10 Very Aries Birthday Party Ideas

It’s time to wish those with an Aries zodiac sign a happy birthday! Happy birthday, Rams!

From March 21 to April 20, we will show our love to all those born under this Fire element sign and celebrate the beauty, pizzazz, and excitement they add to our lives. The passionate Aries has a lot to look forward to in the coming year, so why not kick off the year with a fun celebration?

Whether you have an Aries friend you want to plan a birthday surprise for or you are looking for ideas for yourself, we’ve got you covered. Check out our fun ideas for ways to celebrate how amazing you are and let yourself launch into the next year on a high note as we enter into spring. Aries kicks off the astrological year as a Cardinal sign and the strong Mars energy that comes with Aries as its ruler reminds us all to live with passion and fervor.

Every cycle of the Sun offers us unique energy we can grasp and this year, dear Aries, you can really expand and grow. We are thrilled to offer you this quick glimpse into the Aries zodiac sign for the year to come. If you’re dating an Aries or you happen to be one, it’s so valuable to know what to expect for Aries in 2019 so you can thrive with the potent cosmic vibes available to you. There are some lighting bolts striking your horizon which will give you creativity, great potential for financial success, and even a real boost to your love life. While it will be a busy time, we have some insights on how you can best use the upcoming planetary alignments to expand in all areas of life.

You are a born leader and people look to you for inspiration because of how you trailblaze, so today, let’s plan you a party you’ll never forget!

10 Birthday Celebration Ideas for Aries

1. Camping (or Glamping) to Unplug

Get your outdoor gear ready, grab a few brave friends, and get into nature. If you’re like most Aries and don’t like to forgo a comfy bed and hot shower, glamping in a rustic cabin or yurt could still get you into nature without having to get your shoes too muddy. Focus on being in the moment (and not on your phone) so you can really live it up!

2. Explore Exotic Local Hot Spots

Check out a new exotic restaurant like a Moroccan-style restaurant, a burlesque dinner show, a traditional dim sum, or something outside of your own culinary box. This can scratch any Aries’ itch for new experiences and help you feel like you’ve traveled to a far off land for the evening!

3. Take a Spa Day

If there’s one thing we know about Aries, it’s that they rarely sit still. Relaxing usually isn’t on their to-do list so when they do get permission to let their mind go into the great abyss, it can feel like a kid going to Disneyland, freeing and new. It is possible to still do a lot at a day spa so you won’t feel like you’re doing nothing. Check out infrared saunas, massages, float tanks, and some of the new offerings in the wellness world. It sure beats a lousy hangover too!

4. Throw a Theme Party

We all know an Aries likes to take the lead and throw an event. Choose a time period like the Victorian era, a dystopian theme, rock n’ roll, 70’s disco, or something that tickles your fancy. Use your get it done energy to start decorating and getting food that matches the theme. This is a great way to use all that creative energy and is a memorable way to celebrate.

5. Take Your Besties to See an Indie Band

If you want to have fun on a budget, go see an underground band and dress to impress. We know an Aries loves a new outfit, so this is the perfect excuse to go get one. You can mix and mingle and make new friends as you always do anyway!

6. Unleash Your Fire with Hatchet Throwing

Feeling like you need to blow off some steam? Why not find a local hatchet-throwing venue and book a slot for you and some buds. There nothing quite as satisfying as hurling an axe into a target like a boss. This is a great way to relieve stress and has that element of risk an Aries craves!

7. Take a Death-Defying Aerial Class

Continuing with the theme of loving risks, we think a fun circus class with friends or even a partner would be a great way to encourage the creative energy you have available to you in the year to come. This will get you outside of the box and literally upside down so you can prepare yourself to welcome other new things into your life.

8. Mellow Out With a Sound Bath

Allow your body to find deep relaxation with a sound bath. The soothing quality of sound has great effects on the mind, our overall wellness, and induces a creative state. If you’d like to crack open your self-love box and ignite your creative process, this can be a great non-conventional birthday activity.

9. Do a Classy Dinner & a Play

Instead of doing everything yourself as we know an Aries often does, let someone else cook for you and entertain you. You won’t have to clean up and you can forget about everything outside of the room when you’re indulging in the arts. Find a new restaurant that piques your interest and book a reservation!

10. Have a Netflix-Binge Potluck with Your Besties

Because you’re a natural socialite, we know you love to see your friends. If you want, require your friends to come and lounge in their pajamas while you eat whatever your heart desires. Splurge and have some living room bonding time with those you hold near and dear. We know you love staying up late, so why not be with the ones you love and get some good laughs on this birthday?

What to Look Forward to In the Year to Come

We’ve come up with some tips to help you make the most of your Aries birthday horoscope for 2019/2020.

You will feel very positive and feel your mind searching out new ideas all the way up to December for 2019. There will be a focus on relationships in April and then there will be a strong focus on your career from December onward.

Use the first part of the year to follow your interests to open up new opportunities outside of your immediate surroundings. That could mean getting some education, traveling, or new social groups.

From December on, you can step into leadership positions and increase your public recognition easily with Jupiter moving to the top of your solar chart. Because of an influx of attention, you’ll need to stay organized to keep your stress low. During this time don’t overlook details that need your attention but do be willing to take risks and new jobs. They say major success can bring headaches so keep some of your favorite calm-inducing remedies close by.

You’re ending a 7-year cycle with this birthday as Uranus moves out of Aries. If you’ve been searching for freedom in relationships, you’ll find more stability from here on out. There’s a feeling of being supported with less pressure coming in for you. You will be busy and more successful but you’ll find time for love because of the optimistic energy available to you. Here are some tips to make the most of your year to come based on the Aries horoscope for 2019/2020:

  • Be present to keep yourself from feeling overwhelmed
  • Cut out unnecessary activities
  • Focus on being heart-centered to handle the responsibility
  • Be grateful instead of resentful

Closing Thoughts

If you want to look deeper into your love potential for the year, start reading about Aries compatibility so you know how well you gel with the other zodiac signs. It’s a great idea to stay in touch with the planetary movements through your Aries daily horoscope so you can make the most of the year to come.

Have a great birthday and enjoy being your fabulous self. Oh and hey, if you have an Aries friend, share this article with them to help them make the most of the year to come! We are so excited to wish every Aries a happy birthday and hope it is just as exciting and fun as you are!

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