Your Perfect Summer Style, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Are you ready for some summer fun?

What better way to embrace this new season than by looking as fabulous as possible. With these style tips you will be well ahead of the game when it comes to nailing the latest fashion looks and trends. We’ve broken down your perfect summer style, based on your zodiac sign. Let’s dive in!

Your Perfect Summer Style, Based on Your Zodiac Sign


This is the time of year that you have been longing for, Aries, and you are ready to step into summer in all of your fiery fabulousness, as you should!

For the Aries woman, you want to play up the feminine graces, and instead of your usual wild popping colors and lines, think sweet and flowy fabrics that give hints to your awesome figure. The color of the season for both men and women Aries is purple. Try a shade of lavender or lilac, while the Aries man could try a bold plum.

Instead of choosing bold prints, either men or women Aries, choose clothes that are solid colors, and make your wild statements this summer with accessories. Famous Aries to model your style after are Peyton Manning, Lady Gaga, and Emma Watson.

Most importantly, channel your “inner you.”


Elegance and indulgence are your middle names, Taurus, and that goes for men and women. Stick to the earth tones in all of your summer staples, khakis and chino shorts for the Taurus men, and long green and earthy colored maxi dresses for Taurus women.

Bring your garden to your wardrobe with wild prints, but not on your main staples. Let your accessories do the talking, Taurus.

Your big floppy hat, Jackie O shades, and scarves will be your go-to, as they always are. Timeless pieces for all Taurus’ are going to be what helps you to stand out. Crisp white shirts with a flowered skirt will bring out your Earthy Venus goddess, or for men, denim and the same style top is ruggedly sexy.

For women, matte lips and your Jackie O shades are all you need to leave the house with when it comes to your gorgeous face. Famous Taurus’ to model your style after are Adele and Queen Elizabeth!


Being symbolized by the twins, Gemini, you always have the best sense of style, and you can go either way your mood takes you. Trying adopting two personalities when it comes to your summer style. One for your inner bad boy or bad girl, and one for your good side.

Keep your day look clean and structured with pencil thin black skirts or denim with a brightly colored button down shirt. For the Gemini woman, plunge a little with the V-neck. Try stretchy fabrics that show off all of the right things, and don’t be shy with the color silver Gemini men!

Textured fabrics like leather, suede, or a little bit of rhinestone will send the message of your inner wild child. When trying to channel Gemini style this summer, think of the two very different looks in Gemini fashion icons Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, the poster girls for Gemini. This summer, you get to channel every look you want.

Go for it, Gemini.


If you haven’t splurged on you in a while, now is the time to do so. The Cancer woman should model fellow Cancerian Princess Diana’s iconic sleek look with a sexy twist in all of the watery shades that Cancer loves: mellow blues, soft pink hues, and turquoise pops in all of the right places.

Think of the sunset on the beach when you choose your colors for summer, Cancer, whether you are male or female. A new party dress, or two even, will be worth the splurge, and you won’t regret it either.

You also can get away with the odd animal print, but only in bite sized chunks. Other Cancers you can model that embody the sleek and classic looks of Princess Di include Selena Gomez and Tom Cruise.


You want to hit the ground running with bold colors that show off your fiery personality, Leo, but since that’s your usual forte, try something different.

A new haircut may be the only fashion staple you need this summer, and we’re encouraging you to go red, maybe with some fun highlights. You also want to pile on the gold whenever and wherever possible. Whatever you wear, you will attract attention, because the Sun is shining on you in abundance.

Just want to have some fun? A flirty cocktail dress for the Leo woman, or a sexy new print shirt for the Leo man will be all you need to turn heads. Sexy and saucy Leos you want to model your fashion sense after this summer include President Barack Obama and Jennifer Lopez!


The period of late spring is one of your favorite times of year, Virgo, as the spring supports your inclination to reap success from your work. You have been cautious all winter when it comes to your style, so now is your time to break the mold a little bit and show off what you got.

Simple staples are generally your thing, but this summer you are going to want to take that up a notch. Loosen your collars, shorten your hemlines, and think of yourself as the sophisticated school girl that is playing hooky on the Upper East Side. Be bold, and choose Earth tones like emerald greens. Animal prints are also in your favor for summer fun for both the Virgo man and Virgo woman.

Famous Virgos you can model your style after including Michael Jackson, and the iconic Beyonce Knowles.

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Being ruled by Venus, you particularly love your bling and your luxury, and this summer is the summer for you to really bring it out, Libra.

