Rise to New Heights on the Rose Full Moon in Sagittarius

It’s that magical time of the month again when a Full Moon is upon us. This one is known as the Rose Moon in Europe or the Strawberry Moon in North America.

Today and into the beginning of the week, there’s a strong prediction that the Moon will be taking you on a whole new journey with the Full Moon in the Sagittarius zodiac sign! As the Mutable sign of the Fire signs, Sagittarius is all about being flexible, but following those inner passions. And Full Moons as we know are always about closing chapters, tying up loose ends, and cutting out that which no longer serves. Full Moons also have a very close relationship with every New Moon in the same cycle.

This June full moon in Sagittarius occurs on June 17th and will be in effect two days before and after as well. We have laid out the basics on this full moon for you so you don’t have to go digging through the web trying to interpret complex astrology terminology. If you missed the Gemini New Moon article, check it out on our website and notice how you felt around June 3rd. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion and success, so you’re likely to find tasty opportunities in this cosmic cocktail! Jupiter is currently retrograde so it is the perfect time to finally see the ways in which you block yourself from success.

This Full Moon in Sagittarius honors the new beginnings created under the New Moon in Gemini on June 3rd, and does so with all of the themes and passions of the zodiac sign Sagittarius.

Do you have your Full Moon wishes ready? If you want to soar to new heights under this Full Moon, and we know you do, here’s how.

Themes of The Full Moon in Sagittarius

Honor these themes of the Rose Full Moon in Sagittarius today and the rest of the week, and you will be sure to rise to new heights this month.

Sagittarius is the zodiac sign of the ever-expanding world. Ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius is also known for its lucky streaks! All of the astrology signs can benefit from these lucky streaks. When you accept what is, Jupiter is ready to give you more luck. Just be happy. Come from a place of yes, and be as positive as you can, as often as you can. Then wait for Jupiter’s lucky strikes to find you. You have arrived at this destination for a reason.

• This Full Moon arrives in the Fire sign of Sagittarius. Do what Sagittarius does, and, don’t think your way through this one. Feel your way through it using the gifts of creativity and inspiration that the Moon has to offer under the Jupiter-ruled sign of Sagittarius.

• Take your Full Moon wishes to the great outdoors. That’s right! You can find your miracles by just going outside! Whether that is to just stare at the Moon, or attend a ball game for no reason at all, get out and explore the great outdoors. Sagittarius LOVES outdoor adventures, the wilder the better. So embrace the potential that Mother Nature has to offer. Just going outside and sitting in a garden for some you time will accomplish the same effect. Sagittarius is the zodiac sign of freedom.

• All Full Moons have the potential to bring new love if that’s something we have been working to manifest. Notice how people have an extra boost of energy. There’s usually a flurry of activity around each Full Moon that can help put you in new social environments. That New Moon in Gemini was stirring up twin flame energy too!

Rose Full Moon in Sagittarius Horoscopes for Each Zodiac Sign

This Full Moon will illuminate us as the Full Moon in Sagittarius this June 2019. Are you ready?

What endings do you need to cut out that are no longer serving you? And how can you even find that out, or even do that exactly? Today we are going to look at that from your individual zodiac signs.

So for this Full Moon, occurring on June 17, 2019, here are all of the horoscopes you need to get through it with the most brilliant and illuminating success ever.

Aries – Use the fire of the Full Moon in Sagittarius to light a fire on the area of your life that you need more information on. Take control of this area, and inject a sense of adventure into it and you will see results.

Taurus – Use this time to unearth some of your hidden talents or those passions that you have been burying. It’s time to unleash that inner and fabulous you, Taurus, and this summer has some exciting rewards for you if you do.

Gemini – Treat others how you want to be treated and the opportunities that are itching you will find their way under this Full Moon. Your inner truth does speak an agenda that needs to be heard.

Cancer – The Full Moon is going to be moving through your house of health and pets, Cancer, and so your domestic senses will be tickled. This is the time when all of those little things you have been putting off health wise need your attention.

Leo – Love is in the air for you my dear Leo friend, but only if you are honest about it. Be real with the people that mean the most to you and this Full Moon has a lot of exciting passion to offer you as gratitude in return.

Virgo – This is a really great time for you to spend the weekend finishing up your at home to do lists, or purchases to improve your home. You will not only feel productive, but you will feel a little bit less stressed as well, as you open up your schedule for some of the more enjoyable parts of life.

Libra – The world around you is beckoning you to join them in a myriad of social activities today, Libra. Reaching out to others under this Full Moon can be very successful for you.

Scorpio – This time around you may have money at the forefront of your mind, so focus on putting your resources towards the things that matter the most to you. Meditate on areas where there is lack or where you need more information to tend to the necessary details.

Sagittarius – Your sense of self will be illuminated during this period, Sagittarius, so if you have been looking for the right place to direct some of your work or soul energy, meditate and the Moon will show you the way. Don’t be surprised if you get the urge to just get up and take off for a few days.

Capricorn – This period is more about epic change within, and you will find that the more time you take to just get away and explore that soul of yours, the quicker the light and fire of the Sagittarius Full Moon will light inside you. You will find exactly what is worth fighting for, and what might not be.

Aquarius – The Full Moon will be traveling through your eleventh house, and this means any group activities are going to be tremendously favored for you. Not only will the Full Moon illuminate what opportunities you should engage in, but it will also illuminate what group endings you may want to consider.

Pisces – Whatever pull you are experiencing under this Full Moon about your work matters is the pull that you need to follow. This is the career that you were called to do, the one that explains your purpose here on Earth.

Closing Thoughts…

And that is the low down for this month’s Full Moon in Sagittarius! To ride the cosmic rays to new heights, especially on days that surround a Full Moon, be sure to catch today’s horoscope and your weekly horoscopes for tips on how to make the most of the energy. Because relationships can be a focus under a Full Moon, take a look at our career compatibility test to see how your current work relationships stack up in terms of helping you move your career forward. Our love compatibility test can also give you a bird’s eye view at how to close some circles in the relationship department this month as well under this Full Moon. What is going to allow you to rise to new heights this Full Moon? Are you ready to come from a place of yes?

We still have Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn in retrograde, which means we are all undergoing a transformation of some kind. You may feel like your foundation is shifting. Change isn’t a bad thing, it’s just different from what we are used to. With the next eclipse season around the corner in July and August, the transformation you are undergoing may feel confusing but it will bring changes that started in January and February.

Stay on course, you’re making progress – even if it feels like you’re a ship on a stormy sea.

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