Which Halloween Candy Are You, Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

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One of the very best parts of Halloween is the guilt-free candy binge we allow ourselves to indulge in. After all, it only happens once a year!

Halloween also allows adults to access and celebrate their inner child and wild sense of imagination. You can be anything you want on Halloween, from a pirate to a princess and every imaginable creature in between. Why not use that imagination and join the mystical forces of astrology with the mouth-watering personality of this holiday?

We all have a sweet side, and astrology might even have something to say about how you choose to express that side of your personality. Let’s dive in and find out which Halloween candy best represents your astrological personality!

Which Halloween Candy is Your Zodiac Sign?

Halloween candy for each zodiac sign.

Aries: The Candy Corn Classic

What candy is more ubiquitous this time of year than candy corn?

Like candy corn, Aries has a big personality that seems to represent joviality and fun. It’s hard to be bored around an Aries, just like it’s hard to picture Halloween without envisioning those orange, yellow, and white nuggets of sugary joy.

Taurus: Gimme A Break!

Taurus are sensual and refined, yet their sweetness is palpable. Chocolate has an earthy quality, which flows well with the Earth-ruled Taurus.

When you need a break from life, you can always find a moment of solace and companionship with your Taurean friends—much like the first relaxing bite into a Kit Kat bar.

Gemini: Sour Patch Gemini Kids

Geminis are known for their duality, which can include both the sweet and sour sides of their personality. Your twin nature can come together to create something delicious, much like the complex Sour Patch Kid.

Just remember, duality can be a great thing.

Cancer: Starbursts of Flavor

Cancers are a comforting water sign that seems to know exactly what you need at any given moment—and they will go out of their way to make sure that the world around them feels loved and cared for.

Like the variety of refreshing flavors included in each pack of Starburst, your flavorful nature is soothing and delicious.

Leo: The One Who Pops & Rocks

The Leo personality is dynamic—like a small, beautiful explosion of fun and flavor. Your charisma does not stand still but bounces with zest like the small nuggets of sugary dynamite found in a packet of Pop Rocks.

Like Pop Rocks, you’re entertaining, pleasant, and even a bit surprising. And your dancing skills are just as boisterous as those little jumping candies.

Virgo: Satisfying Like Snickers

Virgos are down-to-earth and independent—they don’t need the approval of others because they know their worth. Like the confidence and satisfying aspect of a Snickers, Virgo’s personality is delightful and distinctive.

You bring a smile to everyone’s face while fulfilling their need for something tasty. One bite of a Snickers bar is enough to keep you going for hours, just like one minute spent with the lovable Virgo fills us up with love.

Libra: Milk Duds for Good Buds

Libras are lovers of beauty, truth, and above all, love. Like the classic Milk Duds, you possess a smooth exterior, while your inner world is comprised of strength and a bit of crunch.

While you prefer to get along with others, you won’t hesitate to stand up for yourself. And those around you may not be expecting that tasty crackle, but they find it quite delicious when it’s discovered.

Scorpio: Our Caramel-Covered Friend

Scorpios are luscious and unique, like the beloved but mysterious candy apple. The candy apple is well-known yet remains almost an enigma. You won’t find one just lying around anywhere because their presence is to be appreciated and savored.

Your personality is a classic, but others may find it difficult to locate your core.

Sagittarius: We’re All Nerds!

Happy-go-lucky and just a little bit goofy, the Sagittarius can bring a smile to anyone’s face in a relatable, adorkable way. It’s important to embrace that silly side of your personality because it lightens the mood as well as the room.

Like the popular candy Nerds, you have to learn to find your own power in the kooky sides of your personality.

Capricorn: Crispety, Crunchety & All-Around Lovely

Capricorns often seem emotionally or physically reserved, but if you really get to know them, you might find yourself surprised by their willingness to be spontaneous and liberated.

One look at a Butterfinger bar and you might assume it’s like any other chocolate—yet, one bite and you’ll discover the crispety-crunchety-peanut-buttery goodness on the inside.

Aquarius: Friendly Hearts & Sweet Tarts

Aquarians are spontaneous, inventive, and very social. You prefer a group project to a solo adventure, and others truly appreciate your unique, complex personality. Do you know what else goes best in groups? Sweet Tarts.

Why have one when you can enjoy two or three at a time? The sweetness followed by the unexpected sour flavors proves that it fits your unpredictable, remarkable personality.

Pisces: Smooth, Dreamy Reese’s

Pisceans are Water signs with hearts of gold—they really care about their loved ones, and their sweetness cannot be ignored. Smooth and silky, your dreamy personality best matches the classic lovability of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

It would be shocking to find someone who doesn’t love the rich flavors of these chocolate concoctions, just as it would be nearly impossible to locate a Pisces that isn’t loved and adored by those who know them.

Celebrate Your Sweetness this Halloween

Halloween is definitely the time of year to indulge that sweet tooth. Grab ahold of your inner child’s hand and go on a sugary journey of spooky movies, outrageous costumes, and sweet treats—just remember to brush your teeth!

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