7 Steps to Create a Powerful Tarot Reading & Vision Board

We are over the Moon to teach you a fun combo today that includes giving yourself a tarot reading and making a vision board. Are you ready to make your dreams a reality and set yourself up for success?

You do not have to be a professional to do a tarot card reading because there are explanations for each card already ready for you. You also do not need to go out and buy expensive supplies for a vision board; you can use the stuff you find around the house – even just a pen and a piece of blank paper will work. Minimalism is on trend, anyway.

Reading tarot cards provides a direct line to your heart and the wisdom that is within you that can guide you to the best goals and the ideas that will truly bring you lasting happiness. Tarot reading helps you get below the surface of your mind so you can find the truth and the real spiritual awareness that will bring you days upon days of joy and fulfillment.

A vision board is a tool – much like a hammer is used to build a house, a vision board helps us build our dreams into reality, a process new-agers refer to as manifesting. And you can do it, too!

What is a Tarot Reading?

A tarot reading is a method of selecting and interpreting tarot cards in order to offer insight into a question or situation. Tarot reading puts the power over your life back in your hand by showing you how to create positive energy which can manifest great things for you and help many others, too.

In the simplest terms, a tarot card reading helps you reflect on and consider the past, present, and the direction you’re heading towards for your future. Reading tarot allows you to see how your thoughts and perceptions are helping or hindering you. Each tarot card has multiple possible meanings that are meant to allow for multiple interpretations for each card, so know that there are no black-and-white, yes-or-no straight answers. The tarot card meaning that resonates with you will stand out as the meaning meant for you.

Essentially, tarot reading is a key to your inner truth that can be accessed only through your intuition. Tarot reading is able to activate your intuitive connection through its use if imagery, colour, and symbols to bypass the logical, reason-based mind to the expanded consciousness that goes beyond.

How Can You Use a Tarot Reading to Your Advantage?

Focus your questions in a tarot reading on how you can improve the areas of your life you want to work on.

For example, ask, how can I improve my love life? and do a 3-card spread to represent past, present, and future. This spread gives you an action to focus on and shows you how things have been in the past.

If you want a career doing work you are truly excited about, ask the tarot how you can align with your soul’s purpose. As a highly intuitive art, know that if you approach the cards with only greed and selfishness in mind, you will only be met with experiences that lead you right back to where you started.

You can also use daily tarot readings to help you stay on track with your goals. Sometimes using the tarot daily can help us shed the layers of our ego that are creating goals and making us use our energy in ways that are not actually going to lead us to happiness. Allow space for realizations in your tarot readings because this is an ongoing self-realization process. You’re allowed to change your mind! Allow your tarot reading to reveal changes of heart that could help you let go of ideas that are not helping you.

If you ask the tarot what will happen or how someone else thinks, you’re wasting your time. The tarot is meant to be used to empower you to create your own energy that will improve your life by activating the law of attraction in your favour. You should not try to change anyone else or influence others to feel a certain way. Take full responsibility for the energy you’re projecting into your own future. Remember that the future is never written in stone, so predictions can never be exact. Avoid using the tarot to attempt to see into your future. Instead, focus on how to keep your energy positive and your vision for your purpose clear. This is how the tarot will allow you to achieve your goals – not by attempting to tell you the future.

Tarot Cards Meanings – Major Arcana

When you come across a major arcana card, it represents a major turning point, lesson, or a new phase in your life. It can mean a big change or adopting a new perspective that will open your path in an unexpected direction. Major arcana cards show up when we are going through things that seem more intense than the daily routine. The major arcana represents The Fool’s journey through life, with each major arcanum card representing another archetype along the continuum of a lifetime. The Fool represents a novice at the starting line of a new journey and all the potential that is available at this stage. The Fool begins the process of learning, failing, becoming wise, and teaching others only to begin all over in another area of life. The culmination of the journey arrives with The World major arcanum card.

Because your heart knows what is best for you, tarot reading can help you understand why a storm may be in your life and allow you to use your inner compass to navigate through the high waters. It’s always a blessing when a major arcana card shows up – it is a sign of potential growth if you choose it to be so.

7 Easy Steps for a Powerful Tarot Reading

1. Create the Space

Before you do your reading, prepare to be undisturbed and make your environment conducive to a meditative state. Play spiritual music, light incense or a candle, and make a comfortable place for yourself to sit. You may not be able to make the perfect place, but the act of preparation helps set your intention for a meaningful tarot reading.

