Gemini Compatibility With Other Zodiac Signs

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Have you ever wondered: what is Gemini’s compatibility with other zodiac signs?

Shout your love from the rooftops with energetic and outgoing Gemini. This Mutable Air sign brings the lively conversation and unpredictable actions into love, meaning that if you fall in love with a Mercurian Gemini, you will never be bored and always be on your toes.

The first impression of a Gemini lover is that they are flaky or talk too much, but when you take the time to get to know them, you will see the charm of their clever, witty banter and flexible dualities. If you enjoy spontaneity and a lover who knows you inside-out, you will find that falling in love with a Gemini man or woman is an adventure that will fulfill you for a lifetime.

Read below to learn about your love compatibility with Gemini below.

Aries Sign

Gemini - Aries Compatibility

Curious Gemini is sure to find a lot to love with passionate and spontaneous Aries. However, Gemini will have to be cautious that they don’t mind Cardinal Aries’ desire to lead too much and will have to be willing to play along for the ride.

Taurus Compatibility

Gemini - Taurus Compatibility

Gemini and Taurus in love is often a tricky match that does not seem to bode well on paper. But Mutable and changeable Gemini will find that they have a lot to learn from Earthy, grounded Taurus, and the two may just find that opposites attract instead.

Gemini Compatibility Sign

Gemini - Gemini Compatibility

The conversation never stops between a Gemini and Gemini couple! These two will have endless fun with witty banter and intellectual debate — however, they will have to eventually put down the lighthearted conversation to mutually let down their emotional guard.

Cancer Compatibility

Gemini - Cancer Compatibility

These two can offset each others’ weaknesses with their differences, so a Gemini and Cancer match may find love in their mutual desires to compromise. However, Gemini is open to expressing anything very honestly and will have to be careful that they don’t hurt sensitive Cancer’s feelings.

Leo Compatibility

Gemini - Leo Compatibility

With a love for intellectual stimulation, Mutable Gemini is sure to find seemingly larger-than-life Leo intriguing. When Air and Fire mix, the duo can ultimately create a passionate love affair — so long as Gemini doesn’t feel smothered by Leo’s Fixed nature.

Virgo Compatibility

Gemini - Virgo Compatibility

Despite the elemental differences between Air and Earth, these two have more in common than you may initially think. Sharing the ruling influence of Mercury, Gemini and Virgo will appreciate each others’ innate desire to share and communicate — even if they disagree on how it should be done.

Libra Compatibility

Gemini - Libra Compatibility

Both falling under the communicative element of Air, Gemini and Libra will be attracted to each other by their common ground. As Libra has an innate desire to mediate and Gemini can enjoy stirring the pot, they’ll have to get over, rather than get under, each others’ nerves.

Scorpio Compatibility

Gemini - Scorpio Compatibility

On paper, Gemini and Scorpio are more like star-crossed lovers than a match made in heaven. However, as both are passionate and determined lovers, when they find someone they love, this may make the fight all the more worth it for them!

Sagittarius Compatibility

Gemini - Sagittarius Compatibility

In this love match, opposites do attract. Gemini will admire the wild and roaming Sagittarian spirit and share the desire for freedom and adventure. As they often have different ways of expressing this, these opposites must learn to appreciate each other’s varying perspectives.

Capricorn Compatibillity

Gemini - Capricorn Compatibility

The grounded, levelheaded nature of Capricorn can be great in the long-term for flighty and Mutable Gemini. However, the road to a long-term relationship will be long and arduous if this tricky duo does not compromise on their very different ways of living life.

Aquarius Compatibility

Gemini - Aquarius Compatibility

If there is one person that will be able to appreciate the wild and eccentric mind of an Aquarius, it is naturally curious and intellectually-minded Gemini. These two will naturally spark a beautiful, mutual attraction and find a lot to love about each other’s similar ways of seeing the world.

Pisces Compatibility

Gemini - Pisces Compatibility

Both Mutable and ever-changing signs, Gemini and Pisces, will naturally relate to each other’s equally imaginative and unpredictable minds. When it comes to matters of the heart, however, Gemini will have to learn to tread lightly so that they do not hurt sensitive Pisces’ feelings.

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