A Movie for Each Zodiac Sign: Which One Matches Yours?

In a world where we spend more time deciding what to watch on Netflix than watching the actual movies, it can be difficult to make a decision. And, there’s nothing worse than sitting through a movie you hate and feeling like you’ve wasted your time. That’s why today, we created a movie guide based on the zodiac sign personalities to help you choose your next flick!

If you find that the movie for your zodiac sign doesn’t fit your personality, it’s probably because another element or sign is dominating your birth chart! That means that you probably have another zodiac sign heavily influencing your personality beyond your Sun sign. Astrology goes much deeper than just the Sun sign! Once you’ve taken a look at your chart, check out the movie we recommend for your Moon sign and Rising sign – you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

If you’re new to astrology, watching each of these films is a fun way to help you to better understand each individual zodiac sign as well. So, what are you waiting for? Get that popcorn going and let’s get you ready for your next movie night.

Aquarius – Guardians of the Galaxy

There’s no better movie to depict the epic humanitarian nature of the Aquarius than Guardians of The Galaxy. The heroes of this movie risk their lives travelling the universe to save people they don’t even know. They are globally-minded main characters with a lot of charisma and courage. Starlord himself exemplifies many Aquarian characteristics with his quirks, sense of duty, and idealism. Aquarians are friendly, natural leaders, with great senses of humour and tend to make new friends wherever they go, just like the lead of this film does.

Pisces – Into the Wild

Into the Wild is a film about following your heart, throwing away conventional thought, and discovering. Based on the novel by Jon Krakauer, this film is about a man who escapes his normal life to live in the wild on his own terms. Try telling a Pisces what to do and you’ll find they have no intention of following the rules, just like the lead in this movie. Pisceans often fall in love with whatever is right in front of them and live in the moment, something the protagonist experiences in this film.

Aries – The Spy Who Dumped Me

The Spy Who Dumped Me has the humour and bravery of an Aries. The women in this film are heroic and feisty and can adapt to new situations quickly, just like an Aries. The comedy aspect highlights the fun, impulsive, fiery side of Aries as well. Aries live life in at fast pace and are often known to be dramatic flirts, characteristics that are showcased in the lead characters of this hilarious film. This shows how the creative Aries can get through anything and thrive with their unique personality.

Taurus – Pride & Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice has to be one of the ultimate romance movies. Based on the novel by Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice shows someone waiting for their beloved over a long period of time, something any Taurus can likely relate to. Taureans can be headstrong and stubborn, much like both Elizabeth and Darcy. Both Elizabeth and Darcy’s loyalty is a great example of one of the strongest qualities of Taurus. Plus, since a Taurus loves fancy parties, fashion, and luxe decor, the aesthetics of this film are sure to please the luxious side of any Taurean.

Gemini – Kung Fu Panda

Kung Fu Panda depicts the playfulness and curiosity of the Gemini well. Geminis have a very active inner-child and love to explore the far reaches of the mind, much like the characters in this movie do. We love the playfulness that is paired with seriousness in this film, a combination that a Gemini can switch back and forth between with ease. Just like the main character doesn’t want to work at his family noodle shop every day, a Gemini doesn’t usually like repetition or being stuck in the same place.

Cancer – Sweet November

Sweet November is a throwback film that most Cancers can relate to as Cancers are famous for their ability to fall in love and get attached quickly immediately. This film also features a cozy home and a couple who have a strong sense of family. The snuggly, tear-jerker vibes of this movie are perfect for a Cancer. You’ll know you’re talking to a Cancer when they behave like the female lead character; even though she is sick, she always looks to care for others.

Leo – La La Land

La La Land is about becoming a star and depicts the inner drive and passion of a Leo. It’s a heartwarming movie that shows the struggles a Leo often goes through for their love of the arts or performing. Classic Leo passion often pulls them through where others would give up. Leos love to have fun and they love a great party! The lead characters of this Oscar-winning movie are very Leo-like as both protagonists put their goals first and will do anything to make them happen.

Virgo – Anon

Anon is a futuristic cop movie where the internet is accessible at all times and what people see is uploaded. Everything has a file, creating an extreme order to society because everything is made visible to the police, keeping crime low. However, when details go wrong, the main character has to find the flaw in the system and fix it. All the little details in this movie and its clean style showcase the personality of perfectionist Virgo. The system fixing mentality of a Virgo that is a perfectionist and very caring is also shown in this film. A Virgo will often lose sleep to solve a problem and will do anything to help those they love.

Libra – Valerian & the City of a Thousand Planets

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets is a strange sci-fi film about doing the right thing and bringing justice to a marginalized group. The theme of justice is always important to the Libra, and just like the characters in the film, a Libra isn’t afraid to do the right thing. A Libra is attached to their friends like the heroes in this film are dependent on each other. A Libra loves to dig into the reasons why people are oppressed and work to free them. Librans also can forget to take care of their basic needs like eating and sleeping because they are so caught up in the problems of others’ just like the heroes of this film.

Scorpio – Get Out

Get Out is a scary film with a strong message. A Scorpio isn’t afraid to look at the darkness in our society to help unearth it. They are the ones that are willing to look at the shadow sides of the world, and this film delves deep into the real-world horror of racism. The mind of a Scorpio is very intense and very valuable to society because they are willing to take on heavy topics like the one this movie bravely dug into.

Sagittarius – Alexander

Alexander shows the adventurous nature of famous Sagittarian Alexander the Great. Alexander was a man connected to mythology, the gods, and philosophy, just as many Sagittarians are. The archer is the symbol of the Sagittarius, and there certainly are a lot of bows and arrows in this film. The Sagittarius symbol of the Archer is also part human and part animal, just as there is a strong connection between Alexander and a bird in the film.

Capricorn – American Sniper

American Sniper shows the loyalty that a Capricorn is known to have. Capricorns are grounded, look to history to learn about the world, and want to protect their loved ones at any cost. A Capricorn also thinks logistically – like a military operative – to get where they want to go. Capricorns can at times come off as cold because they work so hard to move ahead without stopping to consider their emotional side. They are business-minded, calculated, and can get a lot done, just like the protagonist in this film.

Concluding Thoughts…

You now know a little bit more about the theme of each zodiac sign. Get together with friends for a movie marathon, watch each person’s Sun sign’s movie, and discuss how close you feel the movie matched their zodiac sign and personality. Make it a fun zodiac theme party!

What movie do you think represents your Sun sign best? Let us know!

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