7 Simple Ways to Enhance Your Daily Tarot Reading

Your daily tarot card reading is more helpful when you enhance your intuition with tools that induce a meditative state. We want to show you how to combine your daily tarot with ancient and modern techniques that help you access your intuition so you will connect with the cards as much as possible.

If you’re distracted, rushing, or talking to other people while drawing your daily tarot cards, the guidance you access from your intuition won’t be nearly as detailed. Sometimes we don’t have the convenience of a perfectly calm and quiet space for tarot readings, but even creating an altar in your home to sit in front of each morning and playing the same soft music can help you get more relaxed and tap into your soul’s guidance with the use of the tarot more quickly.

As you develop the habit of pulling your daily tarot cards, you’ll start to look forward to the guidance of your intuition which will help you see more clearly how your thoughts are affecting you and what the best course of action is. If you’re living in fear of making a big change, for instance, your daily tarot will reveal this deep truth to you and the help you see your own urge to transform. The cards reflect your intuition, which can’t be accessed by the logical mind, or the Ego. Your intuition allows you to have access to information that is for your highest good. Ultimately, your tarot habit helps you take responsibility for your own life and helps you choose the best approach to take to manifest your soul’s purpose and live a truly spiritually connected life.

Here are some simple ways to make your daily tarot card reading more magical and more helpful!

There is So Much More to Tarot Reading Than Just Card Drawing

When you set your intention to allow the tarot to guide you toward the path of your soul, the cards will respond. It’s the consistency and your intention that matter the most.

Here are 7 ways to help you connect to your intuition with tarot.

1. Have a Sacred, Special Place to do Your Daily Tarot Reading

Having a place that inspires you to ask the tarot for spiritual guidance is important. If you place candles, crystals, and affirmations on your altar, it will help you connect to the questions that will lead you in the right direction. If you want to, use spiritual art to remind you of your spiritual identity in your meditation space. You’ll tap into a higher vibration of consciousness that will help you let go of the desires of the physical world that most people cling to so desperately. In many ways, this sacred space can help give you freedom.

2. Meditation

Don’t just look to the tarot cards for your answers, seek to engage with the cards. When we make our daily tarot card reading a time for meditation, we are actually able to access a different vibration. Our vibration is determined by our emotional state. If you’re angry, you will have a difficult time finding a higher truth that can guide you to a fulfilling path. Set your intention to clear your mind, sit in a comfortable position with a straight spine, and have a journal handy to keep track of your impressions and realizations. Date your journal entries so you can see how your intuition is guiding you over time.

Clear Your Deck of Negative Energy

Before you meditate, knock on your card deck 3 times with the intention to clear your reading of any expectations so you can be fully present. Imagine your mind clearing as if you’re surrendering to the information that will show up.

Enhance Your Environment

Make the lighting dim and relaxing with candles. Cue your senses to relax with an essential oil diffuser or an incense you like, such as frankincense. Pillows that give you a comfortable meditation space so your back and feet don’t hurt will also help. Let the people you live with know you’re meditating and ask them not to disturb you by putting a Do Not Disturb sign on your door. Put your phone on silent and keep it out of sight while you’re meditating.

3. Breathing & Relaxing

Before you do your daily tarot reading, take deep breaths in your nose and out of your mouth for a minute to help your nervous system relaxing. Set the intention to relax all the muscles of the body while you relax. If you’re sitting in a chair at a table still take time to relax your body more than you usually would while sitting in a chair. This is essential to being able to reach a meditative state.

Make sure you’re just focusing on breathing and relaxing so your mind let’s go of your plans for the day or any ways you may have already decided your day could go wrong. Focus on how your body feels and follow your breath entering and leaving your body to clear your mind before you ask the tarot your questions. As you read your daily tarot, stay in this relaxed state by continuing to breathe slowly and very deeply which will keep you relaxed and reduce anxiety. You are more creative and intuitive in a relaxed state.

4. Journaling

When you journal, first write down your question for the daily tarot reading. Write down the impressions you get from each card and try not to judge the things that come to mind – sometimes your intuition will surprise you and reveal things you don’t yet know are coming.

