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There are many ways that magic can appear in your dream. You may see someone else performing magic, you may see a magician appear in your dream, or you may even come across some magical powers of your own.

Magic in any form in your dream is often indicative of the fact that you have the power to get yourself out of your own situation. The situation in question will be identified by the dream itself. Very often we become so steeped in our fears that we forget that we are the master of our fate and our destiny.

Dreaming About Performing Magic

When you perform magic in your dream, you are being reminded that you are the one that has all of the magical powers within you to get yourself out of whatever bind you are in, or to reap the miracles you are seeking in life.

If you are performing magic in front of others, such as making things disappear, creating talismans, or shooting elements from your fingertips, or transforming things into something else, this indicates your desire to show the world your talents and let your gifts thrive.

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Dreaming About Seeing Magical Symbols

You may see magical symbols in your dream, such as magic wands, or magic hats. Those symbols are pointing you in the direction of tools you can use to wave the magic wand in your life.

For example, you may see a magic wand beside a cell phone in your dream. This could be a message that the cell phone, or a phone call to someone, is somehow going to help you generate your own magic in your waking life. Pay very close attention to as many details as you can when magic appears in your dream as they are clues as to wield your own magical abilities.

Children Dreaming About Magic

If your child, or a child you know, dreams about magic, such as turning into a superhero or having magical powers, then it is an indication that they may be dealing with something emotionally troubling in their life and their dreams about magic are helping them cope.

However, this type of dream also has a deeper meaning. Sensitive and gifted children will often have dreams about having magical powers because it is an indication that these gifts exist within them and they are waiting to be harnessed and released. It is important to nurture these gifts and listen to the dreams so that the child does not feel ‘weird’ or ‘strange’.

Dreaming Of Seeing A Magician

If you dream of seeing a magician it is important to take note of how the magician presents themselves.

If they are sinister or evil in the dream then it indicates that someone you know in waking life is power-hungry and will trample over anyone in their path to get what they want. You are being alerted to this person and warned to be on your guard.

If the magician appears benevolent, it indicates you are in need of spiritual guidance and someone around you can help you. This may be an older person or someone with experience in areas of magic or the occult.

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