Are You & Your Partner Star-Crossed Lovers?

Is your love story written in the stars? Understanding how to use love astrology and birthday compatibility will explain why some signs will automatically feel like your best friend and you’ll get that feeling like you’ve known them forever. On the other hand, birthday compatibility can explain why some signs will be harder for you to read or even frustrate you.

There are no wrong signs to date, just different emotional climates and personalities that will offer different experiences. For example, Geminis love to travel, something they have in common with Aquarius and Sagittarius. Leos like to take risks, so they are often at odds with the planning nature of a Capricorn. It’s things like this that can help you find where to compromise and where to find common ground with your special person.

The Honeymoon Phase

The honeymoon phase in a relationship usually lasts a few months to a year, and then you start to come down from cloud nine because you’re more dependent on each other and flaws become more apparent. During the honeymoon phase, it’s hard to see anything but what you have in common with your partner. Eventually, when you get used to your partner and the newness wears off, you’ll find it useful to be armed with an understanding of astrology signs and birthday compatibility to understand the similarities and differences between you and your partner.

The better you understand each other’s birth charts, the easier it will be to last past the honeymoon phase. So many relationships end after this phase because people don’t use the wisdom of the planets to understand their partner’s unique quirks and desires. If you want yours to last, keep reading!

Birthday Compatibility & Long-term Relationships

People are often afraid to look into zodiac birthday compatibility because they don’t want to hear that their sign isn’t compatible with their partner’s for fear they will have to end the relationship. But birthday compatibility has many layers (we are more than just our Sun signs). Our birth charts reveal much more about our emotional needs, which are determined by the Moon sign and the planets and signs in the seventh house. It can also reveal your romance style, depending on what sign Venus, the planet of love, is in, and your style of communication, based on what sign the planet Mercury is in.

Long term, it is highly advised to study each other’s entire birth charts to understand each other on a deeper level. If that sounds like Greek to you, don’t worry, you can start by just learning more about their Sun sign and your own. After that, look to the rest of the primal triad, the Moon sign and Rising sign. If someone doesn’t act much like their Sun sign, look at their chart to see if there is another sign dominating their personality, or another element.

Which Birthdays Are Compatible & Why

  • Aquarians get along best with Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius, and Aries.
  • Geminis get along best with Aquarius, Libra, Aries, and Leo.
  • Librans get along best with Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, and Sagittarius.
  • Aries get along with Gemini, Sagittarius, Libra, and Aquarius best.
  • Leos get along best with Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra, and Aries.
  • Sagittarians get along best with Leo, Aries, Libra, and Aquarius.
  • Taureans get along best with Capricorn, Pisces, Virgo, and Cancer.
  • Capricorns get along best with Taurus, Virgo, Pisces, and Scorpio.
  • Cancers get along best with Scorpio, Taurus, Pisces, and Virgo.
  • Pisceans get along best with Cancer, Taurus, Scorpio, and Capricorn.
  • Scorpios get along best with Pisces, Capricorn, Cancer, and Virgo.

The reason for this compatibility is partially based on elemental compatibility. Fire and Air are complementary elements, as are Water and Earth, so signs from these groups typically mesh well. No sign is 100% compatible with another, but if both signs are caring and nurturing like a Virgo and Cancer, they already have similar values. If the signs don’t get along because one likes to plan and the other is spontaneous like a Virgo and an Aries, they will have to work harder to find ways to get past these speedbumps.

Can Non-Compatible Signs Work, or Is Zodiac Compatibility a Dealbreaker?

Birthday compatibility is NOT a deal breaker – don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. They say Cancer and Libra have a hard time getting along, but they can learn the most from each other if they stick it out. Finding ways to get along with people who are different from us help us appreciate new perspectives and stretch us to see new viewpoints that we haven’t considered before. In many ways, it is better to date someone who has a Sun sign that is not naturally compatible with yours because you’ll learn how to face and overcome challenges. Also remember, just because your Sun signs may be at odds doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot of compatibility in the rest of your charts!

How to Make It Work if You & Your Partner Are “Incompatible”

Incompatibility should be looked at as a treasure hunt and not a curse! Here are some ways to conquer the confusion of dating someone who doesn’t seem to be astrologically compatible with you.

