​How to Improve Your Fitness, Based on Your Sign ​

Now is a great time to kick off on a fitness regime – even if you’ve just come off an unsuccessful run at a fitness goal, it can’t hurt to try again. Setting reachable fitness goals can be challenging for many reasons. Many people lose interest and quit working out long before they reach their goals, so how can you avoid this pitfall?

You can find your success in the stars — or at least the planetary positions. Different zodiac signs have an affinity for certain types of physical exercise, so tailoring your workouts to your astrology sign may give you the motivation to go the extra mile. Below are workout suggestions for each sign. 

Let’s take a look at some fitness suggestions, using our astrological signs’ unique traits.


Aries often come on like a house on fire, but then burn out once interest wanes. Team sports can curb the tendency to drop out or slack off. Joining pick-up basketball games at the gym might keep you engaged. Some Aries like solo workouts where they are pitted against themselves. Rollerblading, Crossfit or kickboxing could also keep your enthusiasm piqued.


Taureans are not known for their love of vigorous physical activity. When it comes to exercise and Taurus natives, the motto is “less is more.” Bulls often get in shape by practicing yoga or trying tai chi, as the stretches and slow movements appeal to them. Still not convinced, Taurus? Try walking on a treadmill at home or the gym or kick it up a notch with a Prancercise™ routine.


Geminis love following the next new thing, so exercise routines get stale quite fast. The key to fitness success is to keep the Gemini mind engaged. Mix it up by taking Zumba classes, rock-climbing and cycling through the machines at the gym.


Crabs are most at home when on or in the water. Swimming and water ballet or aerobics are good choices for Cancer workouts, but also consider sculling or surfing if you want a more intense workout. This sign also likes exercising solo at home. Low-impact aerobics and riding a stationary bike are two potential exercise avenues to explore.


“Go big or go home” should be Leo’s motto. When it comes to fitness, bring on the competition. Lace up the boxing gloves and step into the ring! Alternatively, take up ballroom dancing, as it offers a chance to dress up and strut your stuff on the dance floor. Leos may achieve health and wellness goals through intensive cardio routines. Leo parents can demonstrate their leadership skills and also break a sweat by coaching their kids’ sports teams.


The appeal of fitness trackers is not lost on Virgos. When it comes to data collection and analysis, Virgo reigns supreme. Charting your progress is a concrete way to acknowledge your results. Virgos also do well with workouts that strengthen their cores, like gravity-defying routines on aerial silks and advanced yoga positions. Virgos also like training for and running marathons.


Librans love grace and balance, so ballet classes and barre workouts are ideal. Isometrics targeting specific muscle groups can also produce results, as can qi gong, tai chi and anything that involves slow, graceful movements. Librans like pairing up, so any partnered exercise — be it square-dancing or tennis — could help you stay your fitness course.


No sign is as determined as Scorpio is, but Scorpios run hot and cold when it comes to fitness. Scorpios also like strategizing, so the ripostes and parries involved with fencing are a fitness fit. Rock-climbing and extreme sports like white-water rafting can capture the Scorpion’s interest and hold it. Also, any of the more vigorous martial arts can keep Scorpios intrigued. Karate, Hapkido, Judo and Middle Eastern krav maga can produce lasting results and a lifetime of fitness.


Social Sagittarius loves to explore new places and meet new people. Going geocaching is a fun way to increase your activity level. As a Sagittarian, you may also have a natural affinity for archery. Sags get bored with the same old, same old. Break out of old modes and try different things in short bursts — some soul-cycling interspersed with kickboxing, tap-dancing on Tuesdays and belly-dancing on the weekend.


Capricorns put their faith in the tried-and-true. Aerobics, callisthenics and machine workouts trim waistlines and firm up muscles. Caps also like the prestige that comes from belonging to the best clubs and gyms and are often willing to pony up hefty membership dues to see and be seen. Goats with less-deep pockets might enjoy climbing indoor rock walls or power-lifting. Whatever you choose, make sure to carve out specific times and days for workouts so you never get too busy for fitness.


Water-bearers love to use gadgets, so link your fitness tracker to your electronic devices to track the progress toward a healthier you. Aquarius loves a good cause, so sign up for local runs and sports tournaments sponsored by charitable organizations. Aquarians make great mentors. Consider coaching an after-school basketball league in an undeserved community or starting up a youth dance troupe in the inner city.


Old soul Pisceans are most at home in their natural element of water. Swimming, snorkelling, water aerobics all can tone muscles and improve fitness. Pisces likes to team up with others, so find a swimming buddy to stay motivated. When you can’t go to water, walking and jogging are good substitutes, as is any form of dance — even boogeying down to toddler tunes with the kids.


The important thing with any fitness routine is to keep at it. Don’t be afraid to substitute something that isn’t working with another activity. Your goal is to lead a healthier and more active lifestyle, and that can be achieved in many ways.

Don’t stay stuck in a fitness rut. Use astrology to determine the best exercise routine for your lifestyle. Then, after your doctor gives you the green light, embark on your quest for fitness. Together with healthier eating habits and a positive attitude, you will be poised to meet your 2019 goals for health and fitness.

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