You Pulled the Ace of Cups Tarot Card – Now What?

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If you have pulled the Ace of Cups in your reading, then love is likely in the air!

This is a very welcome card to receive in any Tarot reading. It is one of the purest and most innocent cards, encompassing love in its purest form.

This can be romantic love, love for the self, your passions, or your family. Any kind of love is on the table here. The Ace of Cups represents the seed of the Cups suit which is all about emotion, feeling, romance, creativity, and intimacy.

It symbolizes the realm of possibility in these areas. Emotional awareness is beginning to grow somewhere in your life. Loving energy has found its way to you.

What Does the Ace of Cups Mean?

In a reading, the Ace of Cups can mean any of the following:

  • Falling in love
  • Feeling an attraction grow
  • Getting in touch with your feelings
  • Having empathy for others
  • Expressing your emotions
  • Trusting your intuition
  • Empowering your psychic gifts
  • Getting close to someone
  • Expressing affection
  • Removing negativity
  • Forgiving and forgetting

What Does the Ace of Cups Mean in a Love & Relationship Reading?

In a relationship reading, the Ace of Cups symbolizes new emotions and the beginning of a romance.

If you pull the Ace of Cups for someone’s feelings for you, it means that someone is developing new feelings for you. These could be romantic feelings, but if the relationship is already established, it can mean new feelings. These feelings can be determined by surrounding cards in the feelings position or by pulling clarifier cards.

If you pull the Ace of Cups for how someone sees you, it indicates that they see you as a new romantic opportunity.

You are a potential partner and someone they feel they could have a relationship with.

If you pull the Ace of Cups in the position for what someone wants to happen between you both, it means that they want something to develop between you. This could be romantic, a friendship, or a creative project.

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What Does the Ace of Cups Mean in a Career Reading?

In a career reading, the Ace of Cups indicates that you will be doing something that fulfills you emotionally.

It indicates a new career or job opportunity that is going to bring you great joy – something you will love!

It can also indicate a career where empathy and compassion are prominent, such as therapy work, counseling, charity work, or working with animals, children, or elderly people.

What Does the Ace of Cups Mean as an Obstacle?

As an obstacle card, the Ace of Cups indicates that there is a problem with emotions.

Someone may be behaving in a way that is overly emotional or oversensitive. There may be some trouble regulating or controlling emotions which results in turmoil or troubling situations.

The Ace of Cups as an obstacle can indicate that emotions are not being dealt with in a healthy manner.

What Does the Ace of Cups Mean in Reverse?

If you pull the Ace of Cups reversed, the energies of the card turn on their head.

It can indicate that you have been enduring emotional instability, which is blocking you from achieving your full potential on several levels.

Reversed, this card can indicate a sense of anguish. Something dear to you may be coming to an end, whether it be a relationship, friendship, job, vacation, or hobby.

As a reversed card, the Ace of Cups warns of losing self-esteem. It could mean that you have lost faith in something, perhaps yourself, others, or the universe, and you are struggling to see things positively.

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How to Make the Ace of Cups Work For You

To harness the energy of the Ace of Cups, try the following:

  • Meditate with the card. You can harness the energies of the Ace of Cups with meditation. Find a quiet relaxing spot and hold the card in your hand. What images are coming to mind? What messages are you receiving?
  • Affirmations. Affirmations that represent the Ace of Cups are a wonderful way to harness the energy of this card. Some good affirmations for the Ace of Cups are:

I will express my emotions freely

Love is the greatest force on earth

My feelings are valid

I will let love flow through me

I believe in the power of love

  • Journaling. Journaling your thoughts and feelings about the card can help you understand it better. How does the card make you feel? What kind of message do you feel it is trying to send you? In what ways can you apply Ace of Cups energy to your life?

Ace of Cups: Let Love Lead the Way

The Ace of Cups represents love in its purest form. It is the love you have for your other half, the love you have for friends and family, the love you have for the world. It is the ultimate expression of compassion and kindness.

We need more Ace of Cups energy in the world. The world would undoubtedly be a better place if we had more of it.

Let the Ace of Cups guide you. Your head makes the decision, but your heart leads the way.

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