How to Use the New Year to Heal Familiar Wounds

Entering a new year can be challenging. For a lot of us, the winter blues are still in full effect by the time New Year’s Eve rolls around, and beginning the cycle all over again can seem daunting.

Perhaps the holiday season, along with the cold weather on many parts of the globe this time of year, have left you feeling down and isolated, not quite ready to take on the New Year. Maybe old wounds have been reopened and now need tending to before you can move on to a set of fresh experiences and ideas.

It’s hard to realize how much pain we’re carrying around sometimes. Our shoulders have sunken so deeply from the weight of our burdens that we no longer remember what it felt like without that constant, aching pressure. It’s time to soothe the wounds from your past, and care for them with compassion and strength before approaching the New Year.

Tending to these pains as you transition into 2018 will build an excellent foundation for self-acceptance and self-love, resulting in a smoother, more peaceful year ahead. This article will show you a multitude of practices and techniques that will serve as spiritual Arnica for your emotional bruises.

It is Written in the Stars….

Astrology is a wonderful tool for uncovering hidden, internalized pain and finding solutions for healing it. Some transitions are accompanied by purposeful hassles and draining undertakings. Take the Saturn return for example, which occurs every thirty years, and produces struggles that are meant to teach important life-lessons.

This particular transition can last anywhere from two to three years and will definitely not be forgotten soon after its departure. Your first Saturn return typically happens around the age of thirty, which contributes to the average person’s battle with turning the Big 3-0.

It can create tensions in your career as well as your personal life, making your entrance into your thirties more of a hazing than a comfortable progression. These tensions, however, lead to the evolution of the self. Saturn causes chaos that eventually leads to the development of your full potential.

While you may not be experiencing a Saturn return this year, the message still rings true: Astrology provides you with information that helps you prepare yourself for such metamorphoses. Taking a look at your chart and examining the locations of the planets and their accompanying houses will give you a better idea of the path your life might take.

Studying your personal astrological indications will also provide you with a more comprehensive sense of the direction the upcoming year could swerve, perhaps wildly or with a more graceful approach to the curves ahead.

Astrology Answers provides many tools for diving into your personal, astrological destiny. Utilize astrology as a creative, entertaining and effective tool for planning ahead and understanding the events of the past.

Uncovering your birth chart can bestow insight upon you surrounding upsetting experiences, rocky relationships and struggles with your career, giving you the opportunity to address these issues and let them go, for good.

Crystal Clear Vision…

Crystals are an incredibly powerful healing tool, emotionally, spiritually and physically; and I won’t lie, it feels incredibly magical to carry a petit, beautiful and mystical piece of the universe in my pocket. The ethereal qualities of crystals are delighting. It’s almost as if helpful, little fairies buried these treasures among the cracks of the earth to assist us along our journey.

Even if you’re not familiar with gemstones and their individual properties, you can easily pick up the practice of allowing them to wash you over with mysteriously curative vitality. The following information will highlight some of the more effective, mystical stones for emotional and physical pain.

Amethyst has astonishing healing properties and is a magnificent sight to behold. It shines like a purple diamond, yet its energy is one-of-a-kind. Amethyst can assist in eliminating addictions, and was even sprinkled in the wine glasses of the Ancient Romans and Ancient Greeks to prevent inebriation. It alleviates depression, reduces anxiety, and improves ailments of the body.

Rose quartz is a gorgeous, pink-hued crystal that is wonderful for heartache. It can reduce hostility and open your heart chakra, leaving you feeling relaxed and loving. It releases negative energy that’s been stored in your body and fills you with a subtle yet joyous sensation.

Moonstone is my favorite stone, and one that is celestially connected with the heavens. It is an intensely spiritual stone that links you to the angels. Its colors range from white to light blue, and it shines with a holographic luminescence that is breathtaking. It is associated with the third eye chakra, and stimulates your intuition and empathic skills.

Moonstone is a magically powerful, divinely feminine stone that everyone should have in their collection. For more information on the powers of stones, check the Crystals and Gemstones section of Astrology Answers which highlights the properties of tons of stones and even includes Daily Crystal Readings!

Manifesting Your Destiny….

One of the most powerful tools you can use to increase your mood and heal old wounds is the power of positive thinking. Manifestation is more effective than we often realize, and negative thoughts are equally effective in the opposite manner. Negative thinking can keep us stuck on an endless loop of hostility and pessimism.

Approach the New Year with clear intention. Your intent is what gives your actions their efficacy. Everything you do is improved with the sense of purpose that you apply to your behavior. Decide here and now to make a change this year, to let go of grudges and create a foundation for evolution and enlightenment.

Life is too short to be miserable and wallowing in the troubles of our pasts. It’s time to gather your strength, connect with your core and stand strong in the face of the anguish you’ve overcome. Allow determination to overcome you and propel you, with the assistance of tools like astrology and crystal healing, into the New Year with a clear sense of who you are.

The energies approaching us this year are gentle yet powerful, and set the perfect tone for a year of healing and growth.

Take your time to map out a plan of action, using esoteric techniques like astrology, numerology, crystal healing or tarot readings to help you make this year the healthiest year yet. Approach your wounds with the care you would give to a helpless animal, remembering to be gentle with yourself and properly mend the lacerations you’ve acquired over your lifetime.

Excitement Abounds….

Allow yourself to be enthusiastic in your approach. Even in times of darkness and pain, there are glimpses of light; embrace them when they flicker in your line of vision. Try to increase your inspiration and stimulate your passionate side.

There is something so hopeful about the beginning of another year; a chance to turn it all around; an opportunity to begin anew and grow into the person you’re meant to become. Embrace the excitement of an unfamiliar era, a dewy morning in the darkness of an icy winter.

Approach the New Year with a desire for health, happiness, strength and resolve. With the right attitude and the assistance of universal love and compassion, you can sky-rocket to a new level of individuality and inspiration that will shine on the twilight of yesteryear.

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