How to Harness Your Inner Court Card: The Pages

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For many readers, the court cards are the trickiest aspect of the Tarot to master. 

The Major Arcana gets a lot of coverage. Those massive, sweeping archetypes offer much to explore and consider — and the minor pips, with their everyday wisdom, make for compelling narrative arcs within their respective suits.

But the court cards, with faces and elements and distinctly human personalities, can often feel out of reach, confusing, or unsettling.

What to do with these sixteen cards, which seem to tackle experience, insight, balance, discovery, resourcing, expansion, adventure, artistry, leadership, boundaries, and so much more, all at the same time? How can we work with them, and how can we harness their skills for our own purposes?

What to do with these sixteen cards, which seem to tackle experience, insight, balance, discovery, resourcing, expansion, adventure, artistry, leadership, boundaries, and so much more, all at the same time? How can we work with them, and how can we harness their skills for our own purposes?

I’ve been running an Instagram series called #OrderInTheCourt, which aims to carve out space to explore these very ideas, encouraging readers to share their favorite keywords, definitions, understandings, and experiences with these cards.

But sometimes, it can be helpful to grab your own deck and work with the cards on your own, building personal insights that help you understand how to utilize that energy. With that in mind, I’ve written Tarot spreads for each of the four categories of court cards — and today, we’re going, to begin with the Pages.

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What are Pages in Tarot?

Pages are often called students, children, explorers, seekers, and messengers and are typically described as the court’s youngest, most inexperienced members.

These are newbies, coming to the element with fresh eyes and an open mind. They don’t bring preconceived notions or specific expectations around what their adventures or queries may hold. Instead, Pages jump into their new idea, inspiration, connection, or long-term plan with enthusiasm, eager to explore, question, and make their mark.

I see so much joyful curiosity in these figures and eagerness to learn and play, to figure things out, build personal connections, and make their own mistakes. Pages aren’t worried about things being perfect the first time and don’t concern themselves with how things have always been done. Instead, they indulge their instincts and intuition, listening to their hearts and minds, letting themselves try new things and see what happens.

When we combine this energy with the four different suits or elements, we can dig deeper into how these energies overlap and tangle together.

Page of Wands

The Page of Wands embraces that natural sense of crackling desire and powerful passion, trusting their instincts and taking bold action towards a new adventure. 

Page of Swords

The Page of Swords brings perspective, observation, and a deep desire to uncover the truth, questioning everything they find and seeking answers through whatever means necessary. 

The Page of Cups 

The Page of Cups holds their heart in their hands, longing to see and be seen, expressing vulnerability and care alongside rich intuition and wonder for the world. 

The Page of Pentacles

The Page of Pentacles explores the world in a sensual, tangible way, experimenting with possibility, testing out new roads, and identifying which path forward feels like it will lead toward a particular legacy.

Each of these figures brings joy, awe, and a sense of discovery to their element. And when they appear in readings, Pages often signal a new opportunity or beginning, a possibility that is presenting itself, an open door we can choose to walk through. 

To harness your inner Page, grab your favorite tarot deck and pull out all four Pages. Lay them out and spend time with them as a group, then individually.

What do these cards activate and invite within you? How can they inspire, challenge, question, interrogate, and discover? Where might they lead if you were willing to follow? What characteristics do these Pages share, and where do they differ? If two of these Pages were in conversation, what might they talk about?

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If you’ve been working with the cards for a little while, you likely have a Page that you feel the most drawn to, a Page that comes up when you need a boost of courage, drive, openness, or desire. You may also have a Page that feels more uncomfortable for you, one that you aren’t as sure what to do with. 

Look at these Pages side by side, and consider what they have in common. Why is one more relatable than the other? 

If you like, take some time to journal about each of these cards or all four Pages, and consider how your natural impulses, hesitations, and interests are reflected in these figures.

Do you see yourself in any of these Pages? 

Keep the Pages out of your deck as you pull cards for this spread. If you like, put them at the top of your reading space as a reminder to harness a spirit of discovery, adventure, curiosity, and open-mindedness. 

A Tarot Spread for Becoming a Seeker

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Card One: Something to question. What have you taken for granted? Where have you been making an assumption that warrants further discovery? 

Card Two: Something to investigate. What are you ready to dig into more deeply? Where can you learn, and what would facilitate that kind of education? 

Card Three: Something to seek. What are you craving? What desire has been bubbling up within you? Has something been holding you back from pursuing this?

Card Four: Something to try. What is something you can do right now to expand your perspective or capacity for new adventures? Where can you take a chance? 

I highly recommend journaling through each of these prompts with your spread.

Where are doors opening, and what might you need to walk through those doors confidently? What have you been curious about, eager to question or investigate? How have new opportunities been feeling in your body, and what is your heart longing for? What makes you feel safe, and where have you felt stifled or smothered? Where are you ready to channel a spirit of adventure?

What have you learned from the Pages in the past, and where might they be leading you now?

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