How to Use Tarot to Guide You After Divorce

Happy New Year, Beloveds! It’s time for some game-changing moments. We love to stay positive around here, but the truth is, some people are experiencing heartbreak and loss as they head into 2019. Might that be you? If it is, know that all of us here at Astrology Answers are sending you a great big hug. We are also sending you love and light and many blessings for promises of better things to come.

Many of you are going through divorce, rated as one of the top units on the Life Stress Scale as life stressors. That means your health can suffer emotionally, physically, and spiritually – regardless of how positively you are dealing with this change. Change is stressful and when not managed properly, it can impact your life.

Today we are going to look at how to use the Tarot, one of our favourite tools, when undergoing life’s major changes. After this lesson, you will be able to use the Tarot to guide you to life’s blessings after one of the most stressful things that can happen to you.

Why Use Tarot Readings After Divorce?

Remember that the Universe is all about balance, and to everything there is a season. What that means is, if you are going through some tough times with divorce right now, know that this is the Winter of that experience and this too shall pass. Your Spring and Summer light is on its way! That doesn’t mean you’ll have to wait until Spring or Summer to see your life blossoms and blessings grow. But it does mean, they are on the way.

Today we are going to talk about how to learn more about when those blossoms and blessings are on the way. The Tarot is a wonderful tool for this.

Astrology is an excellent tool to provide an idea of forecasts. The planets in our houses can help us to identify themes that will be present in the day. In some cases, the aspects of the planets can also tell of the potential of specific events happening. But we may not know exactly how or why or what or who the themes are going to be present around.

This is what the Tarot is for. The Tarot gives us those specifics.

The Tarot can help you with timing in the long-term, timing in the short-term, Yes/No questions, an entire year outlook. This is why it is so handy during a divorce matter. During divorce, a lengthy legal process, there is always a bevy of uncertainties in the mix. The Tarot can help you to discover the answers to uncertainties.

On the way to court? Ask the Tarot your success potential.

Need to negotiate? Ask the Tarot what you need to wheel and deal with.

Just want a future outlook? You got it, ask the Tarot.

I have 3 readings that I think are very helpful in this situation.

There is the generic Past/Present/Future reading that can be applied to any situation and is particularly helpful during divorce. Then we have the Relationship Reading that is very helpful to give you some specifics of all of the variables happening in divorce. And then there is the traditional Yes/No reading that is good for the day by day, or very specific questions you may have on any given day while you are dealing with divorce.

You can do these any time you want! You probably want to start right now, so let’s have a look. First, let’s have a quick peek at how to do a Tarot reading spread, and you can apply this method to any Tarot reading you have.

How to Do a Tarot Reading

When you do a Tarot reading, you want to enter the experience with pure thoughts and intentions, and most importantly, your question. This is the thing you want most in your mind when you are launching a Tarot reading.

You don’t want to be thinking about what’s for dinner, how to pay this bill (unless that’s your question!), or what the kids are doing. You want to do this when you have your “me time” and have no distractions or interfering thoughts.

You can use sage to cleanse your Tarot cards, or the room you are in, or even cleanse yourself! That’s a very helpful way to stay in the moment when you are doing your Tarot reading. When you are in that moment, prepare your reading.

First, shuffle the Tarot cards any way you want. You can just spread them out on a cloth before you, actually shuffle them, or do whatever you wish to shuffle them or mix them up. As you do, ask the Tarot the question or think of the question you have before you.

Then, you want to pick the number of cards required for the reading. Remember the order you pick them in.

Then all you have to do is lay the cards out, apply the readings below, and you will see what answers the Tarot has for you immediately.

Tarot Reading – Yes or No

For this Tarot reading, you are simply asking the Tarot a yes or no question. It’s very similar to pendulum work, but with the Tarot, you get a more specific answer in your yes or no question.

This is good during divorce due to all of the uncertainty that is going on. You can use this during those sad moments, but try and keep your questions positive. You want to ask questions like:

  • When will this all be over? When will the blessings start flowing?
  • What blessings are coming my way?
  • Am I doing the right thing? Am I making good choices?
  • What choices do I need to be successful in this endeavour?
  • What blessings will I have today?
  • What good news is on its way?