2. Get to the Heart of Your Question

Before choosing the cards for your tarot reading, it’s important to form a clear question that will set you up for an empowering answer. Your question should be pure of heart, for the greater good, and spiritually motivated. You can ask for guidance on small life goals or major life goals, but always make sure you focus on asking about how you can do better. The energy you bring to life is what truly creates the biggest impact on the outcome of your entire existence. Don’t just ask about love, ask how you can improve your relationships or ease tension in your heart for healing.

Above all, point the question at yourself and the actions you can take – not at others and things out of your control.

3. Choose Your Tarot Spread/Layout

Next, decide if you’ll do a simple single-card spread for guidance, a 3-card spread, a Celtic Cross spread, a decisions spread, or a spread of your own design. Whatever you choose, you want to have a clear idea of what each card will represent before you set it down. Tarot decks will usually come with a few spreads to choose from in the guidebook, so if you’re a beginner, start there. You’ll find your tarot deck’s guidebook always comes in handy even when you’re a seasoned tarot reader because it can help inspire different interpretations of the cards so that you’ll get the message meant specifically for you.

4. Shuffle Your Tarot Cards

Knock 3 times on your deck to clear the energy from other readings and become fully present to the question at hand. Cut the deck into three piles and pick them up in a different order. Shuffle the deck until you feel you’re done shuffling (this is a great way to exercise your intuition muscle) and then pull the tarot cards into your chosen spread. Some people like to shuffle 7 times exactly and some people like to do it more freely. As you’re shuffling, focus only on the question in your heart that you have decided to bring to your tarot reading today.

5. Do the Tarot Reading – Tell the Story

When you lay out the cards, pay attention to any impressions you get and don’t discount ideas that come to you. The tarot will often surprise you with a new perspective or idea you hadn’t thought of before. Write down your thoughts and impressions in a journal so you can review them a few days or weeks later. If you’re new to tarot, read the interpretation of the card and write down the meaning that resonates the most for your current life situation. Relax as you let the cards speak to you. Don’t think too hard and just let ideas float into your mind. That’s how your intuition communicates with you. Your only job is to listen.

6. Answer the Questions

Revisit your question and see if the cards you pulled can offer you specific insights. Look for the positive action you can take from what the cards have revealed to you. Don’t take any cards as negative predictions of the future. Instead, look at the cards as a mirror of your energy right now. If you’re finding the tarot card meanings vague, try coming up with a more specific question. Don’t just ask about health, ask about how to improve your cooking. Don’t just ask about work, ask about how to find a way to love what you do.

7. Reflect on the Results

Once you’ve set the bait, cast the line, and pulled in your net, look at the fish you’ve pulled in! Did you get a big one? Did you get something unexpected? What guidance can you use moving forward? We recommend writing down 3 action items in 3 clear sentences to summarize your reading. This will set you up with a specific and focused game-plan.

Now it’s time to use your gameplan and your newfound focus to create a vision board!

What is a Vision Board?

A vision board is a visual tool you create yourself that helps you narrow down your desires through the power of choice. A vision board can be large or just the size of a piece of paper. Your only goal with a vision board is to create a clear vision of what you’re working towards so that when you look at it, you are reminded of what you’re working for and why. Use inspiring photos and words that convey not just your goals, but how you’d like to feel at the end of the year. It is to be placed where you will see it daily, such as by your bed or in your kitchen. If you make it nice and really put your heart into it without rushing, the vision board will be imbued with your energy. The more you see it, the more it helps you see this reality and the more it directs your energy, your creative power, towards the things you put on it.

How to Create a Vision Board to Be Successful – 5 Simple Steps

Step 1 – Visualize & Make a List of Your Goals

First, ideally in a meditation, spend time focusing on what the most important goals for you to have this year are. Ask from a place of humility. What will bring you true fulfillment and allow you to help the world with your unique gifts? Visualize yourself loving life and the right ideas will come from the emotion you generate. If you seek a stable, positive, and fulfilling life, there are many ways you can achieve that. What do you need to achieve in order for your life to be stable, positive, and fulfilling?

