Will You See Angel Number 111 This Month?

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Angel numbers are some of the most powerful ways for the Universe to catch our attention and send us those all-important messages.

An angel number is a number that repeats, such as 999 or 111, or 222. Very often, it is a sign that a loved one is near and letting you know that you are on the right path or that things are going to work out. Or the number itself is a message from the Universe giving you more information about the direction you are going in and the stage you are at.

They are an excellent way to gain clarification – and in many ways, relief – from the Universe!

2023 should bring a grounding effect after the storms of 2022. And while we won’t be completely free of challenges as we have some powerful Mars energy and Pluto shifting into Aquarius after a long stint in Capricorn, we ought to find some balance in certain areas of our lives that have been experiencing imbalance.

You can expect to see messages from the Universe guiding you as we transition into 2023, a year that will be deeply spiritually transformative on many levels.

One of these messages could very easily be the angel number 111, particularly in the month of January.

What is the Spiritual Meaning of 1?

It is the beginning of all things. It is the spark, the newness, the freshness. It is the beginning of something new after the old no longer serves us. It is the phoenix rising from the ashes after the painful experience of bursting into ash and the long-suffering days as a withered and weakened bird.

It is the symbol of leadership.

In the Tarot, the first card of the Major Arcana (after the Fool, which is 0) is the Magician. The Magician encompasses powerful, go-getting qualities. The Magician is the leader that knows how to make things happen and isn’t afraid to “magic” them into existence.

One is the number that represents that drive, energy, and motivation when you are about to embark upon something new – a project, a career, a relationship – yourself!

It is often profoundly welcoming, exciting, and exactly the number you want to see!

Meaning of Angel Number 111

When 111 appears in your life, listen up because the Universe has important messages for you about new beginnings, leadership, spiritual awakenings, and new ventures.

It is a message to you that you are about to embark on something different. Something unique and something that will help you become the very best version of who you are. It is something that will require you to harness your greatest gifts and talents.

While this may not always be an easy process, it will be a rewarding one in the end.

January marks the beginning of an entirely new year, so it makes sense that angel number 111 should appear. You may see this number randomly on multiple occasions, and that’s when it’s time to sit up and listen.

Above all, 111 asks you to trust and have faith that the Universe is leading you in the right direction and that everything will work out, even when it seems like it isn’t!

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January & 111

The astrological energy of January kicks off on January 2nd when Venus moves into Aquarius. This is a time for stepping outside your comfort zone, making new connections, and breaching those boundaries you have set for yourself that are based on fear or uncertainty.

Take a leap of faith in your relationships and friendships. Should 111 appear, it’s a sign that you should go for it!

The Full Moon in Cancer on January 6th brings great sensitivity, moments of confusion, and in some cases, endings. But all endings pave the way for new beginnings, so ride the winds of change with this lunar energy and know that the universe is leading you to a future that will be more in tune with your soul’s destination.

Mars and Mercury both end their retrograde this month (I hear you breathe a sigh of relief!). Mars turns direct again on January 12th, and Mercury turns direct on January 18th. So all those delays, miscommunications, technological issues, and confusing moments should even out.

Aquarius energy thrives in the latter part of January, with the Sun entering Aquarius on January 20th and a New Moon in Aquarius on January 21st. This is the time to break free and unapologetically be you. You will attract the right people and the right experiences during this time, so above all, trust yourself, and don’t let inhibitions or other people’s opinions hold you back from doing what you feel in your heart is right.

The energy of January is one of tapping into your true nature, realizing that all endings pave the way for new beginnings and breaking free of boundaries, particularly self-imposed ones. This is the energy of 111; trust in yourself and know that better things are on the horizon for you.

Harness the Energy of 111

If 111 keeps popping up everywhere this January, here are ways you can harness its energy to your best ability:

  • Write in your journal. What is it that you are letting go of this month? A thought pattern? An idea? A relationship or friendship? Write down how you feel about it and what you feel is the meaning behind letting go.
  • Connect with crystals. The Universe is always there to guide you. The crystals moonstone and labradorite can help you tap into the wisdom of your Higher Self. Meditating with these crystals enables you to hear the voice of your inner self, so don’t be afraid to go inwards and ask questions that can help you at this time.
  • Embrace new connections. 111 is about trusting the divine and knowing that the Universe is bringing you into the role that you are meant for. If new people turn up, if new opportunities show up, if new thought patterns pop up, embrace them. They may not be what you ever expected, but life rarely fits expectations!

111 is a Sign of Leadership & New Beginnings

New beginnings can be scary. Leadership can be daunting. But ultimately, angel number 111 is a sign of inspiration; an inspiration that you are ready to give to others and motivation that you are prepared to embrace.

After all, if you were not ready, the Universe would not be showing you this number.

You are ready. These doubts and fears exist in the mind, but the future has other plans for you. Embrace newness, embrace your authentic and courageous heart, and show the world what you are made of!

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