The Difference Between a Daily & Weekly Horoscope

It’s easy to feel like you are being bombarded by horoscopes. Daily Horoscopes here, weekly horoscopes there. When you are trying to decide what horoscopes to read on any given day, you may feel frustrated or give up with so much information. But it’s important to get as much information as you can when you are looking to change your life and walk the path of abundance in both love and wealth.

Is there any difference between a Scorpio daily horoscope and a Scorpio weekly horoscope? Yes, there is. Look at it like a weather forecast. You may look at your 7-day outlook, but you are still going to want to find out what is happening today.

Today we are going to look at the nitty-gritty of the exact differences between daily and weekly horoscopes and why you should keep all of your horoscopes bookmarked. So let’s get to it!

What is a Horoscope? Definition:

A horoscope is essentially your cosmic weather forecast.

This could be for the day, the week, or even the month or year. But it’s not just a spiritual component of your life, it also can actually predict that certain events will or will not happen.

A horoscope in this way can forecast good love days or bad money days, or days where you need a time out from life and deserve a break or rest. A horoscope can tell you when it’s a good day to make a big decision, or when it’s a day you are best to just mull things over or dream a little.

Events predicted by horoscopes CAN happen to you, and horoscopes give you the potential. It’s like being told it’s going to snow today. Sometimes it does. Sometimes it doesn’t. But you aren’t going to give up on your beliefs in weather because weather is going to happen no matter what. Weather happening is not a function of your belief system.

Horoscopes are the same way. You get a forecast and prediction, of the potential of the day, week, or month, and take it from there.

How is a Horoscope Written?

The weather forecast is written based on certain scientific elements that are in the air or cosmos on any given day or week. A horoscope is no different.

But a horoscope uses the planets to make these forecasts, while the weather forecast uses things like temperature, water presence, or presence of the Sun.

A weather forecast will show you the science of the presence of these things – it’s going to be hot today.

But a horoscope uses the themes of the planets and environment – Mars is in play, it could get a bit heated.

Every planet and every zodiac sign has their themes. Every planet is in a zodiac sign, all of the time. The only thing that changes are the zodiac signs the planets are in.

Let’s say we have Neptune in play on one day, and Neptune is currently in Pisces. Neptune themes are dreamy and creative, and Pisces the Mutable Water sign is also dreamy and creative.

This is a good horoscope for Pisces on this day! Pisces will have an extremely dreamy and creative day, we all will. But every zodiac sign will respond to this differently, and this is how we write horoscopes.

Gemini, be careful of Neptune in Pisces today as dreams are more abundant than facts – it’s not a great day to make big decisions.

What is the Difference Between a Daily & Weekly Horoscope

The difference between daily and weekly horoscopes is simple. A daily horoscope gives you a specific snapshot of what the planets are doing on that day. A weekly horoscope gives you an outlook perspective.

The planets are always in motion, but some move slower than others. And sometimes the planets move in aspects to each other, or actually, specific angles to each other.

They may not be the same one day from another. The Moon, for example, moves every few days, Venus changes signs every few weeks. Sometimes, a Full Moon eclipse event like the one we just had is in effect intensely on one day and creates issues for days after.

So you need both your daily horoscopes and weekly horoscopes to determine the outlook for today, and also what the week looks like if a big event is on the horizon.

Sometimes there’s not. Like a beautiful week in Spring, sometimes you just have sunny weather all week long. Awesome sauce!

And sometimes you get a hurricane. Not so awesome sauce.

You need to know it all. You need to know when your weeks are sprinkled with awesome sauce in your horoscopes and what days you need to watch out for.

Daily Horoscopes Take Into Account the Planetary Configurations for the Day

Another important component of daily horoscopes is that some of the planetary aspects that occur don’t last long. Again, it’s just like your actual weather.

You may get snow all day and ending at midnight. Astrology works the same.

An aspect such as Mars trine Uranus gives you some bold insights and inspirations, AND, the motivation to go after some big things.

Every zodiac sign is going to have this aspect or transit in a different house in their birth charts.

If you were to look at their daily horoscopes, you may see person 1 being advised in their daily Capricorn horoscope that money will be slow today if the planets are touching their work house. At the same time, person 2’s daily Taurus horoscope is being given a green light for a good money day because the planets are in their money house.

It all depends on what houses in your own specific zodiac sign’s chart the astrological weather is impacting. So that’s why we have daily horoscopes.

Some things you literally just can’t control, and that’s why we need to see as far ahead into these matters as possible. You can’t make it stop snowing. Getting upset about it helps nobody.

Potential is everything when we write and look at daily horoscopes. For weekly horoscopes, we expand the outlook to give you a snapshot.

Person 2, the ski resort owner, may look at his weekly Taurus horoscope to learn that he has a good money day coming, but will not know why. Then, he looks at the weather forecast for the week, sees snow ahead, and gets excited.

