Harnessing the Energy of Your Zodiac Birthstone

Most jewelry stores and gift shops sell items according to zodiac birthstones. You may already even know what your birthstones is – they’re usually defined month by month. However, have you ever noticed that there’s often a difference between what one retailer sells as your birthstone and what another one markets? This is because there’s no one specific tradition that associates an individual stone with a particular month.

However, when you start looking into the relationship between birthstones and zodiac signs, then things can get very interesting indeed. Astrologers of old knew the resonance of different stones with the signs. You might find that working with your zodiac birthstone as opposed to the one associated with a calendar month brings you some unique benefits. Let’s take a closer look.

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Rubies have been described as ‘fiery’ and ‘captivating,’ and the same can be said about Aries. Innocent, naive, fearless, and assertive, they can’t help but shine — just like a ruby. Ruby works with the root chakra. It can aid you when building stamina, and protect against psychic attack — particularly if you’re a bit oversensitive. Ruby also is said to keep your dreams from turning into nightmares.

Another birthstone you might associate with Aries is diamond.


Malachite is soothing yet captivating, much like the personality of Taurus. It will absorb the negative energies around you — and if you’ve got a close Taurus friend, you’ll know that is one of their traits, too, for few people are more supportive than a Taurus. Malachite stimulates the heart chakra, and will help you to find peace in the midst of chaos. Wearing it will bring you an awareness of what may be blocking you from finding fulfillment in your life.


Geminis have so much nervous energy, and all types of agate are beneficial in lowering stress levels and bringing composure. Different colored agates have slightly different properties; for example, blue lace agate enhances emotional support, while crazy lace agate is appropriate when mental agility is needed. Wear agate when trying to juggle a heavy schedule, or when some stability is needed in order to deal with stressful people and situations.


It’s not surprising that the moonstone is associated with the zodiac sign of Cancer; Cancer is ruled by the Moon. Moonstones come in dark and bright colors, some opalescent, but all seem to have a depth and a mood — just like Cancerians. Wearing moonstone works with you to open your heart and reminding you to be gentle with yourself — and others.


The Sun is Leo’s ruling planet, and sunstone is just one of the gems that resonates with Leo’s pride and charm. Keywords for Leo are personal power and leadership, and those are also qualities that the sunstone reflects. Wear sunstone to increase your vitality and independence, and to stimulate your sacral chakra. Sunstone can also give you an edge in competition with others, and improve your chances for promotion.


Topaz is an excellent stone if you want to enhance the positive side of a Virgo’s personality. Virgos are known for their attention to detail, but that can often come with nervous energy and criticism. Topaz comes in many colors, each one bringing slightly different properties, but all topaz stones will assist in calming the nerves. Wear topaz when you’ve got a goal to reach, and don’t want to deal with distractions or things that will take away your focus from your objective.


Lapis Lazuli has long been considered to be a stone of luxury and fairness — words that also describe people who have the Sun, Moon, or rising sign in Libra in their birth chart. Wearing lapis can enhance your communication skills, and allow the truth to find its way to you. Lapis will also help you speak your own truth in a manner that will get you heard. It’s a great stone for balancing the throat chakra.


One look at moldavite and you’ll see why it’s associated with the Sun sign of Scorpio. Intense and moody, moldavite — a form of tektite — works with you when developing your intuition, working with dreams, or exploring other realms. It heightens your sensitivity, and stimulates the heart chakra, though, so make sure that you wear it only when you’re willing to be open and compassionate to what life has to offer to you.


A Sagittarius is usually carefree, cheerful, and sometimes even just plain lucky, and all of those words can be applied to turquoise stones. The beautiful shades of blue raise energies and bring positive vibrations. Turquoise is lucky, positive, and protective. Wear this stone to protect yourself from negativity, and to raise your own resonance so that you can bring yourself into balance, and give your spirit room to grow.


Tourmaline is down to earth, practical, and protective — just like a Capricorn! You couldn’t have a better ally than tourmaline when you need patience, when you need focus and determination, and when you need reason, logic, and perseverance. Wear tourmaline to remind you to keep your feet on the ground when you need to get your priorities in order, and when you need help dealing with the stress and chaos in your life.


Those born under the sign of Aquarius are known for their original insight, and this is mirrored in the shimmering colors of the labradorite stone. Labradorite is a form of feldspar that flashes either brilliant blue, gold, or aqua. It calms the mind and stimulates creativity. Labradorite stimulates your unconscious so that you can communicate thoughts to your awareness and then works with you to convey those ideas to others. If you’re looking for a flash of inspiration, wear labradorite!


Pisces are known for being dreamy and creative, and these are qualities that can be found in the many different types of jasper from all parts of the world. Jasper is available in nearly any color, and traditionally was worn by spiritual leaders as a sacred stone. It eases stress, promotes peace and tranquility, aids in self-discipline, and provides strength to the etheric body. If you need to break a habit, wear jasper to assist you.

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Wearing the stone that resonates with your Sun sign is a good place to start, but there’s much more to both crystal healing and astrology than what I’ve listed above. You can look into this further by wearing the stone that enhances your Moon sign, or your rising sign, for example. If you want to get really into things, work out what sign is on the cusp of your different houses, and wear the stone that will help you work on that area of your life. Birthstones and Star signs are a lifetime’s study, one that is both fascinating and rewarding. Opening yourself to this world just takes a little time, some dedication, and a willingness to learn.

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