Make sure to date your journal entries and mention if you’re meditating in the morning or evening. This will help you return to your entries and track your own patterns and growth. You’ll also see how accurate your intuition is about cycles in your life. Keeping a journal is essential to seeing just how helpful daily tarot reading can be over time and helps you remember what you’ve been learning.

5. Using Crystals to Enhance Your Daily Tarot

You don’t have to be an expert on crystals to use them in your daily tarot reading. Here are some easy to find and not too expensive crystals that you can use for different effects in your meditation.

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is known to enhance intuition and connection to spirit. If you find yourself being overly analytical and doubting your ability to meditate, clear quartz can help you past that hurdle. If you find you aren’t understanding the meaning of the cards, this is a good crystal to work with.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz can help you find self-love and a more positive way to relate to others. If you’re having trouble with relationships or sadness, rose quartz can help you find healing perspectives and connect to the intuitive part of you that knows how to heal when using the tarot.


Amethyst can help you shift negative energy to positive energy and reduces anxiety. If you’re worried that you’re not doing your tarot reading right or feeling worried about something, this crystal can help you use the tarot to raise your vibration.

Spirit Quartz

Spirit quartz is great for getting creative insights that you might not have thought of before. It can help you connect to ideas that can be solutions to issues you’re currently dealing with. It raises your vibration so you can stop viewing things as positive and negative and find the learning opportunity in all things.


Celestite is a high-vibration crystal that can help soothe your emotions. When you meditate with celestite, you can heal your deep patterns of negative thinking or painful memories because it can help you see past them.

Black Tourmaline

If you have trouble meditating because you lack focus, black tourmaline is a grounding crystal that can help you feel less scattered in your thoughts. It is also protective and can help you stop worrying about what other people think. If you’re in a negative environment, it’s good to meditate with black tourmaline to create a clear space.

6. Drawing Time

There’s no wrong time to do your daily tarot reading, and it’s better to do it at some point than not at all. Even if you’ve done it once, it’s always a good idea to revisit the deck for guidance later in the day for more clarity.

Tarot Reading in the Morning

Many people find it’s most helpful to do their daily tarot reading in the morning to set the course for the day in a spiritually empowering way. It’s a good idea to do your reading before you start talking to people or wake up fully because you’re in your most creative, intuitive state upon waking.

Tarot Reading at Night

You can also reflect on your day by ending your day with tarot. This can help you glean lessons from encounters and review how the tarot helped you sense how the day would go. Right before you fall asleep, you’re also in a creative brainwave state that can allow you to see past your logic mind and into your intuition easier.

7. Using Music to Enhance Your Tarot Reading

Music can allow your brain to find a meditative and intuitive state of mind. Flute music, singing bowls, reiki music, or zen music can all help you reach a meditative state much faster than silence can. Use music without a heavy beat or lyrics so you can find a trance-like state without feeling energized by the music. It should be uplifting. Desert Dwellers, White Sun, Kundalini Yoga Mantras, or other easy to find meditation music on YouTube can help you feel your soul’s presence because most spiritual music is made when the musician is in a spiritual state. You can use the same music each day to cue your brain to connect to your soul, but don’t be afraid to try new types of music to see what works for you. Simple, calming music will help your mind reach into creative places and feel at ease.

Take Your Time & Experiment With Your Daily Tarot Practice

Check your daily horoscope to see what type of energy you’re dealing with for the day before doing your daily tarot reading. You can also read your weekly or monthly horoscope to see the themes you may be dealing with over a larger span of time as well so you can understand how your emotions are influenced by the planetary movements and cycles. Combining astrology and tarot is a great way to enhance your intuition and connect to your soul.

The future is not written in stone, but using tarot allows you to see how the energy you are embodying now is projecting a future for you. If you want to create a better future, ask the tarot how you can improve your energy and focus on how to create the best possible future. None of the tarot cards should make you feel scared or that you’re out of control or afraid of the future. Anyone who reads the cards as a doomsday message doesn’t understand that we co-create our reality.

You don’t have to be an expert on astrology to get something from your daily horoscope. You also don’t need to be a tarot expert to glean guidance from it. Simply read the meaning of the card and see how it relates to you and what impressions come to mind. The more you do your daily tarot, the more the cards will come to life for you.

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