5 Ways to Use Mercury in Cancer for Communication

Has life felt a little frenetic lately? Have you felt like communication with all of your nearest and dearest is a bit all over the place? This is Mercury in Gemini energy. Mercury is a tricky, witty, sarcastic, and fast-paced communicator. Gemini is the Mutable sign of the Air signs, and has a reputation for talking out of both sides of their mouth. If you have been feeling all over the map, that’s why.

But that’s all about to end. Thank goodness!

Our communicator friend Mercury is about to be slowed down quite a bit when Mercury enters Cancer on June 12. And with Summer lovin’ on all of our minds, that’s a wonderful thing. As we breathe a sigh of relief that communication is going to take on a more loving tone, let’s talk about how to use this energy wisely. These will be the only tips you will need to ensure ALL of your communication in work, love, and play goes exactly the way you want it to this Summer.

Key Themes for Mercury in Cancer

• Where? This is Mercury, the planet of intellect and communication, in the emotional Water Sign of Cancer. Expect the emotions you put on the back burner in June to come front and center.

• Who? Water Signs are going to love this one, they′ve been waiting for a time of emotional release. Have fun, Scorpio, Pisces, and of course, Cancer. But this transit will impact ALL zodiac signs, so don′t think that just because you are not a Water Sign, you won′t benefit. We′re going to show you how!

• What? When Mercury was in Gemini (and in retrograde), rational words and thoughts prevailed. We dumped our emotions on the back burner. You are going to receive deeper clarification on that emotional stuff, so open yourself and the Universe will send you the messages that you need. Emotional memories, deep and vivid thoughts about your most emotional issues, and a wild imagination are all things you can expect right now, and should use to your advantage as much as possible!

• When? This transit is short but sweet, lasting most of July. From June 12 to June 29 this year, you can use this transit to your advantage in a way that will last right through to the Fall. It′s about laying that emotional groundwork.

Here′s how you′re going to do it!

1. Expect to be overwhelmed emotionally.

When you know in advance that you will be overwhelmed emotionally on key matters at work, with your lover, and with family and friends, it′s easier to handle these conversations when they come. While your emotions are running high, capture the good ones and release the bad ones. With this transit, as good as you will be feeling, you will also be feeling some of the not so good. Too many emotions can take you all over the map, and not in a great way.

It will be easier for you to be hyper-paranoid, thinking TOO much about the emotions are coming your way. Prepare yourself to experience some emotional overloads, but don′t jump down anyone’s throat just because you know it′s coming. In fact, knowing this is coming should prepare you to do just the opposite. Feel your way through the stuff that heads your way, but don′t react to it right away. When you feel emotions building during a conversation and don’t know what to do with them all, put a pin in it. You don’t have to have every conversation people want you to have. Sit on it, work through the feelings, and come back when you are ready to express them. You’re allowed to say, “Can I get back to you on that?”

2. Use nostalgia to your advantage.

Nostalgia themes are paramount under Cancer energy, it is why we see a lot of couples reuniting during this period. With emotional Water sign Cancer, nostalgia and themes from the past are high. We are given another chance to revisit our past in this transit. In the Cardinal leadership sign of Cancer, use nostalgia to create forward momentum in beginnings, in both work and love. Use it rationally though, with an emotional foundation. What you don′t want is to get fixated on a memory that is holding you back.

What you do want is to use that memory to reconnect with someone or something that brought good into your life. This emotional release will be wonderful and pleasurable. Cancer is very sentimental, and all Earthlings are feeling this effect right now. So play to people’s sentimental sides and nostalgia when you are communicating with them. They will feel like you “know them” and leave the conversation feeling all warm and fuzzy. This works at work too, believe it or not!

3. Don′t take things personally.

Cancer gets offended very easily. All of the Water Signs do, because they wear their hearts on their sleeve. Mercury is rational and logical though, and this will backfire on you. Remember what we said about overreacting in Tip 1? We are all coming from a heart-centered place in this period, and sometimes that comes without a filter. You know that feeling when you are filling all up with emotions and you don’ know what to do with them so they allllll come out?

Remember when you hear something that doesn’t sit well, it′s not about you, it′s about the person communicating. When this happens, don′t react in a hurt and offended way. Thank the individual for being real and honest with you, and coming from a heart-centered place. Ask them for some time and chew on their words for a while from your own heart-centered place. And don′t be afraid to ask questions for clarification as well! That′s why it is called communication!

4. Follow your heart, but take your head with you.

Cardinal Signs are born leaders, and the Cardinal Water sign Cancer is a loving leader. Lead with love, but be smart about it. Think of how celebrities that have Mercury in Cancer lead their lives. Princess Diana had Mercury in Cancer in her natal chart, and so does Tom Hanks. This charming and gracious energy that is witty and clever, but loving and wise is the leadership that Mercury in Cancer embodies.

Cancer is heart-centered while Mercury is head-centered, but Cancer is Cardinal and thus these emotional waters trump the head. Follow your heart and your gut in every single decision and communication, but use your head as well. You do want to listen to your instinct, your first impulse. But you don′t want to rush into anything if that instinct is warning you to wait and think this one over for a bit. When you sacrifice the logic-centered part of you, it enables you to truly connect in every communication in the heart-centered way that this transit wants you to do.

5. Be real.

This is the hardest thing for most of us on this planet to do, because we have such a difficult time accepting that we are awesome enough to be accepted in this world. You are! You ALL are awesome! This is the time to show that off, and prepare for the miracles that will result. The more real you are in this period, the more productive both mentally and emotionally you will be. Mercury cuts to the chase pretty quickly, and picks up on every single perception coming your way. Cancer feels its way through, so you will be giving as well as receiving a lot as well. Thus, what you put out, you receive in return.

When you think of “being real” under Mercury in Cancer, think again of Tom Hanks. He’s funny, and that’s because he just shoots it from the hip and tells it like it is. You don’t need to fake what you are feeling if it is bubbling up. Just be real. Using Mercurial sarcasm and wit, you can play with your expression a little bit. Feelings can be good. Don’t fear them. Embrace who you are and lead with love.

If you continue to live your work and love lives keeping secrets as you did under Mercury in Gemini, it will come back to haunt you when Mercury moves into Cancer. Cut to the chase by feeling your way through any manipulations that come your way as well. Just call them out and cut them out. Under Gemini energy, you felt all over the map. Under Cancer energy, just feel your way through it and be real. This will make all of your Summer communications enjoyable and loving, and not something to dread.

Concluding thoughts….

The wind in everybody’s sails is slowing way down under Mercury in Cancer. Actually, it’s not just slowing down, it’s softening, with love. So embrace this, even if you aren’t the most emotional sign. If you are struggling, keep on top of your Daily Horoscopes to ensure you know exactly how to handle this loving transit every single day. Then use these tips all summer long! Be real. Put a pin in it when you get overwhelmed. Lead with love. When you do, your summer communications are going to shine, baby, shine. And so will you!

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As a Scorpio, Christine Beswick is a natural empath, using her watery emotional side to bring you the astrology answers you need to find abundance. Christine’s favorite tools of choice are the stars, as it was her grandmother who first told her many moons ago that’s where all the answers were. Christine’s Scorpio side favors writing as her medium of choice to express those answers. When she’s not pondering life’s big questions, it is Christine’s dream to one day be the crazy cat lady on her street.
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