Your Weekly Tarotscope for June 5 – 11, 2023

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Welcome to the first full week of June 2023 — you may be pleased to know that it already has a few surprises up its sleeve.

With Venus, the planet of love and beauty, heading into bold and exciting Leo on the 5th, we’re starting off strong this week by spotlighting what really makes our hearts soar.

And, bookending our week, we have Pluto, the planet of major transformations, moving into Capricorn. After spending some time in Aquarius for the past few months, this unique cosmic body will finally return to this productive, grounded sign.

Not sure what all of that means for you? No worries! That’s why we check in with the Tarot to summarize the goods in a more personal way. 

Your Sign’s Weekly Tarotscope for June 5 – 11, 2023


Queen of Swords (Reversed)

Aries, your head doesn’t feel fully in the game.

Usually, you’re charging head first into the next great adventure or perhaps pioneering something before someone else can get to it first.

But with the Queen of Swords reversed, you may suddenly feel uncertain about your expertise, next steps, and future plans. This week has your head spinning, putting you in a place of self-doubt and uncertainty.

The key is not to try to “charge through” this mental fog. You won’t get anywhere just by running randomly — let yourself sit with the discomfort of the unknown first and assess where this may all be coming from.


9 of Cups (Reversed)

Taurus hasn’t been getting what they want, which can damper the sensual bull’s spirits.

The 9 of Cups reversed indicates that this week demands that you come to grips with feelings of disappointment and frustration, especially when it comes to not getting what you want.

Your dreams may feel more distant than usual, and life seems more gray than colorful.

It’s time to reconnect with your sense of whimsy and wonder and listen to the desires that truly rest in the depths of your heart (rather than half-pursuing something and finding yourself disappointed later).


Page of Pentacles

Gemini is feeling productive, slightly more invigorated, and ready to take on the world.

The Page of Pentacles hints that you may have quite a bit to learn this week, especially regarding your practical skills and worldly knowledge.

This doesn’t mean that you’re destined to stumble or fail — it just means that your hands are wide open, ready to receive… and the world is ready to reciprocate by offering you lessons and opportunities to learn.

This is a great week for work and career, trying new skills, and organizing the home.


Temperance (Reversed)

Cancer may be feeling out of sorts this week.

While you may want to charge forward with fierce productivity and a sense of self-confidence, Temperance reversed instead hints more in the direction of sluggishness and feelings of overwhelm.

Some Cancerian folks may find themselves feeling impatient with life goals. Others may just feel tired and out of balance with no clear source.

Pause, take a few deep breaths, and find your center. It’s time to meditate, reconnect with your body, and listen to what your soul really needs.


6 of Swords (Reversed)

Leo may need to move onward to bigger and better things but is having a hard time fully taking the plunge.

The 6 of Swords reversed indicates that you know in your heart and soul that there are things in your life that no longer suit you, but you may still be resisting.

It’s difficult to move away from habits, people, or even goals that may be familiar to you, but there is a time and place for recognizing when something is just holding you back.

This week is that time and place.


The Hanged Man

You’re in a good position to see the world clearly, Virgo.

The Hanged Man hints that you’ve got a good vantage point on the circumstances around you. Life is a bit clearer when you’re able to take a few steps back, be patient and put your ego aside, and open your heart to listening.

This week, that’s exactly what you’re called to do, and the view from this angle has got quite a few benefits indeed.

Remember: less action, more observation. There will be time to put your epiphanies and observations to use later. For now, take in the view.


5 of Wands

Libra is known as the zodiac’s peacekeeper, but there are some battles that even you cannot mediate.

Unfortunately, the 5 of Wands may be one of those battles. At this time, chaos is reigning for Libra, and you’re stuck in the middle.

It may feel like the world has been enveloped in mindless drama, gossip, chaos, and conflict, and you’re not sure where it all even began.

It’s tempting to intervene, but now is not the time to play savior. Let the tides roll in and out on their own, and try not to rock the boat too excessively. (In other words… protect your peace, Libra).


The Empress

Scorpio’s week is full of abundance and glory… if you want it, of course.

Coming from The Empress, it’s important that you recognize that you are the creator in charge here.

You’re a divine, creative, sensual, and intuitive being, and you’re capable of imagining and creating the life of your dreams. This card just asks that you step into that role on your own and use those gifts for the greater good of yourself and others.

The Universe won’t be handing you any particular favors this week — instead, you’re creating opportunities for yourself.


Queen of Cups

Sagittarius is connecting deeply with their own heart space this week.

With the Queen of Cups at your side, it’s obvious that Sagittarius has been needing some “me time” — specifically, “Sagittarius and their heart” time.

Whether it’s because the emotional and intuitive realm has been ignored and neglected for too long or because you simply have something to get off your chest, this week, regardless, will ask you to prioritize what is going on within yourself before you step into the outside world.

Here’s your mantra for the week: journal plenty, move creatively, and engage only with gentleness.


10 of Cups (Reversed)

Capricorn isn’t quite on board with the vibes of the week, but this provides a unique opportunity.

The 10 of Cups is usually our indicator for long-term contentment, overwhelming feelings of joy and fulfillment, and the accomplishment that comes from extending and receiving love to others healthily.

Reversed, you may not be feeling the love right now. But this card still gives you the opportunity to connect with this side of you — to examine closely what is disconnecting you from that long-term contentment and joy.

What is your true, authentic vision of happiness? This week, you’re called to reconnect with it.


Death (Reversed)

Watch out, world! You’re not the only one changing!

Aquarius may be undergoing a period of intense personal transformation themselves, but Death reversed also points out some reservations on your end.

You’re ready (whether or not you feel ready) to shed some skin and become a more authentic version of yourself, but it may still feel like you’d rather be where you once were. Some of you may be dwelling in the past, and others may just be resisting change in general.

While these feelings are normal and valid, releasing the grip on your desire to control life’s changes is ultimately important.


The World

Pisces needs to look at the long-term vision at hand here.

The World offers you a shot at closing out a cycle. It’s time to wrap up loose ends, examine the lessons of the path that you just walked, and find last-minute closure on anything that still feels unresolved.

Getting sentimental is familiar for Pisces, but this is not a time for nostalgia, exactly. Instead, it’s about tying up loose ends so that you can move forward.

Remember that, ultimately, progress is still the name of the game.

Your Curated Resource List for This Week

With all the changes happening in the stars and planets, some insight from the Tarot is bound to do the trick in easing any tensions or questions.

However, even with some more personal insight under your belt, we know that it can still feel overwhelming to know that the Universe is making moves with or without you.

Here’s your curated resource list for the week ahead:

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