What’s Your 2019 Hair Trend, Based on Your Sign?

Few things in life can boost your mood faster than feeling confident in your appearance – and what has a more dramatic impact than a new hairstyle? If you’ve been in a bit of a rut lately and want to elevate your look, why not look to your zodiac sign for some inspiration?

A few words of advice – any major changes should always be done by a professional; listen to the stylist’s advice, they’ll know what will work best for you. To feel confident in your decision, look for inspiration images & bring them with you.

Lastly, change can be scary, so don’t be upset if your major change takes some getting used to – you can rock this!

Aquarius – Updated Shag

One of the most unconventional signs in the zodiac, very little about ‘trends’ appeal to quirky Aquarius. Go for something timeless yet unique and consider an updated shag. Unexpectedly chic, this cut will compliment your personality perfectly – with modern styling, there’s a level of effortless cool that’s a perfect match for a water bearer.

The versatility of this cut will also keep you from feeling restricted – always a faux-pas for our airy girls. Worried about committing? Ask for light layers before your big chop!

Pisces – Extensions

Dreamy and creative, Pisces see themselves as mystics and want to show the world they’re on a different wavelength. This zodiac sign has a tendency towards nostalgia, especially with their style inspiration, and it fits their bohemian vibe to covet long, flowing locks – but who wants to grow their hair forever?

Luckily for our fishy friends, extensions are more affordable and easier than ever to install, with a variety of lengths to help you live your mermaid fantasy. Worried about committing? Test drive a set of clip-in extensions!

Aries – Classic Crop

No sign is more fearless and straightforward than the ram, so it should be no surprise that the boldest suggestion is for Aries! There’s a reason supermodels throughout the decades have turned to this ‘do at one point, and it’s because this style puts your money maker front & center – there’s no hiding with a short length, suiting this red hot personality just fine.

Less truly is more with this style, so stick to something simple and uncomplicated. Worried about committing? Cut your hair in stages to the final length!

Taurus – Olaplex Treatments

Always attracted to the finer things in life, Taurus isn’t impressed by the flashy styles other signs might try. Instead, these earth mamas are more likely to pamper themselves with something that feels good – and what’s better than the softest, healthiest hair you’ve ever had?

This salon treatment repairs your strands at a cellular level, for strong shiny hair that just begs someone to run their fingers through it. Decadent yet practical, it’s the best of both worlds for our bulls. Worried about committing? Try the at-home formula for a temporary effect!

Gemini – Modern Bob

It’s hard to keep up with Gemini’s moods, and their hair is no different – their dual nature makes it hard for this Air sign to be satisfied with committing to one style. Embrace your love of change and opt for a modern bob. While it may seem simple at first, this can be one of the most versatile cuts.

With endless variations of the cut itself and ways to style it, even our gals with twice the personality can be satisfied, since they can change their look on a dime. Worried about committing? Try a long bob first!

Cancer – Dipped Ends

Easily the most sentimental of the Water signs, Cancers imbue deep emotional meaning to most things in their lives – and hair is no exception. While crabby girls can cling to the security blanket of their locks, it doesn’t mean they don’t like to shake things up!

The easiest change is dip-dyed ends in a fun color that coordinates with your natural shade. If the look isn’t for you, you’ll only end up losing the color along with any split ends during your next trim. Worried about committing? Test drive with brush on temporary hair chalk!

Leo – Perm

It’s no surprise Leos love being the “mane” event at any social event, and what better way to grab everybody’s attention than with a full, bouncy head of curls? Flirtatious and a little wild, curly hair expresses the fun-loving side of our fiery babes.

Before you write this trend off, keep in mind salon perms have come a LONG way from the tight poodle coils of the ’80s. Even just a light body wave could be enough to let loose your inner lioness. Worried about committing? Use a large barrel curling wand for a temporary effect!

Virgo – Bangs

It should come as no surprise that this detail-driven Earth sign is the only one capable of pulling off this trend! With their tendency towards perfection and love of precision, Virgo has the traits needed to commit to bangs, since it requires a strict maintenance schedule in order to look your best.

There’s something flirty about catching a person’s gaze through their fringe, so don’t worry about this style being too ‘maidenly.’ Worried about committing? Try clip-in bangs, or ask for curtain bangs to start!

Libra – Structured Cut

Some might assume a sign represented by scales would get an asymmetrical cut, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Libras love defined lines, both in life and style, so embrace a cut that relies on precision and strong composition.

Structured cuts are bold without being fussy, which suits this Air sign – a perfect balance between form and function. They’re also easy to grow out, for when Libra eventually tips towards a new creative direction. Worried about committing? Ask for a simpler cut to start!

Scorpio – Ash Shades

The mysterious one of the zodiac, Scorpio craves drama and intensity in all things, including hair. You might think this means our prickly sisters want a more vivid style, but you couldn’t be more wrong. An ash-toned color is perfect then – it’s sensual and conveys depth without being flashy or excessive, both big turn-offs.

Don’t assume you have to go dark though – there’s nothing more cool and untouchable than ash blonde. Worried about committing? Ask your stylist for a rinse of color first!

Sagittarius – Rainbow Color

Everybody knows Sagittarius has a vibrant personality and their hair is a reflection of that. Why not try one of the hottest trends & set the world on fire with bright colored hair? Salons offer every color of the rainbow, from washed out pastels to deep jewel tones, so archers are sure to find something that hits the spot.

Since most of these colors are semi-permanent too, they can change their color on a whim – a must have for this adventurous sign. Worried about committing? Test drive colors in your bottom layers!

Capricorn – Single Dimension Color

While it’s easy to dismiss Capricorn as too serious to care about frivolous things like hair, they’re quite invested in their image – and while their style may not be as bold as others in the zodiac, these horned ladies know all about crowning glory.

Single dimension color is polished and elegant, just like Capricorn. This low maintenance style also leaves more time to work on world domination instead of sitting in a stylist’s chair. Worried about committing? Use a semi-permanent formula first!


Whatever style you’re inspired by, changing your hair can have a dramatic effect on how you see yourself! If your world is in need of a shakeup, a new hairstyle may be just what you need.

Does your zodiac sign guide your personal style? Did you try any of these hair trends? Please share!

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