. Just temper that with kindness and you are going to knock out every single goal with just a few hits.


Get Real With Love

Ready or not, Scorpio, some big love issues are about to appear. You may not even have to worry about love so much as your existing relationships – friendships or otherwise. You are likely very, very ready for change.

The New Moon in fellow Fixed sign Taurus is working in your 7th house of relationships and will ask you to finally get real about where you stand with people. Be honest with yourself. You’re allowed to want what you want. Are you getting what you need from your relationships? Answer this question authentically, and the New Moon in Taurus will plant the seeds of a new beginning.

Like it or not, love is about to get dialed up.


The Little Things Are the Big Things

The New Moon in Taurus is working in your 6th house of work and details. You are really going to be focused on the little things in life for a while, Sagittarius. That’s okay. You are flexible that way, being the Mutable sign that you are.

But you can’t be too Mutable right now, you have to follow Taurus’ lead when it comes to being practical and realistic. Glossing over a contract to fast-track your way to a big goal is not the way you are going to win. Take a slow and steady pace in life for a little while, and some very unexpected new beginnings will result.


Time to Let Your Hair Down

You have the New Moon in fellow Earth sign, Taurus, working in your 5th house of pleasures and entertainment, Capricorn. Your pleasure zones and fun zones are really going to be kicked up a notch over the next little while, or at least they should.

This is not the time to say no to social invitations. If you’ve been expecting some love boosts, you’re about to get them. It’s good to be responsible like Taurus, but Taurus also knows when to call it quitting time on work and enjoy life. That IS what you work so hard for anyway, isn’t it?


Home is Where Your Heart Is

You have the New Moon in your 4th house of roots and foundations, Aquarius. You can expect some new beginnings on the home front, and these will be new chapters that you find exciting and inviting. You may be using Taurus energy to make your home more beautiful.

You generally don’t like change as a Fixed sign, but you are very ready for it now. When you focus on the roots of your life and who and what really matters, the blessings will find you. Don’t stay at work late because you’re providing for your family. They need you. Go home. The Universe has a funny way of finding balance for us when we tend to our true calling.

You may have big goals in love and work, but when you focus on your roots and what really matters in life, you will attract what you’ve been searching for.


Facts Matter

You have the New Moon in Taurus in your 3rd house of communication and information, Pisces. This means that new beginnings are on their way to you through messages and information channels.

When it comes to new beginnings in the land of Taurus, you need to keep it real. Facts matter. You get nowhere with your goals when you pretend things are okay when they aren’t. Be real, in love and in work. Just be you, and you will be so much more appreciated and respected. No overextending yourself at work or in love. No mixed messages.

It’s a big ask of the Universe for you. So you have two choices: chase those dreams in real talk or keep floating in fantasy and see where that gets you. Time to shake things up!

Embrace the Taurus New Moon

Remember that New Moons are all about planting seeds. Make those New Moon wishes, and then wait. Real blossoms take time to thrive!

What are your New Moon wishes?

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