Keep your questions positive. You never want to veer to the negative and use the Tarot for personal or ill-gotten gain. That’s when you start playing with fire. Be as positive as you can when using the Tarot and the miracles will come. Promise.

If you get a card you don’t like or one that foretells some negative news, you may want to repeat the process and reword the question towards the ones that sound like: What blessings are coming my way?

Everybody wins in divorce at the end of the day. Sometimes in the moment, it’s really hard to see that. The Tarot can help you in those Yes or No questions to help to show you where those blessings are. Hope springs eternal.

Now let’s take this up a notch.

Tarot Reading – Past, Present, and Future

The Past/Present/Future reading is one of the most standard readings in the Tarot. When you are going through divorce, some of the most common questions you have are, “What did I do to find myself here? How did we get here? What lies ahead?”

This is where the Past/Present/Future reading comes in.

In this reading, the Tarot tells you what factors from the past, influenced your present moment, and what lies ahead. This very simple 3-card reading helps you to see the direct themes that brought you here, and where your sunshine is ahead.

Shuffle your cards, ask this question of the past/present/future readings. Use our Tarot guide and Tarot definitions to help understand what brought you here, and what lies ahead.

In divorce, it’s not always your fault. There are always two themes involved, you and one other person. The Tarot can help you find the path of forgiveness, and move towards those blessings with this very simple reading.

Tarot Reading – The Relationship Reading

This is a great reading to do during a divorce. This gives you some very important themes that will help guide you through the process. It also combines the above two readings and gives you solid advice on what to do next. And, what not to do.

This is a 10-card reading that helps to show you where the other party is standing, what is going on right now, the central issue at the heart of the matter, and what lies ahead in the next few months.

Shuffle your cards and begin asking the question of your entire relationship, your divorce, and what lies ahead. You can ask as many questions as you want while you are shuffling the cards, and you want them to pertain to these issues. Where am I standing? Where are they standing? What’s the real issue here? What is happening now? What is going to happen in a few months? What should I do? What actions should I avoid?

All of these questions will be answered by the Tarot. You’re going to pull 10 cards that speak to you to answer these questions. Each of these 10 cards has a meaning. Spread them out in front of you however you like. Here are the meanings:

Card One – Where you stand.

Card Two – Where the other party stands.

Card Three – What’s going on with you in the present moment, what’s happening now.

Card Four – What is the theme of what lies ahead.

Card Five – What is the issue at the heart of the matter?

Card Six – What is happening within 0 – 3 month’s time?

Card Seven – What is happening within 6 to 12 month’s time?

Card Eight – What is the overall outcome of this situation?

Card Nine – What actions SHOULD I do to create the best possible outcome for myself?

Card Ten – What actions SHOULD I NOT do or AVOID to prevent trouble or negative outcomes?

This is one of my favourite readings for situations like this because it really spells out a lot for you. It answers all of the W’s – where, when, why, what, and who. It also gives you a forecast on what’s ahead and what the outcome will be given the variables at this time. Then, it offers advice!

Pay attention to this advice, and remember that sometimes these variables can change through free will. You have the Tarot to answer those day-by-day questions any time!

Concluding Thoughts…

That, my friends, is how you use the Tarot to get through these difficult times. It gives you a picture of the now, and hope and promise for the future, which is something you really need right now. The beauty of this is that you can use this tool at any time. Change is stressful, but we can not navigate life without change. If not managed properly, change is going to create stressful energies in our spiritual plane that can throw everything off balance. The change of divorce could throw off your entire mind/body/spiritual alignment. You don’t want that. We don’t want that for you.

When you have your own Tarot deck, use these Tarot readings to help guide you through those changes, and show you the blessings and blossoms that are ahead. You can also use our Daily Tarot readings and stay in tune with our Daily Horoscopes to help guide you through the day by day. It’s a new year. It’s a new day for you. Embrace it. It’s time to be the you that the world has been waiting for. Who is that?

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