Truly Topaz: Why You Need This Healing Crystal

Crystal healing is a practice that can help anyone heal physical, emotional, or mental ailments, attract abundance, and dispel negativity; and today, the spotlight is on the metaphysical, healing powers of beautiful topaz.

A silicate mineral, topaz comes in just about every color of the rainbow, and its properties are nothing to ignore. If you haven’t yet encountered the power of topaz, or simply want to know more about this gorgeous crystal, this is the ultimate topaz guide for you.

The History of Topaz

Authorities seem to concur that the name topaz is most likely derived from Topazios the Greek island off of the red sea, now referred to as Zabargard. The name may also stem from the Greek word tapas, which means ‘fire.’ It is also possible that topaz gets its name from the Greek topazos, meaning ‘to seek.’

Ancient Greeks believed that they derived strength and courage from topaz, and topaz was thought to break spells and reduce anger during the Renaissance era. A 1,680-carat topaz was discovered in Brazil in 1740, containing so much clarity that it was believed to be the largest diamond to have ever been discovered. Topaz is so brilliant that it is not easily distinguishable from diamonds to the naked eye.

Ancient Egyptians respected and used topaz for its healing powers, and believed that the rays of the sun god, Ra, created yellow topaz and infused it with his light. Topaz actually gets its varying colors from different minerals contained within its structure.

It’s easy to see why topaz is still so highly regarded within crystal healing circles today.

Healing Properties of Topaz

Topaz is associated with the Sacral and Solar Plexus chakras, meaning that working with topaz will help unblock and balance these chakras. If these chakras feel misaligned, try picking up a piece of topaz and holding it in your left hand, focusing on sending positive energy to these areas.

Connected to the element of Air, topaz is correlated with our mental faculties and can assist in mental stimulation and focus. It can provide the mental energy necessary to carry out draining or complicated tasks.

All varieties of topaz are excellent for smoothing communication, helping you find your voice, and promoting honesty. Topaz allows us to let go of grudges and practice forgiveness, learning to see the best in everyone. Topaz also helps us become more honest with ourselves, allowing us to recognize habits and patterns that are no longer serving us.

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Blue Topaz

Blue topaz is perhaps one of the most popular variations of topaz, and it has a peaceful energy.

Blue topaz is useful for soothing frazzled nerves, as it promotes a sense of calm and peace. It can reduce feelings of anxiety, as this type of topaz is great for healing emotional wounds and lessening sensitivity to others’ opinions.

This variety of topaz is very inspirational and is a great stone for artists of all kinds. Writers, poets, musicians, and painters benefit from the creativity that blue topaz encourages.

Imperial Topaz

Imperial topaz comes in warm shades, from soft pinks to deep, burnt oranges.

Imperial topaz is often recommended for use by people with Alzheimer’s or dementia. It has been known to help those departing their mortal body transition easily to the next realm, making it an excellent stone for the elderly to work with.

This variety of topaz increases confidence, courage, and self-acceptance. It helps you recognize, accept, and embrace who you are at the core. It helps with the transitions and changes of life, easing us from one stage of life to the next and helping us keep the faith in ourselves.

Imperial topaz also assists in setting boundaries and recognizing your self-worth, making it a great stone for those who may be involved in a toxic relationship or friendship. It can help you let go of relationships that aren’t good for you.

White Topaz

White topaz is the variety that resembles a diamond, and its lack of color renders its energy rather neutral, which can be a great thing if neutrality is what you need. It works to amplify the energy of crystals around it, so be careful about the crystals you place near white topaz.

Physically, this crystal increases effective communication by soothing the Throat chakra.

If you struggle with speaking your truth, white topaz can help eradicate the fear or anxiety preventing you from speaking up. Like other varieties, it increases self-esteem and helps you live honestly and according to your own boundaries and desires.

Utilizing the Power of Topaz

Regardless of which variety of topaz you find yourself drawn to, it will no doubt help you with physical and emotional healing. Use this stone when you need a boost of courage and a gentle reminder to stick up for yourself and speak your truth.

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