If person 1 does the same, he may work overtime or extra hours the day before the snow storm, if he knows his weekly Capricorn horoscope is showing a slow work day or down day. If he checks his weekly weather forecast, he may prepare ahead of time for the snow day that could land him home without pay for the day.

Weekly Horoscopes Look at the Astrological Charts for the Week

You will notice that weekly horoscopes tend to be a little bit longer than daily horoscopes. There is stuff happening in the Universe every day.

Even when no planets are making big waves or angles, the Moon and the Sun are still working things out day to day to day.

You need that weekly snapshot. Even just knowing an eclipse or Mercury retrograde is ahead helps.

But it’s not important enough to just know those things are happening. You need to know what the events are, and what they impact.

Let’s go back to the snow example. Yay for the ski resort owner, it’s going to snow this week! Now what?

You could use this weather to make predictions, and that’s what we do with the astrological weather as well.

Weekly Horoscopes Make Predictions Regarding Career, Love, Relationships, Etc.

The weekly horoscopes tell you not just what is happening, but how that will impact your life directly and specifically. Call it forecasts, call it predictions, call it whatever you want. The events are going to happen.

We all have to make decisions in our lives. But it helps to know when the best days are for that. We may not be able to get that information on a Daily Horoscope which is only showing you today.

The weekly horoscopes give you the outlook and predictions for the whole week. It sounds so simple. Because it is.

Good love days, bad money days, excellent pitch to the boss for a raise days, take a break you deserve it days, ask for that commitment in love days, you get them all in the weekly horoscope.

And isn’t it a little bit exciting to know that we have this power at our fingertips? Who doesn’t want to know there’s a money bonus this week or a saucy romantic interlude on the horizon?

Weekly Horoscopes Point Out Auspicious & Inauspicious Times

At the same time as there are specifics in the days, there are in the weeks as well in weekly horoscopes. This goes back to how to handle a “snow day” from the weather, or how to handle a “snow day” from the Universe.

When the planets are at odds with each other, and we call these oppositions or squares, it’s good to see this coming.

Not a good day to launch “The Talk” in love when Mars and Venus are at odds, because well, it could easily veer over on the wrong course.

But when Mars and Venus are trining, yowza. Get some romance going, pour that glass of wine, and just ask… “where is this going, my love?” Mars and Venus are giving everybody the vibe to go for it.

At the same time, if Mars is in your money house, or Mercury is in your communication house while Mars is angling your money house, make the pitch to the boss.

If you look back to last year, and note when your good work periods were, when your good love zones were, and compared that to your weekly horoscopes, you’ll see the pattern.

It’s always good to know when auspicious times are on the horizon, or when you need to prepare for those not so auspicious times.

Get the shovel for those snow days. Just in case.

What is the Difference Between a Free Astrology Reading & a Horoscope?

I love this question. This is a great question and one that is asked constantly. What is an astrology reading and how is that different than a daily horoscope? Why should you both with an astrology reading if you can just read these horoscopes?

Great question.

The truth is that there are so many planets in action all the time, and they are all doing something different. They may be in your zodiac sign or not, but in some way, they are all working your different houses.

There’s just no way that you could have that all covered in one daily horoscope, or even your weekly horoscope.

An astrology reading expands on the weather forecast and gives you detailed information on what is happening now, what will happen later, and how this directly impacts you and you alone.

Meanwhile, a daily horoscope only gives you the reader’s digest version of the main transit of the day and how it will impact you.

But just like you have money issues on any given day, you also have relationship concerns, family matters, work to deal with, car issues, picking up the kids, dealing with the ex, trying to pin down a time for a date with the new one, a messy bedroom, unfinished laundry, grocery shopping to do before payday, and questionable in-laws.

You may have all of these issues all the time. In fact, we all do. It’s called life. It’s called being a human on this planet.

We can’t help you with every one of these things in a daily horoscope, and we can only expand on them briefly in a weekly horoscope. You have to go next level to an astrology reading and get a detailed forecast of predictions that will touch on as many of these things as we can see in your outlook.

Check Your Daily & Weekly Horoscopes Now!

So what is the next step for you? Ummm, check your horoscopes!

And, start saving them if something really big happens like an eclipse, job change, house relocation, commitment in love, marriage, a new baby, a loss of any kind.

Look back on the big events of this year and next year, and compare them to your daily and weekly horoscopes.

Were the “snowfall” predictions right? Did you prepare for the love hurricane okay? Did you come out of it okay as predicted? Did you get those money bonuses when predicted or did you make your house relocation when we said?

You’re on your own with the grocery shopping. Sort of. We can tell you what your best money days are this week to do it in though, and what days car accidents or unexpected surprises are in store.

Check your Daily Horoscopes and Weekly Horoscopes now, and begin journalling this process so you fully understand how committed we are to your success. And report back!

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