These are the MOST Important Astrological Transits to Be Aware of as 2024 Arrives

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2024 is nearly here, and with a new year comes new astrology! We’re going to review the most important transits coming in the new year; let’s get to it.

THE Most Important Transit: Pluto Entering Aquarius (& Anaretic Pluto & Neptune)

I couldn’t pick just one! Pluto is moving back into Aquarius, which started in March – June 2023. Pluto comes back to Aquarius on January 20th and stays in this sign until September 1st, when it goes back to Capricorn before fully entering Aquarius on November 19th. 

We’re still at the start of this transit, which continues throughout the year. As a slow planet, Pluto in Aquarius lasts until 2044. As the planet of transformation, it can bring major changes impacting the future, our hopes and dreams, the masses, innovation, and invention.

This is the start of a whole new Pluto cycle, and we’re forging ahead into the next era.

However, before Pluto is fully done with Aquarius, it’ll have one last hurrah in Capricorn. The entire time Pluto is in Capricorn in 2024, it’s anaretic.

There are 30 degrees in every zodiac sign, and 29 degrees is the very last degree. This is called the anaretic degree, and this is a supercharged position.

Anaretic Pluto in Capricorn means we can see massive, major changes impacting governments, institutions, corporations, countries, and careers. Some may experience extreme all-time highs, while others can crash and burn in a fiery blaze.

This can be strongest around Pluto direct, which is October 11th, 2024. Pluto retrograde comes to an end at the anaretic degree in Capricorn, and there can be a lot of pressure on where we’re going and what we’ve built so far.

Responsibilities can weigh heavily; if we haven’t done things the right way and for the right reasons, we can suffer. It’s important to be ethical, considerate, disciplined, and mature. 

But Pluto isn’t the only big anaretic planet in 2024. Neptune will be anaretic in Pisces from June 2nd to September 3rd and will turn retrograde on July 2nd anaretic. 

Neptune isn’t as intense as Pluto, but it is foggy and likes to obscure our view, so we may have trouble seeing what’s right in front of us, and important information might be hidden from us. Hard Neptune can also bring our cruelty if we lack compassion and empathy.

With Neptune, having a solid connection to your intuition is important, as this can help you out of murky waters. Digging into your subconscious to release and work through karmic baggage is also helpful.

The Most Important Transits for 2024 by Month

Now let’s go into the most important transit for each month, along with for the zodiac signs.

Most Important Transit for January 2024: Mercury Direct on New Year’s Day

Right away, on New Year’s Day, Mercury turns direct, and Mercury retrograde comes to a close in Sagittarius. This means we’re feeling a bit off to start the year, and what we’re focused on going into the new year might change as the month of January goes on.

We need to be flexible with any goals we set with the new year and be willing to adjust as we change our minds or circumstances change. Embrace optimism about situations and see if that helps you out.

Most Important Transit for February 2024: Aquarius Stellium

We’ll have an Aquarius stellium in February, which is when three or more planets are together in one zodiac sign. Pluto is already in Aquarius, Mercury enters Aquarius on February 5th, Mars enters Aquarius on February 13th, and Venus enters Aquarius on February 16th, giving us four planets in Aquarius. 

This brings fantastic energy for Aquarius, and we can work on changes, get closer to our dreams, expand our social circle, benefit from friends, and be more charitable.

Most Important Transit for March 2024: Libra Lunar Eclipse

On March 25th, we’ll have a Lunar Eclipse in Libra, and this is the first and only Lunar Eclipse in Libra for this Libra-Aries eclipse set.

Libra is the sign of relationships, partnerships, alliances, and compromises so that the Lunar Eclipse can focus on these things. Some grow closer with healthy connections, and others grow distant with unhealthy ones.

Being balanced and keeping the peace is important with this eclipse to maintain focus and stability, so we have to keep that in mind as well.

Most Important Transit for April 2024: Mercury Retrograde & Aries Solar Eclipse

Mercury is going to retrograde entirely in Aries from April 1st to 25, and on April 8th, a Solar Eclipse occurs in Aries that is widely conjunct with Mercury. Yowza energy!

Traditionally, Mercury retrograde is a time when we feel off, little things can go wrong, and communication is dreadful. We can experience setbacks, delays, and failures.

But this time, thanks to the Aries Solar Eclipse, this Mercury retrograde might be hugely focused on second chances. Anything you want another shot at, this could be the time of year to go for it.

In Aries, we can take the initiative with what we want, and can push forward, take the lead, and can make use of our energy and enthusiasm. Onward!

Most Important Transit for May 2024: Jupiter Enters Gemini

On May 25th, Jupiter exits Taurus and enters Gemini. And spends the rest of the year in Gemini. Jupiter hasn’t been the happiest of campers in Taurus since Taurus is a slow, stable sign, but that can change with Gemini.

Gemini is an active sign and is a sign of the mind. This is something Jupiter likes as Jupiter is a planet of the mind, and we can come up with lots of new ideas, work on plans, gather information, get advice, share knowledge and news, and learn.