Step 2 – Find the Perfect Visuals to Represent Your New Year Goals

Now that you have clear goals, it’s time to find pictures, images, and visuals that represent them. Sketch, doodle, color, or search magazines and the Internet for inspiration. You can use words too, especially adjectives that describe the way you want to feel in the coming year. Be as specific as possible! Use colors and images that really speak to you. Most of all, don’t worry about not doing it “right” – the act of vision boarding alone is enough.

Step 3 – Map Out the Visuals on Your Vision Board

Before putting your images and words on the vision board, first place them on the board to see how they fit together. Re-arrange to your heart’s content! You may find it more effective to have one picture instead of five because it feels more clear to you. Let your creative personality come out without becoming a perfectionist. Vision boarding is not a competition, it’s meant to inspire you and create an emotional reaction in yourself – it’s not for anyone else.

Step 4 – Hang the Vision Board Somewhere You Will Constantly See It

We recommend you frame or tape your vision board to a wall in a room you’re in often. If you have a meditation altar or spiritual corner at home, your vision board would be a perfect addition. Your vision board won’t help you if you put it under your bed! Your dreams will become things when you allow your energy to focus on them, so keep them center stage.

Step 5 – Look at Your Vision Board Daily

Spend time each day in meditation, visualizing the goals on your vision board. You may want to make a new vision board on each New Moon to get your smaller goals accomplished to help you reach the big ones. It’s fun to save your vision boards and look back and see all the things that have happened just from getting clarity on your goals. Vision boards are something that entrepreneurs and successful people swear by. The emotional body sends out energy into the Universe, which draws an energetic blueprint of your future, allowing it to manifest in our reality. Your vision board is your way to co-create your reality with the Universe.

Combine Your Vision Board With a Tarot Reading to Start the New Year Just Right!

Now, for the ultimate power-packed manifesting combo, we are going to combine the tarot reading with your vision board. You can get a free online tarot reading or do your own. There are many free tarot apps, or you can buy the Astrology Answers tarot deck (which is one of my personal favourites because the art reminds me of Harry Potter!). If you’re doing your own reading, find a deck, app, or website that resonates with you. Let your intuition guide you to the language and style of a tarot deck that will work best for you.

Once you’ve let the tarot help you with your goals, you can make that vision board and put it up. If you want, paste pictures (or the cards themselves) on your vision board to remind you of their message. I cannot think of a better way to bring in the new year than with an intention-setting and manifesting ritual.

Find Out More About Tarot Reading

If you’re brand new to tarot readings, you can try a simple free one online. You’ll start to become familiar with the language of tarot the more you work with the cards. The tarot is a powerful intuitive tool that taps you into information that’s already been inside of you. You can develop your intuition and learn how tarot words by doing tarot readings every day.

We have an explanation of each tarot card right here to get you started. There are 78 cards total in a tarot deck, and they are divided into the major and minor arcanas. When you work with tarot cards regularly, they start to speak to your intuition quickly and clearly. There are also four symbols (known as suits) that represent different areas of your life. Use our tarot card guide and study the cards that come up in your daily tarot spread to learn them and see what energy each day holds.

Concluding Thoughts…

Now it’s time to gather your supplies, light some candles, play some inspiring music, dim the lights, and get to manifesting with your tarot deck and vision board! The year ahead is going to be full of positive energy, fun activities, and success. When you focus your energy and aim to align with a purpose that is greater than yourself, you’ll find your consistent focus will bless your life in ways you never thought possible.

Take our quiz to find out Which Tarot Card You Are! You can learn more about Tarot Reading here on Astrology Answers.

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Shannon Yrizarry

Shannon Yrizarry has taught metaphysical subjects since 2013 including the deeply esoteric lineage of kundalini yoga. She has worked as a healer, clairvoyant and card reader and been featured as a dream interpreter on Viceland’s Nuts + Bolts show as well as for Mercedes Benz and Refinery29. She has read Tarot for The Zoe Report, done readings for stars and aims to bring the empowering wisdom of astrology mainstream.With a bold voice, she wants to uplift consciousness to help us evolve to a healthier more spiritual society. Her classes can be found online at www.HOI.TV/authors/shannon and you can follow her daily inspirations on Instagram @shannonyrizarry. She also teaches kundalini yoga in Portland, Oregon. What gets her out of bed is helping people align with their soul purpose.Shannon is the author of two books published by Llewellyn Worldwide, Psychic Yoga and Modern Guide to Meditation Beads.
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