3 Things Your Astrologer Will Tell You That A Therapist Can’t Even Touch!

When it comes to your life’s greatest potential for wealth, health, love and success, the truth is, YOU have the upper hand. That is, if you know what to look for …

Sure, it can seem like the world all around you is filled with obstacles and limitations. And while all that worldly bologna holds most people back, it doesn’t have to stop you, once you tap into the power of Astrology!

Astrology is a powerful tool because it can provide anyone with the insights and timing to overcome even the stickiest of problems. In fact, when you start making decisions based on your unique Astral Nature, you’ve got a “Secret Insight Weapon” that even the best therapist can’t touch!

Career, Success and Love

Now don’t get me wrong; therapists still have their place in the world, but a therapist can’t even touch 3 critical areas of your life. And these areas happen to be exactly where a professional Astrologer helps the most:

1. The Best Timing for Taking Action in Career, Wealth and Relationships.

2. The Right Path to Take with Fork-in-the-Road Decisions for Greater Abundance.

3. Whether your Love Relationship will Last or Not.

Let’s have a closer look at each of these 3 key areas, because whether these are “hot topics” for you right now or not, I’m sure you’ll find the same thing that everyone who keeps a good Astrologer close at hand has come to know: Every modern woman and man can benefit from a good Astrologer in their lives!

1. Timing

The beauty of understanding your unique Astrological Profile (Your True Astral Nature) is that you can use it as a touch-stone for any area of your life. But much more than that, when a professional Astrologer compares your birth chart with current astrological transits, something truly profound is possible …

They can determine, to-the-day, when the correct timing is for all kinds of actions you must make in your life – from when to change jobs, start or end relationships, invest in expensive but necessary items … all of these and more are actions better taken when the timing is right.

2. Making the Right Decision

Timing, as they say, is “everything” … but before timing comes those all-important decisions. And in today’s complex world, let’s face it: we all have many important decisions … decisions that can impact your life for years to come! Marriage, divorce, career-change, education, children …. the list goes on.

Making important life decisions can often feel like standing at a fork in the road: you can only see a few hundred feet ahead. What if there’s a cliff a few miles down one path? A grizzly bear down the other? You just don’t know.

A trusted Astrologer by your side can change all that in an instant! Why? Because Astrologers can look at the timing and location of those all-important planetary transits, and be able to foresee which path leads to a bear of a problem … and which leads you to the destination of your desires!

3. Is “He” (or She) THE One?

Soul-Alignment is key for lasting love. And as much as they’d love to help with this, even the best therapists can’t identify Soul Alignment (unless they are also psychic) …but an Astrologer sure can!

With the press of a few buttons, a professional Astrologer can set up two kinds of charts that will give you a WORLD of information about the resonance between you and that special someone.

A Comparison Chart literally compares both you and your loved one’s chart to determine your areas of strength and potential challenges. A Comparison chart also reveals clear “signatures” for Soul Alignment between two people.

A Composite Chart combines the 2 individual charts to make a brand new, 3rd chart. This Composite Chart reflects the unique energy created between you and your beloved. Again, it shows the strengths and challenges inherent in the relationship, as well as key “signatures” for Soul Growth and Harmony.

So whether it’s knowing WHEN to take action, avoid conflict, start a family or end a relationship, a professional Astrologer aids their clients with timing their important life decisions.

For the fortunate few who have a trusted Astrologer to turn to, they also get guidance on critical life decisions of all kinds.

And when it comes to love and relationships? Well, simply put, an Astrologer is your go-to for the deepest, most profound and Soul-Aligned Love.

About The Author


I consider myself part astrologer, part comedian, and part psychologist. I try to help people turn on their own inner observer, to see the things they say and do in an objective way. I have been in private practice for over 40 years. I use astrology and my own system called The 4 Elements as tools to help people step into their power. I want to empower people from all walks of life and I have written a book, magazine columns, hosted a radio show and I have a YouTube channel with over 3 million views to accomplish that goal. I’m dedicated to creating community.I believe the future is arriving and none of us can do it alone. I also believe in the power of listening. When we are silent - both with ourselves and each other - the messages that are trying to come through us can be given a voice, and we can all start walking our authentic and powerful path. I split my time between Kauai, Hawaii and Boulder, Colorado where I enjoy talking to the beautiful flowers, daily swims and laughing with my partner, Larry.You can keep up with Debra on our Video Horoscopes page - where she posts her Daily Horoscope videos for Astrology Answers!
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