What New Year’s Resolution Should You Make for 2018?

With the New Year fast approaching, we’re probably all thinking about the dreaded resolutions we’ll be making and forgetting soon after. It seems like a never-ending cycle; each year, millions of people make resolutions and each year most people have forgotten or dismissed their resolutions by February.

There are however, ways to make sure you stick to your guns this year. By setting reasonable goals for yourself, in increments that you know you’re likely to keep up with, you’ll be more likely to stick with it for the long haul.

Resolutions can be big or small, reasonable or fantastic, as long as they are within the realm of possibility. The key to healing and growing is to take small steps each day, basking in the sense of accomplishment for the future goal that you’re actively working toward.

Astrology can be extremely beneficial for discovering in which direction you should guide your path this year. By utilizing the clarity that astrology provides, you will better understand your position in the universe, and the fortuitous time you can look forward to. It also gives you an idea of any hiccups you might encounter in 2018, so you can be better prepared.

Let’s take a look at a few ideas for the best New Year’s Resolution for you, based on your sign.


You’re a passionate, feisty person. This is wonderful at times, and frightening at other times. You might have a tendency to get quite frustrated, or even angry, when your sparks are ignited. This year, you might resolve to temper your mood ever-so-slightly. Your many gifts and talents far outweigh your flaws, however, and you should keep this in mind during the year to come.


You can be hard-working, patient and kind quite frequently. You have an appreciation for incredible art, delicious food and relaxation. Sometimes our Taurus friends have a proclivity for a little couch-potato time now and again. Perhaps you can use 2018 to balance this out with more outdoor activities.

There is so much art in nature that you’ll feel as though you’re at a new gallery opening – and the artist is the universe!


Geminis are swift thinkers, typically able to concoct multiple solutions for any situation, however, they are not always quick to choose one. Yours is the sign of the twins, meaning you have many wonderful sides to your personality, but decision making is not necessarily your strength. This year, try learning to trust your gut and your decisions. You know what’s right for you.


Cancers are affectionate and deeply devoted to those they care for, but they can be quite moody sometimes. Try self-soothing techniques this year to bring your emotions into check before you accidently hurt someone’s feelings. Your friends will appreciate the effort, like they appreciate the wonderful ways you show that you care.


Leos are the life of the party and often the center of attention. You might steal the limelight from others from time to time, sometimes unbeknownst to yourself. Let 2018 be the year of letting those around you get the laughs and the attention. People will still naturally gravitate toward you because of your winning personality and your sparkling smile.


Virgos are hard-working and reliable. When you do a job, you do it well, however, you have a tendency to be a perfectionist. Remember that there is no such thing as perfect, and let this be the year you give yourself a break. You are talented and skilled; trust in that and let that knowledge guide you through 2018.


You have a passion for balance and justice, causing you to be diplomatic in most cases. You play devil’s advocate to achieve centered focus in a conversation, but some things in life really are black and white. Use this year to resolve to learn what’s right for you, leaving behind any relationships wherein you feel you’re being taken advantage of.


Scorpios are mysterious and they move with purpose. What people see on the surface of your person is just the tip of the iceberg; there’s an entire world of you that no one has yet to visit. This year, resolve to learn to let others in a bit more than usual. People are inherently good, and just interested in getting to know you because, frankly, you’re interesting.


You’re fun-loving, always looking for the next spontaneous adventure. You have about a million great ideas for new projects that don’t always stick; in fact, many of them fall through. It’s not necessarily your fault, you just want to experience it all. Use 2018 to learn to make clear-cut goals and begin ventures you’ll make sure to follow through on. Your potential is unlimited.


Capricorns are family-oriented, responsible individuals who work hard to achieve what they want. You’ll suffer through demanding physical labor to get where you need to go; you’ve got your eye on the prize. This year, resolve to take time for yourself and for relaxation. This is a no-work zone. You must simply exist in the peaceful moment of doing nothing.


You’re innovative and intelligent, likely having come up with more than one invention in your lifetime. This year, take your ideas to a new level by expanding your network. This should be a simple task for your sociable, likable self. Putting yourself and your thoughts out there will surely warrant positive and lucrative feedback.


Pisces are creative, talented individuals with a propensity for romance. You like to daydream of the life you hope to create. Use 2018 as the year to turn your fantasies into realities. Make one small goal each day that propels you on your path toward greatness. You’ll be surprised as how much you can achieve.

Resolutions are completely possible, even probable, with the right preparation. Astrology is a great tool to use to prepare for most situations, especially planning your year. Collectively, we can make 2018 the year of the kept-resolution. Choose themes and ideas that intrigue and excite you, those that will bring you success. Make this the year you finally keep them.

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Rhiannon Liselle is a nomadic Sagittarius with a passion for writing and trying to help others grow. She’s studied astrology for about 10 years, and has been writing about metaphysical, spiritual, and esoteric subjects for 3 years. Rhiannon lives in the mountains of Colorado, and loves drinking coffee and spending time with her coloring books.
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