We Know What Netflix Show Your Sign Should Binge Watch This Weekend

Summer is the season for fun in the Sun, but what are we to do when that Sun is far too hot and we can’t step outside without breaking a sweat?

It’s wonderful to be productive and creative, but sometimes it’s okay to simply relax within the safety and cool air of your own abode; and on those days, what better way to spend your time than with a marathon of silver-screen entertainment brought to you by none other than the king of streaming, Netflix?

It’s said that humans, when given more than 6 options, become overwhelmed with choices. It’s no wonder, then, that it can take so long to find something binge-worthy without breaking a sweat.

Never fear, for the stars are here. We’re going to utilize the wisdom of astrology today to determine the best show for you to binge watch on Netflix, based on your sign.


You need something that can keep up with your sometimes dark sense of humor and quick wit, which The Office will be able to achieve with honors. Whether you’ve never seen it or you’ve seen it a thousand times, Steve Carell’s hilarious portrayal of Michael Scott, along with the incredibly talented cast, will keep you entertained for hours and hours.


You enjoy the finer arts in life, and your earthy nature definitely keeps you grounded. Your style is definitely classic, and you would probably vibe well with the energy of the show Mad Men. This drama takes place in the mid-nineteenth century and is overflowing with some of the most talented actors of our time. This show is a slow burn, stick with the pace and you’ll find yourself completely engrossed by the second season.


You need something to stimulate your brain, and Stranger Things is the perfect show to get your intellectual juices flowing. This show reads like an 80’s soaked dream lit with neon signs, and the nostalgic feel is perfectly accompanied by a creepy, extraterrestrial vibe. Once you start, you won’t be able to stop.


As a romantic, you’re also quite light-hearted at times, a quality that others might overlook in you from time to time. Kick back and tap into that spontaneous part of yourself with a good marathon of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. This show centers around Kimmy, played by Ellie Kemper, an out-of-touch bunker escapee who just wants to make it in the big city. This show will seriously pull at your heartstrings while making you laugh your bum off.


There are few energies that match the light and warmth of the Leo, but there is a show that seems to perfectly encompass Leo’s enigmatic presence, and that show is Glow. Alison Brie plays a petite woman who enters the world of wrestling and never looks back; and once you start, you’ll never look back either. In fact, you might even start fashioning your own wrestling costume!


In keeping with the grounded nature of the Virgo, Shameless is a show that will keep you entertained and leave you in stitches with laughter. The Gallaghers are the salt-of-the-earth type, with questionable morals and a desire to succeed. One thing can’t be denied about this family, and that’s that they are down-to-earth in the very physical sense of the word. You’ll fall in love with this family faster than you can say, “Gallaghers always pay their debts.”


Librans are ruled by Venus and love to be in the presence of beauty. Travel back to a time when only the most opulent and ornate decorations were acceptable, as in The Crown. This show features Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth II, with the loveable and talented John Lithgow playing Winston Churchill. You’ll love the beautiful aesthetics of this show almost as much as you love the story.


You love to solve a mystery, Scorpio. For this reason, Black Mirror is the perfect show for you to binge watch this season. Every episode features a different dystopian story with awesome sci-fi elements in each. Pop some popcorn, sit back and let the creepy vibes of Black Mirror seep into your pores.


You’re eccentric, Sagittarius, and if you haven’t exposed yourself to the kooky world of Portlandia, now is absolutely the time. Think of this is a modern-day, millennial sketch show with no audience and crazy premises. You seriously won’t be able to look away from the wacky scenarios and funny characters, portrayed by Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein.


You’re typically a pretty well-behaved and responsible individual, and you should be able to indulge in your bad side from time to time. Breaking Bad, to be exact. You’ve heard the hype, you know you want to give it a try. And even if you’ve seen it before, you know exactly how riveting this series is. You’ll find yourself drooling over Bryan Cranston all over again.


You’re a self-assured, unique individual who doesn’t mind coloring outside the lines. If you want to sit down for a marathon of chuckles, buckle your seat belt, search BoJack Horseman, hit play and get ready for a ride. This cartoon is meant for adults and will have you rolling-on-the-floor-laughing in no time.


Ah, nostalgia. Isn’t it nice to reminisce? There is no better show to reminisce over than the late and great, cancelled-far-too-early Freaks and Geeks. Judd Apatow, Seth Rogen, Jason Segal and James Franco’s big break, this show is too cool for school. This is truly a gem that is rarer than gold.

When it’s too hot to make it outside this summer, pull up the Netflix, pop some popcorn and settle in for a cozy-good time with these blockbusters.

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