Being an Air sign, you often want to make sure that you are crisp and clean at all times. Spice it up a little bit by adding rhinestone to your shades, your handbag, or even your white top. Libra men and Libra women can be stylish and elegant this summer with accessories such as a new watch, or a new pair of shoes. Splurge a little bit as you move into this new season, rather than reusing what you have in your closet.

Famous Librans you can model your style after including Avril Lavigne, Will Smith, and Hilary Duff.


You feel like you have suffered an extreme winter, and your style has started to show it, dear Scorpio. Perhaps you are tired of getting up every day and getting to the grind, and this is precisely why you need to amp up the wardrobe this season.

You want as many bright colors as possible in your wardrobe this summer, especially if you are single. Time to break out the cuts and the skirt lengths as well, so you can finally start getting that attention that you deserve. Cropped jackets on top of a neutral palette will be super sexy, especially for the cooler evenings you are going to want to drag out as long as you can.

Your mission, whether you are a Scorpio male or Scorpio female, is to experiment and remind the world how fun you are with your new summer wardrobe. Think bold greens, popping purples, and reds that turn heads. Famous Scorpios you can model this summer if you are stuck are Leonardo DiCaprio and Katy Perry.


High on your summer agenda should be travel and literature, Sagittarius, and you want to look that part as well. Channel two sides: be part sexy librarian by day with long bohemian skirts and peasant blouses, and then let your hair down with a pair of extra-large sunglasses by night to show off your fun side.

Bright colors in the fire shade family are also going to stoke your fancy. Orange will be the new black for Sag this year, as will poppy reds, mustard yellows, and bold bright prints that combine all of those shades. This goes for the Sagittarius man and the Sagittarius woman.

Sexy Sags you can model your style after including Taylor Swift and Brad Pitt.

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You have spent the winter working diligently as usual, and even you are ready to break the mold a little bit Capricorn. It is about time!

Tropical earth tones are going to be your friend this summer. Long and flowy blouses, skirts, or dresses will cater to the Capricorn woman’s sensual and Earthy side. For the Capricorn man, you can accomplish the same goal in shirts and shorts that are lighter in fabric, and less structured than what you would wear to the office. Amp up your office look with tropical hued accents, like a turquoise tie and matching socks, or an emerald green scarf tied around your waist, instead of your neck.

Be as luxurious as you want to be, and invest in that item you have been secretly eyeing all winter. It’s time to treat yourself! Famous Capricorns you can model your style after include the royalty of Kate Middleton and the King, Elvis Presley.


When it comes to fashion, Aquarius, you don’t really fuss too much no matter what season it is. You prefer to spend your time worrying about the world at large. That’s fine, but this summer you won’t have to spend a lot of time on your look to attract the people and situations that will help you with those world-sized problems.

You can accomplish that goal by keeping it clean and classic, and keeping those lines as crisp as possible. That doesn’t mean boring. Instead, this gives you a little leeway to get those structured pencil jeans you have been craving. For the Aquarius woman, pair the jeans with a simple but off the shoulder top, and you will leave them wondering.

For the Aquarius man, try a V neck under your sport coat for a bold yet classic look. When it comes to accessorizing Aquarius, leave it to the imagination of your audience. If you do put on some bling, keep it as simple and classic as possible. A silver chain for the woman, and a vintage bracelet for the men.

Aquarians can model their summer style from Jennifer Aniston and Taylor Lautner.


Pisces, you are ready to come out of your cave and celebrate summer, and you want to do it in a style that makes you feel good.

For you, soft fabrics that are sheer and feel smooth on the skin will work in your favor From lace, to eyelet, to silk, to satin … you get the picture, there are lots of choices! Pisces men and Pisces women will do well with loose-fitting clothing over a tailored structured look, as this will lend more comfort in their mutable ways.

Choose colors that are soft as well, such as the ballet pink, or a soft blue when choosing your summer staples. Not sure what to channel? Think ethereal, fairy like and bohemian styles when working up your summer wardrobe.

Fellow Pisces you can take some clues from include Carrie Underwood, Rihanna, and Jon Bon Jovi.

So, which style will you rock this summer? All of us are extremely unique, so don’t be afraid to spice up your wardrobe in whatever way you want to. Maybe you’re a Pisces who is more drawn towards the style we’ve written about for a Capricorn. Go for it!

Embrace the summer, and have some fun.

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*Editors’ Note: This article was originally published in 2014, and has been updated.

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