1. Use Your Differences as a Blueprint

Know where your life goals are different or how you like to use your time differently so that you can respect each other’s values and style. Giving someone space to be themselves and not moulding them into what you think they should be will make them feel good. If you’re a Cancer with an Aquarius, for example, you’ll need to know they need their space more than you do.

2. Understand Their Astrology Sign

Take time to research and study your partner’s Sun sign. What are their most common strengths and weaknesses? How do they prefer to communicate? How do they handle stress? These are all questions you can answer by understanding your partner’s Sun sign.

3. Use Venus to Find Their Love Language

Locate Venus in your partner’s birth chart. Note which zodiac sign it appears in, and in which house. If Venus is in Scorpio, your partner probably expresses love physically and intensely and will be prone to initiating deep conversations about emotions. If their Venus is in Cancer, however, they may get attached quickly and want to spend lots of time with you at home to feel close.

4. Use Mercury to Understand Their Communication Style

We each have our own unique communication styles. If you have Mercury in Aries, you’ll speak quickly and directly. If you have Mercury in Gemini, you’ll be very chatty and curious. If you have Mercury in Capricorn, you’ll see each conversation as a project and work hard to ensure that everyone’s needs are met.

5. Look At Each Other’s Moon Signs

If you want to know what makes your partner feel secure and comfortable, you need to know their Moon sign. In fact, in Vedic astrology, the Moon sign is regarded with greater weight than the Sun sign. The Moon sign is always the same sign as the Sun sign, or either the sign directly before or after the Sun sign.

6. Look to the Seventh House in the Birth Chart

The seventh house is the house of partnerships. This house reveals what we look for in a partner. Depending on what sign and what planets are in yours and your partner’s seventh houses, you can see the type of relationships a person is likely to have and what types of relationships are going to be most fulfilling.

7. Find Areas In Your Charts That Are Compatible

If your Sun signs clash, don’t worry! First, look at the rest of your birth chart and consider where the other planets are and which signs rule which houses. Chances are, you’ll find there are areas of your chart where you are compatible in the many layers of who you are. We are complex, but we can always find a way to relate to each other if we actively try to understand how and why other people are the way they are.

Incompatibilities Do Not Seal Your Destiny, But Do Pay Attention to Them

Not everyone shows the typical traits associated with their Sun sign. Astrology is not a black and white art, but rather it creates a wireframe blueprint of someone’s identity. For example, most Librans are extremely social, but each Libran will have a different style of communication that will influence their personality. Because we each have unique environments we are raised in and other influences in our birth charts, we are each unique and each person requires time to get to know. Plus, we’re always growing and changing. Nothing is set in stone, including birthday compatibility.

What Matters Most is the Effort You’re Both Willing to Put In

Ultimately, if you both want to make it work, astrology can only make that process easier. If you run a birthday compatibility report, use it to understand, not to judge. Instead of being critical, point out each other’s strengths. We are each a unique and complex soul with a purpose, and if you seek to help each other fulfill the purpose you feel called to do, you will thrive. When you stay focused in a spiritual way and accept each other’s goals, you’ll find it’s easier to get along. Talk through things with kindness and compassion and listen intently to what’s important to each other.

Set your intention to be tolerant, accepting, honest, and open, and you can get along with anyone. Astrology and birthday compatibility simply offer you the tools you need to do that. Check out your zodiac compatibility right here and begin writing your own star-crossed love story!

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Shannon Yrizarry has taught metaphysical subjects since 2013 including the deeply esoteric lineage of kundalini yoga. She has worked as a healer, clairvoyant and card reader and been featured as a dream interpreter on Viceland’s Nuts + Bolts show as well as for Mercedes Benz and Refinery29. She has read Tarot for The Zoe Report, done readings for stars and aims to bring the empowering wisdom of astrology mainstream.With a bold voice, she wants to uplift consciousness to help us evolve to a healthier more spiritual society. Her classes can be found online at www.HOI.TV/authors/shannon and you can follow her daily inspirations on Instagram @shannonyrizarry. She also teaches kundalini yoga in Portland, Oregon. What gets her out of bed is helping people align with their soul purpose.Shannon is the author of two books published by Llewellyn Worldwide, Psychic Yoga and Modern Guide to Meditation Beads.
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