Spring Cleaning: What to Lose & What to Keep, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Whew! We’ve finally made it to spring and we’re all consumed by throwing open the windows, letting in the fresh air and sweeping out the dusty remains of what can feel like winter’s indoor exile.

Like a fresh coat of paint, a proper spring cleaning can refresh and update your home – and purging what you don’t need can make room for things you forgot you had, or for something even more fabulous.

We all feel nostalgia, pride, or a sense of accomplishment being surrounded by our special keepsakes, but cluttering our home, office, or car with things just because we can’t seem to let go might be the reason we end up feeling so overwhelmed.

The super-popular KonMari method, now featured in hit Netflix show, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, was developed by the eponymous organizing consultant and author, who says we should only keep things that ‘spark joy’ (in Japanese, the word ‘tokimeku’ means “flutter, throb, palpitate”) in our hearts. There’s no point in cluttering our lives with, well, stuff that no longer holds deep meaning.

In Kondo’s book, Spark Joy: An Illustrated Master Class on the Art of Organizing and Tidying Up, she suggests we separate things into categories, lose what we don’t absolutely love, and reorganize in a deliberate way, with a thoughtful and intentional place for everything left.

Let’s have some fun today and look at your Zodiac Spring Cleaning List and call out all the things your sign is likely to hold onto – and might need to let go of!

Need motivation? Use crystals and astrology to motivate your spring cleaning.



All your trophies, participation ribbons, race t-shirts, and gold stars from when you were 7. We know you’re all about collecting wins but aren’t you too busy searching for the next best thing to maintain a shrine to your junior bowling championship cup?

You’re too fabulous to bog your house down with trinkets – plus it makes you seem like you live in the past – which is definitely not true for vivacious and modern Aries!


A few trophies and an image or two of your first marathon or championship. Alternatively, put your energetic ability to use and arrange them all in a way you can see them on the daily. Collages are quick and easy, and can visually speak to your many, many achievements in an uncluttered and artistic way without taking up too much space.



Your collection of Beanie Babies, any CDs (you might be able to recycle them!), teddy bears, rare Chilean clamshells…you are the collector of the zodiac, and we just bet you have a ton of, well, stuff you don’t even look at any more. If you aren’t filled with pride every time you see it – it’s time to let go.


Your revered assortment of jewelry, antique hair clips, crystal, Faberge eggs passed down through generations – something so sacred that parting with it gives you palpitations. If the thought of giving it up makes you want to barf or cry, by all means, keep it!

Consider giving it the place of honor it deserves and look for some bespoke shelving to nod both to its importance and your love of beautiful things.



Outdated versions of your beloved apps, audio players, software, gadgets, and video games. Why do you still have PS2 games and a flip phone from 1992? Geminis are the techies of the zodiac, ever ready for the latest, and you’re likely consuming the best and brightest so quickly you have a hoard of the last decade’s models taking up closet, garage, drawer space.


Your gamerscore, Pinterest page, blog of tricks, and Reddit threads on your one and only phone and laptop. Hold onto what makes life easier and more enjoyable, and keep them in a place you can see them every day, reminding you of your curiosity and brilliance.

Side note: While you’re ditching your old games, comics, devices, etc. go into a game store or comic shop on a trade day – swap your stuff, meet some like-minded folks and blab to your heart’s content about the favorite device you’ll never part with.



Old pictures of your ex – or the whole box of mementos you’ve kept over the years. How do you expect to let go of past hurts if you’re holding onto pieces of a painful time? Sentimental Cancers can get caught up in the idea that clutching something tight enough helps retain its original meaning. How romantic of you! Seriously, you need to move on.


Framed pics of your nearest and dearest, as well as your fave recipe books. To add additional space, start saving online – digital albums, Pinterest pages of food, favorite moments and music can be kept close to your heart, but won’t take up room. Your old girl/boyfriend will still be on Facebook if you need to peek once in a while.



The boxes or bins full of concert tickets, Broadway shows, and copies of the playbill from when you were in the 2002 cast of Grease at your school. Newspaper clippings from your first choir performance need to go too. We know you feel valued when you’re publicly recognized, but really, you need to move on, you’re much cooler now. Uncle Rico much?


Reminders of your most recent accomplishments! Can you say scrapbook? Take everything you desperately want to remember and cut it into bite-sized versions you can store in an ‘I’m fabulous’ keepsake. Then look to your favorite app for what you want to tackle next!



Old planners. Admit it, you have a box of diaries, journals, and reminders to stay on track or plan out your every move. As clean as you are, you’ve probably been reticent to let go of the proof of your hard work. You don’t need it to take up space in 13 old boxes to remember your awesomeness.