There’s just one problem – Jupiter is the natural ruling planet for Sagittarius, which is the sign opposing Gemini, so there can be some weaker energy for Jupiter in Gemini.

There can be some struggles with expansion as we’re more focused on the little picture, and we may have to work harder to connect to the big picture. We may think small when we should think big, and vice versa.

We may need to work on issues around expansion, experiencing life, and removing blocks that are getting in the way. This can open us up more.

Most Important Transit for June 2024: Anaretic Neptune

As mentioned, Neptune in Pisces will be anaretic starting June 2nd. We start to feel the fogginess kick in and can struggle with being clear but insist that we are clear.

Hard Neptune in Pisces is an illusion, delusion, and vulnerability, and we must work to protect ourselves and others better.

Grounding ourselves can go a long way, and forging a strong connection to our intuition and spiritual selves.

We can also benefit from more time to rest, as this can be draining. We can take more time for ourselves, and imagination can be strong.

Most Important Transit for July 2024: Anaretic Full Moon

On July 21st, we’ll have a Full Moon in Capricorn, which’ll be at the anaretic degree. It’ll also be the second Full Moon in a row to fall in Capricorn.

With the Full Moon anaretic, we can feel pushed to take action immediately while we still have the chance. We can rush to see developments and get results and want to hurry to the end.

With this being the second Full Moon in a row in Capricorn, developments with the July Full Moon can tie into the June Full Moon. Something can begin to come to an end in June but isn’t fully over until July; results from work can start to be seen in June but don’t fully materialize until July.

This can also be a slightly overwhelming time for responsibilities and feeling restricted, so we likely need to ensure we’re taking care of ourselves and getting the necessary breaks.

Most Important Transit for August 2024: Mercury Retrograde

Mercury retrogrades from August 5th to 28th, starting in Virgo and moving to Leo on August 14th for the rest of the retrograde.

Starting in Virgo puts Mercury in one of the signs it rules, and Virgo can be stressed out, overwhelmed, and rundown. We must ensure we’re not taking too much on and have scheduled breaks.

In Leo, we can have little patience for any work and want to get away to play. This means we don’t get as much done and can be a little dramatic about it.

Time to relax, a vacation, or some extra time for your hobbies can be helpful. Connect to your heart, and find joy.

Most Important Transit for September 2024: Pisces Lunar Eclipse

On September 17th, a Lunar Eclipse occurs in Pisces, starting a new eclipse set in Pisces and Virgo. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, so it ties to endings; Lunar Eclipses also govern endings, so this is a big time for endings.

There can be some deep releasing, some focusing on karma and some understanding of the past with this eclipse. This is especially strong with the eclipse conjunct Neptune in Pisces.

Saturn is also in Pisces for this eclipse, though it isn’t conjunct with the eclipse. Still, Saturn can make it important to work through baggage and issues in a smart, healthy, disciplined way and to tackle the lessons we need to learn.

Most Important Transit for October 2024: Libra Solar Eclipse

On October 2nd, a Solar Eclipse occurs in Libra, and this is the final Libra eclipse. While Solar Eclipses are tied to new beginnings, this one might bring with it new beginnings that allow us to finish one cycle and start another.

We can enter into new partnerships and alliances, meet new people, make new compromises, and mediate and negotiate.

Pluto direct comes just nine days later and is anaretic all month, so it’s especially important to maintain peace, be diplomatic, and find common ground with this eclipse to avoid the chaos and bloodshed of Pluto this month.

Most Important Transit for November 2024: Mercury Retrograde

The final Mercury retrograde for the year starts November 25th and lasts until December 15th. It occurs entirely in Sagittarius, so we may struggle with expansion, having the space we want, or grasping the big picture.

This can be a good time to pick back up old ideas and plans, to go places we’ve been to before, to relearn or reteach something, or to reconnect with optimism.

This retrograde starts at about the same spot as the Mercury direct on New Year’s Day so that developments can tie together from the start of the year to November, and we may have similar focuses.

Most Important Transit for December 2024: Mars Retrograde

On December 6th, Mars retrograde kicks off, and the year comes to a close with Mars retrograde. This lasts until February, and starts in Leo and moves to Cancer in January.

Mars retrograde can bring struggles with energy and drive. We can have a hard time taking action with what we want, being assertive, or taking the lead, and there can be more frustration, fights, and violence.

We have to find a new, different way to take action and be more open to compromise to make things happen. In Leo, we need to reconnect with our hearts and bring joy to our lives.

The Most Important Transits of 2024 for the Zodiac Signs

Aries: Aries Solar Eclipse & Mercury Retrograde

The April Solar Eclipse in your sign, coupled with the Mercury retrograde in your sign, means you’re in a monster period for a second chance, a do-over, another shot at something big.

