Seeing Angel Number 666? Don’t Panic!

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If you see the number 666 – especially repeatedly – it’s not necessarily a sign that something bad is going to happen to you or the sign of a bad omen.

It’s had a pretty bad rep throughout the ages.

However, if we go back to numerology basics, we can recall that any number appearing in sequences, such as 222, 777, or 666, is a sign from the Universe that something is going on in your life. It’s time to take notice.

In the case of 666, it is drawing attention to issues in our lives where we need to refocus.

Let’s look at the Devil card in the Tarot, for example. This card is enough to strike fear into the hearts of many a sitter because of the often frightening image on the card.

But the Devil card is not necessarily harmful in itself. Yes, it can point towards something negative or insidious, representing earthly desires vs. spiritual ones. It is the battle between the ego and the soul.

In the Tarot, the Devil binds a pair of humans with chains. It seems they are trapped, unable to break free. It is the classic “sell your soul to the devil” card. For example, in exchange for money, wealth, and power, your soul belongs to the Devil, a trap many people have fallen into throughout history.

But what is not often emphasized is that the couple in the image can break free from the chains whenever they wish. They think they are bound, but they are not. They choose to believe they are because the alternative – breaking free – seems much worse for them.

Out of suffering comes enlightenment. Light and dark intertwine, and each side has something to teach the other. Pain and pleasure are both a part of life; we cannot have one without the other, though many strive to do so. It’s a very Scorpionic take on things, but it is the best way to describe it.

Now back to 666 – considering the Devil example, we can apply a similar meaning to this particular angel number.

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The Meaning of Angel Number 666

The meaning of the 666 angel number is:

  • Recognize areas of stress that are dominating your life
  • Commit to refocusing on these areas
  • Try new strategies
  • Recognize toxic habits in your life
  • Recognize toxic relationships in your life
  • Nurture your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being
  • Acknowledging where you are striving too much for perfection in your life

If you see the number 666, either once or recurringly, bear in mind that it draws your attention to a problem area of your life. The Universe will often send us signs when it wants to get our attention.

For example, if you see 666 while thinking about or in the process of dealing with an issue of a friend who is having trouble in her relationship, the Universe is asking you to look at your role in this. You are encouraged to engage in inner reflective work and ask yourself if you are acting in the way that truly is for the best or if your actions may have a detrimental effect on the situation.

If you see the number 666 while thinking about or dealing with your financial situation, stop and reflect on your thought pattern surrounding it. Are you allowing stress and anxiety to get the better of you? Are you still caught in a loop of trying old methods that no longer work?

666 angel number asks you to reconsider how you deal with the issue.

What to Do If You See Angel Number 666

If you see the 666 angel number this June, don’t despair.

This is just the Universe’s way of drawing your attention to issues in your life that require your attention. It is a way to acknowledge situations, relationships, thought patterns, or habits you have been avoiding the truth about or were unaware there was a problem with so that you can take steps to improve them.

If you see the 666 angel number once or reoccurring, try the following steps.

1. Write in Your Journal

Note the time, date, and place you saw the number.

What were you thinking about? What was happening at the time? What feeling did you get? Writing this down can help you understand it better and reflect on it in the future.

2. Remind Yourself to Let Go of What You Can’t Control

The angel number 666 is ultimately about understanding what you can and can’t control.

This number has a strong theme of control, similar to the Devil Tarot card and the astrological sign Scorpio. In all cases, it is through struggle that a more profound understanding emerges – that letting go leads to freedom, walking away leads to salvation, and surrendering leads to victory.

You cannot control everything that happens in your life, but you can control how you choose to react. You can control the things that are within your power to control. It is an intense spiritual lesson, but it provides great enlightenment.

3. Practice Gratitude

Make a list of everything you value and what you feel grateful for. When confronted with negative aspects of life, we must remind ourselves of all the positive things to counter them. What is it that you cherish? What and who do you feel truly blessed to have in your life?

Remember, the 666 angel number is here to help guide you. If you see it, know that the Universe is bringing your attention to something important.

We do not have to let fear control us. There is nothing to fear but fear itself. Aspects of our lives that cause us fear can be conquered if they are understood. We understand them only by facing them. This is the underlying message of the 666 angel number – face your fears.

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