Playful, Energetic, & Loyal: What We Can Learn From Leos

Every sign has their own unique abilities and qualities, but the real beauty of the zodiac is how we need all twelve signs to find a complete picture. Looked at in this way, we can look to each other for inspiration, especially when we need to work on some aspect of ourselves.

What then, can we learn from the friendly sign that is Leo?

Leo is associated with the 5th astrological house of pleasure, Nati, or children. When you have your birth chart read, the sign in your 5th house will speak to the way you choose your leisure and recreational activities and to the things you will find most enjoyable or entertaining. It also represents children, love, romance, creativity, and self-expression. Leo is associated with all of these traits, so it’s no wonder they are sometimes described as childlike with a focus on fun!

Today we are going to explore 3 of the other qualities most associated with Leo; Playfulness, Energy, and Loyalty, and how we too can apply their benefits to our own lives.


For both men and women, people with playful personalities is usually considered a highly attractive quality. Looking to the lighter side of life can be contagious at work and in relationships, and this is something Leos are great at!

These psychologists have found there are 4 kinds of playful personalities:

  • Other-directed types tend to joke around more with those closest to them.
  • Light-hearted types tend to look at life as a giant game, taking a less serious view of life.
  • Whimsical types are interested in the strange and unusual and are entertained by little, everyday things.
  • Intellectual types can make anything fun and interesting, and enjoy exploring new thoughts and concepts.

At work, people who have a more playful approach can find success, especially as leaders or part of a team. A whimsical person, for example, likely sees the world in a different light, and can offer alternate and innovative solutions. Intellectual playfulness, whether in your job or relationship, would certainly keep things positive, even reducing stress.

Being around these folks can also teach us about resilience, as taking a lighter approach to life can open us up to multiple perspectives and resources when the going gets tough. Being more creative is another benefit, just as our sunny Leo friends know it to be. Looking at the world from multiple angles keeps us open and engaged in our surroundings, easily finding connections.


Fire sign Leos set a frenetic pace, but this doesn’t have to exhaust us! When channeled, it could serve to inspire what we do, especially at work!

Some of the benefits of having energetic co-workers:

  • They can bump up innovation by being willing and excited to examine new concepts.
  • They may be more likely to see opportunities or mistakes in projects before they are completed.
  • They tend not to be as worried about failing – after all, there are always more possibilities on the horizon and they’re likely to have multiple things on the go.
  • It’s easy for them to get everyone’s attention, which means they can be great leaders, teachers, or facilitators.

People with high levels of energy are often described as more confident than others, and they have the ability to infuse those around them with their positive spirit. It seems to be easier for them to get their work done and stay focused as well; while the rest of us are trying not to fall asleep at 2:30pm, they’re finishing yet another project, ahead of schedule.

Who wouldn’t want a teammate like that? You might want to avoid giving them too much coffee and consider bringing headphones to work if you need some quiet time, but generally, having a cheerful, inspired, wide-eyed boss or peer could definitely make your days go by faster!


Another lovely Leo trait is their fierce loyalty. Once you’ve proven yourself to the sign of the lion, you’re in! The word “loyalty” gets thrown around a lot, but do we really grasp its meaning and importance? Not sure if you can claim that quality as your own? Check yourself!

Loyalty is about protecting the privacy and secrets of someone without question, never considering a break in trust. It’s standing up for your friend, lover, family member – when someone rags on them, you are an avid defender, often trying to shine a more positive light on them.

For some of us this comes naturally, but for those who want to learn more, here are some of the benefits of practicing intentional loyalty:

  • Respect will follow when loyalty is proven – proving yourself to be a trusted ally can win the hearts and minds of those around you, especially in close, personal relationships.
  • There may be less chance of betrayal – encouraging openness and trust can make us less concerned with hiding things we’re ashamed of.
  • When you mess up, forgiveness can come more quickly – building a foundation of trust can mean there’s more understanding and less suspicion.
  • Problems in your world may seem smaller and more conquerable when you don’t have to face them alone – building a strong bond multiplies your fortitude!

If loyalty is not something you’ve been good at but would like to learn how to be, take a cue from a Leo in your life and start by keeping one secret. Think about coming clean about past gossip or stories and be willing to show your vulnerability. You might be surprised at how willingly those around you will do the same.


Every sign holds qualities we can learn from – maybe that’s why they say opposites attract? Plus, wouldn’t it would be super boring if we were all carbon copies of each other?

This is a good reminder to refer to when you feel frustrated or annoyed with people, at home and at work. Being different can be a magical opportunity to learn from others, but we sometimes have to look past our own egos to fully embrace the lesson.

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Vanessa Hardcastle

Vanessa Hardcastle is a hardheaded Taurus with an affinity for sarcasm, good books and large dogs. She is fascinated by sociology and behavioral psychology – what, exactly, shapes our personalities? Astrology is a leg on the journey of self-awareness, as is philosophy, frank conversation, self-reflection, and heavy metal. Writing allows this emotional hermit to indirectly communicate - making powerful connections through storytelling.
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