Everyone gets access to this energy, but since it’s in your sign, you’re the one who is most likely to take that second chance. Focus on what you’d like to try again with, and see how you can make that happen.

Taurus: Jupiter Conjunct Uranus in Taurus

On April 20th, Jupiter and Uranus come together in your sign, which is fantastic energy for you to access. Jupiter is expansive and open to opportunity, and Uranus is insightful and changing.

You can make sudden progress, have opportunities come your way out of the blue, and make changes that open up your life in new ways. Don’t fight the sudden energy or that it might be outside of your comfort zone a little bit, and go for it.

Gemini: Jupiter Enters Gemini

Luck planet Jupiter moves into your sign on May 25th for the rest of the year, and this is your time, Gemini. Jupiter in your sign is traditionally a fabulous period for new opportunities, new experiences, and optimism, and your Jupiter cycle is full of new beginnings.

You can embark on a whole new journey for your life or start a new project that opens new doors for you. Be open, positive, and smart.

Cancer: New Moon in Cancer

A New Moon occurs in your sign on July 5th, and New Moons in your sign are traditionally great times for a new beginning. You can start something you focus on for the next year of your life and take advantage of the opportunities you have.

You can be enthusiastic and positive and want to pursue new ventures. Since you’re ruled by the Moon, this is extra strong for you, and you can feel motivated.

Leo: Mars Retrograde in Leo

Mars retrogrades in your sign starting December 6th, and this will last until January 6th of the next year. Mars retrograde likes to bring out frustrated, irritated energy, and you may snap at some point, especially if you’ve been bottling things up. 

You need to have more patience with other people and go easy on both them and yourself. Try to have a healthy outlet for aggravation, and focus on something you can take a second chance with. 

Virgo: Mercury Retrograde in Virgo

Your ruler, Mercury, will retrograde in your sign from August 5th to 14, Virgo. This generally throws you off, and you can feel stressed out and overwhelmed by something and have too much to deal with.

Make sure you have a healthy outlet for stress going into this retrograde, and make sure you schedule room for breaks to relax and decompress. Take care of yourself, and this can go a long way.

Libra: Solar Eclipse in Libra

A Solar Eclipse occurs in your sign on October 2nd, and this is the last eclipse for you. This can be a great time for a whole new beginning, a whole new cycle, and a whole new journey in life that you’re enthusiastic about and energized for.

It’d been eighteen years since the last Solar Eclipse in your sign before the Solar Eclipse in October of 2023, and this second Solar Eclipse in your sign is the last for another nine years. That means don’t miss out on this while you have the chance.

Scorpio: New Moon in Scorpio

A New Moon occurs in Scorpio on November 1st, and New Moons in your sign can be great for starting something that you can focus on for the next year. You can be enthusiastic, excited, and ready to roll.

Use the previous Libra Solar Eclipse to prepare and recharge, and then hit the ground running with the New Moon in your sign. Take the lead and make it happen.

Sagittarius: Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius

Mercury retrogrades entirely in your sign, Sagittarius, from November 25th until December 15th. You may have a lot of little things fall on you, and you might be too tough on yourself and keep demanding more from yourself.

Try to give yourself a break, and have patience as you deal with the little things that pop up. Focus this energy on a second chance since that can be successful now.

Capricorn: Anaretic Capricorn Full Moon

The July 21st Full Moon occurs in your sign and is anaretic. This means you can be exceptionally driven to take action with this Full Moon, and it might feel like you have no other choice but to take action.

You’ve been working hard and smart for years, especially in the last year or two, with Pluto coming to the end of your sign. The Full Moon can trigger massive developments and important culminations.

Pluto is also anaretic in your sign, though not at the same time as this Full Moon. What you’re working on with the Full Moon can tie into what you’re focused on while Pluto is anaretic, and there can be something finalized, finished, and coming to an end.

Aquarius: Pluto Enters Aquarius

Once again, I already brought up Pluto moving into your sign, and this is a huge deal for you. Pluto brings its powerful, transformative, intense, passionate, unrelenting energy to your sign, and you can grow in ways you haven’t thought of in the coming years.

Work on taking some control, finding personal power, and transforming what you can this year. Start right away, and you can stay in control of Pluto and not get pushed around.

Pisces: Lunar Eclipse in Pisces

The September 17th Lunar Eclipse occurs in your sign, Pisces, and you can feel this is a big period for you internally, emotionally, and spiritually. You can get deeply in tune with your inner self, and this may not seem all that important on the outside, but you can feel a big difference on the inside.

There can be major developments, culminations, and results with this eclipse, and you can get emotional from everything that’s happening, but this can be a good thing. Take care of your needs as things progress so you remain calm and stable.

Have a Great 2024!

So that’s your general 2024 horoscope layout for what to focus on throughout the year. Big energy astrologically continues, and this is a trend we’ve seen since 2020. Be ready!

Remember, you can use the free astrology calendar to keep track of the astrology every month, and don’t forget your horoscope for more guidance.

Good luck!

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