No, you are not an empath.

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Your results show that you are not an empath! You do not appear to display empath qualities, and you value hard logic and your rational mind on many occasions. However, every person has empathy, and therefore they have the potential to develop their empathetic qualities. Having a good balance between the rational mind and the intuitive one is an excellent way to be as it broadens our perspectives and enables us to see things from all different points of view.

If empathy is something that intrigues you, remember that you can nurture your natural empathetic qualities by reading up on empathy and envisioning yourself in another’s shoes. Empathy leads inevitably to compassion, which then leads to a desire to end the suffering of others. You are a compassionate soul, and there is an innate desire deep within to make your mark in this world.

As someone who is not an empath, your path in this world may be different from the path of the empath, but the lessons you learn in your lifetime are designed to help you learn and grow as a person. Remember to value your intuition, too. It can provide enormous help to you when making decisions and enable you to see things from a different perspective. Remember that there is a light in you which has the power to shine brightly. Go forth and let it shine in your unique way!

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