5 Questions You Should Never Ask Astrologers

We hear a wide variety of questions here at Astrology Answers. And astrologers, psychics, and people who work with divination tools (the tarot, runes, the pendulum, etc …) can offer you a lot of insight and guidance when it comes to finding your way through the difficulties that life throws at you. However, there are questions that simply cannot be answered by a professional. This isn’t always due to the questions that are being asked, but rather how they’re asked (and the expected answers). Once you know how to word the questions you want to ask, you’ll be able to avoid the things you should not ask your astrologer and receive a reading or birth chart interpretation that is full of valuable wisdom and direction. Here are 5 things you should not ask your astrologer.

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Questions That Start With “Will I” or “Am I”

This goes for questions that start with “will he” or “will she,” as well. You see, the planets can influence you, but they cannot controla you—not even the angels can take away your gift of free will. Every psychic whom I know wants to reply to these types of questions with “I don’t know, will you?!” They understand that nothing is carved in stone. If you want to do it, you’ll make it a priority and you will do it. If you don’t want to do it, then it won’t be a priority for you and it is unlikely to happen. There’s nothing magical or mysterious about that. It’s just a matter of choice.

What to Ask Instead

A better way of phrasing this would be to ask, ‘What are my chances of …,” or “Does this look like a good idea, according to my chart?” That way, your astrologer can explain the strengths and weaknesses around the situation for you. Then you can determine whether it is worth you investing your time and energy into it or not.

“What Are the Lottery Numbers?”

This is another eye roll for most readers. For one, I have yet to see any planets, tarot cards, or any other oracles with winning lottery tickets on them. For another, if a psychic really could accurately predict the winning lottery ticket numbers, do you think they would actually be working for a living?

What to Ask Instead

A better way of phrasing this is to ask about fortunate periods that are approaching, or if any financial gain is indicated in your chart. There are aspects of the 5th house that can indicate good luck; there are aspects of the 2nd house that can point to increased income, and there are some planetary transits that mean more to you than others. Your astrologer can help you determine when your luck may be at a peak or in a trough, but they cannot accurately predict your winning lottery numbers.

Just ask for any increase in luck or periods of financial gain, and you’ll get a much better reading than if you asked for winning lottery numbers.

“When Will I Be Happy?”

Oh dear. Now you’re giving away your personal power to someone else, and wanting your reader to take responsibility for you. I’m sorry, it’s not going to happen. Your happiness is your responsibility. It is your choice, and just like the “will I” questions, not even the angels can take away your free will. Choose to look for positive things and hang out with positive people, and you will find happiness coming your way. Focus instead on what is going wrong, and keep company with people who take advantage of you or bring you down, and the joy you seek will elude you.

What to Ask Instead

Ask if there are any aspects you can tap into, in order to draw more happiness into your life. Or if there are any transits you should be aware of, so that you can take advantage of the energies they bring. There will always be both positive and challenging transits happening in your chart. The moon makes aspects to something every few hours, while Pluto—the slowest moving planet, taking nearly 250 years to orbit the Sun—can sit with the same aspect for years. Your astrologer will help to guide you through these periods, so you know when the challenges approach, and where the positive energy lies. What you choose to do with that information is entirely up to you.

Don’t let the challenging times scare you. Very often these are the times you leave behind what is no longer right for you so that you can step into bigger things and find happiness once the transit has passed.

“Can You Cast A Spell to Make My Ex Return?”

Even if we could, we won’t. There are plenty of people out there who will take your money and provide this service for you. We’re astrologers. We work with planets and birth charts, and that is something completely different than working with spells. Planetary transits and phases may be a part of spellwork, but spellwork is not a part of astrology.

Trying to make someone do something they don’t want to is a very shaky ground. Suppose you do get a spell cast, and he—or she—returns to you. How would it make you feel, knowing that he wasn’t there of his free will? Are you going to have to keep casting spells to ensure he stays? What if someone else also wants him, and is casting spells to get him to return to her? Are you going to get into a spell war in order to outdo each other? Let’s say your spell does work, and he stays with you, but you change your mind and desire someone else. Are you going to be stuck with him? Will a spell to undo your attraction spell work?

What to Ask Instead

A better way to phrase this question isn’t even, “Do you see my ex returning?” That may happen, but it may not be in your best interests. Ask your astrologer instead what he or she sees ahead of you for love. This opens the doors of abundance for you. It means that your advisor can look to see what is coming, what is best, and you can prepare yourself to be happy in love, without spellwork and without living in the past. Isn’t that a better approach to things?

“Tell Me Something I Don’t Already Know About Myself”

Um, no? Your astrologer is not there to play ‘test-the-psychic.’ You wouldn’t go to a doctor and say, “Guess what’s wrong with me.” Don’t do it to your astrologers, either. They are not there to tell you what happened on your 8th birthday. You already know that. An astrologer is there to interpret the planetary energies for you so that you can move forward towards your highest happiness and your greatest success. Even if your reader could tell you that you bought a new hat last week and that you have a hole in your left sock, how empowering is that? It helps to build confidence for stage psychics, yes, but that’s not the role of an astrologer.

What to Ask Instead

Ask your reader to help you understand what happened to you in your past so that you can come to terms with it, get closure, and let it rest. People will tell you to ‘let it go,’ but you really can’t. You were there; you experienced it; It’s a part of you, so let it rest. It’s still going to be a memory, but that memory doesn’t have to have a hold over you. Your astrologer can use the movement of the planets to help you understand aspects of your personality that may have come into play in the past, so that you can improve for the future. You already know what happened. Let your advisor help you understand why, and give you a glimpse into what is yet to come.

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Your psychic counselor or astrologer can help you with many things, but working miracles is not one of them. You need to be proactive in what you want from your life, and take responsibility for making it a priority if the advice that your advisor offers is going to have any impact. It goes back to the first topic and the question of free will. Remember these five things you should not ask your astrologer, and focus instead on the myriad of things that you can ask. And if you mess it up, don’t worry. A good reader won’t hold it against you, but just gently steer you in the right direction, so that you can both get the very best from your interaction.

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