The goals spreadsheet you made to stay focused on your weight loss, favorite wine finds or project planning tips and framed certificates, promotion letters or volunteer hours sheets that touch your heart. Part of the perpetual improvement is getting rid of things you’ve moved on from so you can make room for your latest and greatest big plans.

Side note: While you are notorious for loathing dirt – you don’t have to bring your place to a sparkling clean on your own – consider a maid service and put your feet up.



Any respectable Libra will be a bit of a clotheshorse, but do you really need a new closet to contain all your garb? Rule of thumb is if you haven’t worn it in 6 months (Or 12 if seasonal fashion), you probably ain’t going to. Anything with holes, stains or tears – ditch it – doesn’t matter how much you love it, you aren’t stepping out looking like you’ve been through a tornado.


Your fabulous vintage leather jacket you stumbled upon at a thrift store when your friend was in town. Keep the memories and the gorgeous garment you still don in the warmer months, it’s a gem you need never part with.



Sex toys from your last lover. Love notes, sexts, satin sheets, whatever – mysterious Scorpios love to get intimate, and when they smell something sinister, to dig up dirt and make people come clean! If you’re holding on to nasty old news, ask yourself why you’re keeping it around. That may be inviting bad juju for your next tryst.


Sexy diaries filled with wicked memories, dreams and dirty details from past relationships. It’s good for a lark once in a blue Moon and can remind you of your naughty ways when you’re feeling blue – or when pissed off and needing an underhanded laugh.



8 million unedited pics on your camera. Ashtrays, flags, paraphernalia from around the world. You want to do it all, and you have the boxes of souvenirs to remind you that you have. Wittle it down dudes, you probably don’t need a grimy old napkin from eating your first gourmet beetle larva in Thailand to remember the kickass time you had there in 2005.


Your photo albums – move it all to digital! Get one of your friends (if you have a Virgo to help you, you’re golden!) to help you sort through what you don’t need and upload onto a USB. Even more up your alley – create a sweet new blog capturing your adventures in a way you can easily share that won’t take up tangible space.

Side note: Canva is an amazing program you can try for free if you want to put together collections of pics.



Copies of bills, invoices, and those manuals you get when you buy new appliances. They’re most likely stored in a very tidy drawer or basket somewhere, but we bet the phone company or the government is not going to audit your payment from 1998. We get that you’re being responsible, but no one cares except you. Get a shredder or have a bonfire!


A framed copy of your first paycheck or a pic of the sweet ride you paid for yourself in high school. You don’t need to hold onto old crap to remind yourself of your achievements, or stuff that does nothing but collect dust, ‘just in case’ you need it. Celebrate your wins in a tidy and efficient way and you’ll forget all about that musty old paper.



Frenzied notes, schemes, and plans for your unrealized ideas. There’s a graveyard for that called the recycle bin. If you haven’t done it in the last 10 years, you probably won’t! Sift through for the nuggets of gold and see if they’re worth rehabilitating. If not, it falls under the ‘it seemed like a good idea at the time,’ category and should be left behind.


All the sweet prototypes you’ve made, stories you’ve written, legit entrepreneurial thoughts you could actually put into play with the right partner. Innovative Aquarius is a fount of knowledge and a tangle of pie in the sky plans that could absolutely spell treasure if you put your mind to it!



Ancient art supplies – we know you’re sitting on dried up paint, ragged brushes, and a pile o’ pens you rabidly used one summer ages ago. It’s likely you’ve used them with love, but if they aren’t helpful to you this year, why are you holding on? You know you love a restock trip to the supply shop.


Your most valued works of art. Share an old song you composed for someone special, make something of the drawer of fabric you’ve picked up over the years, and put that unrivaled creativity to use! You might be re-inspired by pulling it out, and the projects will flow through your mind like poop through a goose – or something more eloquent.


If you don’t use it – lose it! Most cities will have great electronics and general recycling locations – or sell them on Kijiji. There’s a lot of folks out there who maybe couldn’t afford updates of your old gadgets or gently used clothing, or who would be happy having an older but still kick-ass version for less money.

If you’re not sure what to do with your old things, consider donating to your local Goodwill or shelter. If your clothes or furniture are in good shape, it could be a real treasure for someone who’s seeing it for the first time. It’s also a great way to keep more stuff out of dumpsters – something to keep in mind with Earth Day coming up April 22.

Have fun, free your mind and your space! Our best spring cleaning tips give us an excuse to purge, reminisce and move on towards our next bright endeavors.

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* Editor’s note: This article was previously published May 2, 2018 and has been updated for astrological accuracy.

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